Chapter 1034: Complete Annihilation

Although the battle outside the Three Tribulations Domain had already ended, many cultivators were still lingering.

Many people had yet to recover from their shock as they looked at the green-robed cultivator on the battlefield.

“I reckon that from today onwards, the t.i.tle of number one Perfected Lord will no longer belong to Desolate Martial. Right now, he should be the number one Dao Lord!

“Not necessarily. Don’t forget about Di Yin.”

Many cultivators were shocked.

They realized that there might be a shocking battle that would be even more terrifying than this!

On the battlefield, Su Zimo consumed some elixirs and collected spoils from the battlefield while recovering his stamina and Essence Spirit.

After he entered the Dao Inheritance Ground, almost everybody he killed were t.i.tular disciples!

Although there were no cultivation techniques or secret skills in the storage bags of t.i.tular disciples, there were indeed all sorts of superior-grade elixirs.

The belongings of Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other four t.i.tular disciples were also good stuff.

Disregarding the items in their storage bags, the Destiny Dharmic Weapons of the four of them alone were connate Dharmic weapons that originated from the ancient era!

They could even withstand the Creation Green Lotus without shattering!

Right then, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and a cold glint flashed through his eyes. Turning his head slightly, he looked into the void not far away.

“No matter what, Desolate Martial established his Dao and killed four t.i.tular disciples right after entering the Void Reversion realm. His momentum is truly unstoppable!”

“That’s right, only Dao Being Hidden Death left.”

“Dao Being Hidden Death sure is smart. He did not attack the entire time and managed to avoid a calamity.”

The discussions continued.

Dao Being Hidden Death had not gone far and was hidden nearby. When he heard the discussions of many cultivators, he felt bitterness in his mouth.

Ever since the battle broke out, he had been hovering around Su Zimo, waiting for an opportunity to launch a fatal attack!

However, he did not attack the entire time.

It was not that he did not want to, but he truly did not have a chance!

The four t.i.tular disciples released their Essence Spirit secret skills at the same time. At that time, he had just appeared before concealing himself right away.

Even if he attacked then, he would not be able to hurt Su Zimo at all!

That was because Su Zimo had an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon that he had yet to use – it could defend against his Essence Spirit secret skill at least once!

It was meaningless to attack like that. Therefore, he hid himself once more and waited patiently.

However, as time pa.s.sed by and the t.i.tular disciples died one after another in Su Zimo’s hands, he suddenly realized that his chances were decreasing.

When all four of the t.i.tular disciples were dead, he did not dare to move anymore!

“Compared to Heavenly Dipper and the others, at least I’m alive.”

Dao Being Hidden Death consoled himself.

Right then, he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine and his hairs stood on end!

Su Zimo turned around and stared at his position!

Dao Being Hidden Death felt his scalp tingle as he tried his best to channel Hidden Death Sect’s fiend technique to calm down his aura, bloodline flow and heartbeat!

However, Su Zimo did not retract his gaze and continued to stare at his position with a mocking gaze.

“How is that possible?”

Dao Being Hidden Death tried his best to control his state of mind and not let his emotions fluctuate too much. He closed both eyes tightly to retract the light in them!

“It’s impossible for him to discover my tracks!”

“This must be a coincidence!”

Dao Being Hidden Death chanted internally.

Hidden Death Sect’s methods were and concealment. This was the foundation of their sect and was also their greatest reliance!

Even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords would not be able to discover his tracks, let alone cultivators of the same level!

Otherwise, he would have died countless times over the past thousands of years!

Right then, a faint sigh sounded from the battlefield, causing his heart to sink instantly.

“You didn’t take the opportunity to escape earlier on. There’s no chance for you now!”

Looking at the void not far away, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he attacked brazenly!

Initially, many cultivators were puzzled, wondering what Su Zimo was lamenting to the air not far away.

However, right after Su Zimo attacked, a blurry figure suddenly appeared in the void.

Dao Being Hidden Death!

The crowd was in an uproar!

None of them discovered Dao Being Hidden Death’s tracks and thought that he had already left. To think that Su Zimo would still be able to capture him!

“That’s impossible!”

Dao Being Hidden Death retreated and shrieked, “Desolate Martial, how did you discover my tracks?!”

He knew that he had not revealed any flaws earlier on and there was no way Su Zimo would have noticed.

However, reality was extremely cruel.

One fled while the other chased, but the distance between them was closing rapidly!

With just a few breaths, Dao Being Hidden Death could already feel the pressure approaching him from behind, causing him to feel suffocated!

Although he was a t.i.tular disciple of Hidden Death Sect, his combat strength was far inferior to Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others.

Even Dao Being Zephyr Thunder could not escape from Su Zimo’s pursuit, let alone him!

Seeing that he had no chance of escaping, Dao Being Hidden Death’s eyes flashed with a ferocious glint. Turning around, he raised his sleeves and thrust out a long sword that shone with a cold glint towards Su Zimo’s glabella!

At the same time, he activated his Essence Spirit secret skill!

“G.o.d Piercer Dagger!”

A ma.s.sive dagger made of spirit consciousness flew out from Dao Being Hidden Death’s glabella and pierced towards Su Zimo instantly!


A Buddhist light shone brightly on Su Zimo’s left wrist, forming a barrier of light around his body that shone with mysterious golden symbols.

Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads!


The dagger struck the golden barrier with a loud bang.

Instantly, the dagger dissipated and the light barrier shook violently. Although it dimmed significantly, it did not shatter!

Now that Su Zimo was at the Void Reversion realm, the Essence Spirit barrier formed by his Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads was even harder to take down!

When he saw the incoming sword, Su Zimo did not even use the Creation Green Lotus. He extended his right hand and placed it on the sword in a seemingly soft manner, creating a coil and a tremble!


The sword was sent flying by his palm!

Right then, a cold glint flashed and a chilling killing intent exploded!

There was an almost transparent dagger hidden within the sword earlier on. If one did not look carefully, they would not be able to see anything.

Shadowless Dagger!

A legacy connate Dharmic weapon of Hidden Death Sect from the ancient era!

It was completely transparent without even a shadow!

The moment the sword was sent flying, Dao Being Hidden Death whipped out his Shadowless Dagger and stabbed it towards Su Zimo once more!


Sneering coldly, Su Zimo opened his palm and caught the incoming dagger!


The Shadowless Dagger pierced through Su Zimo’s flesh and even his palm. However, the dagger was stuck between the gaps of his bones and could not move at all!

No matter how Dao Being Hidden Death spun, he could not injure Su Zimo’s right hand!

Right then, the originally transparent dagger gradually revealed its tracks and the Shadowless Dagger turned incomparably red, like a piece of metal that was burnt through!

“Divine Phoenix Bone!”

Dao Being Hidden Death’s pupils constricted as that thought flashed through his mind.

Su Zimo took advantage of the situation and raised his palm!

The scarlet Shadowless Dagger streaked through the air with a blood beam!

Dao Being Hidden Death’s expression froze.

“I got it. You… obtained an inheritance… of the fiend sects. That’s why… you can see through… my tracks!”

After saying that, half of Dao Being Hidden Death’s head slid down slowly and his lifeforce dissipated!

Dao Being Hidden Death’s head was sliced into two by the Shadowless Dagger and his Essence Spirit could not escape!

He was dead!

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