Chapter 1035: Fighting Di Yin Again

At this point of the battle, all five t.i.tular disciples were annihilated!

Including Dao Being Gla.s.s and Dao Being Poison, seven t.i.tular disciples died in Su Zimo’s hands and were buried in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

Later on, there were even people who called this matter the ‘Establishment of Dao by Desolate Martial and the calamity of t.i.tular disciples’. It was recorded in history and was an important node of the cultivation world.

Outside the Three Tribulations Domain, many cultivators looked at Su Zimo with mixed emotions – caution, fear, jealousy and respect.

Su Zimo put away the Shadowless Dagger and Dao Being Hidden Death’s storage bag.

If Dao Being Hidden Death’s tracks were exposed, his combat strength would be far inferior compared to Dao Being Heavenly Dipper!

Dao Being Hidden Death was right – the reason why Su Zimo was able to discover his tracks was because of the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra.

This cultivation technique was pa.s.sed down from ancient times and encompa.s.sed many things of the fiend sects.

Prior to this, as long as Dao Being Hidden Death restrained his killing intent, it would be difficult for Su Zimo to discover his tracks even with his spirit perception.

But now, after cultivating the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra, he possessed an indescribable perception towards cultivators of Hidden Death Sect!

As long as they were within his perception range, even t.i.tular disciples would not be able to escape!

Su Zimo collected the spoils of the battlefield and headed outside.

Without saying anything, the crowd automatically opened up a path.

Pa.s.sing by the crowd, Su Zimo paused in his tracks and shouted, “Where is Di Yin? Has anyone seen him?”

“Over there.”

“When I saw him, he was still chasing after Dao Being Enigma.”

Many cultivators in the crowd immediately stood out and pointed over.

An existence like Di Yin would attract attention no matter where he went unless he intentionally hid himself!

The Dao Inheritance Ground was not large and it was easy to locate him.

“Fellow Daoist Desolate Martial, aren’t you going to rest first?”

In the crowd, a cultivator mustered his courage and said, “You’ve just fought a fierce battle. If you fight against Di Yin again, your chances of winning aren’t high, right?”

Many cultivators turned to look at that person as though they were looking at a dead man.

Who was this?

This was Dao Being Desolate Martial who had just slain seven t.i.tular disciples – was this person tired of living to tell him that his chances of winning weren’t high?!

After saying that, the cultivator seemed to have realized something as well and shrank his neck in fear, not knowing what to do.

“Di Yin is nothing!”

Su Zimo smiled faintly, not bothered at all. His green robes fluttered as he strode into the distance.

He did not use Dharmic powers and merely used the burst of his physical body to travel. At the same time, he consumed elixirs to recover his Essence Spirit.

In his consciousness, the Creation Green Lotus swayed gently and filled the place with a radiant glow.

The lights on the lotus seeds had already dimmed when they collided with the Essence Spirit secret skills of the four t.i.tular disciples.

Now that they had returned to the lotus platform, the glow of the green lotus seeds began recovering; they turned increasingly bright as spirit qi spread.

The black-haired Essence Spirit sat on the lotus platform with an endless glow around it.

After the Creation Green Lotus became a Grade 6 and matured, its benefits to the Essence Spirit would become increasingly obvious!

When cultivating on the lotus platform, apart from gaining a more refined and pure Essence Spirit, the recovery of the Essence Spirit’s power was also shockingly fast!

He believed that his Essence Spirit would mostly recover by the time he arrived at where Di Yin was.

No elixir or medicine could match his recovery speed!

Su Zimo had spent a lot of time, effort and energy to nurture the Creation Green Lotus by gathering the power of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos.

Now, the Creation Green Lotus had finally brought him a huge opportunity!

At a certain ruin, debris could be seen everywhere.

A gigantic and thick stone pillar rose into the skies with a purple figure seated on it. The figure had black hair that flowed down like a waterfall and his eyes were tightly shut. He exuded an imposing aura as though he was the ruler of the world!

It was Dao Being Chaos Essence, Di Yin!

When he caught sight of the green lotus that rose into the skies, he stopped in his tracks and no longer chased after Lin Xuanji. Instead, he sat there with his eyes closed to adjust his state.

Right now, he had rested for more than an hour and his stamina had recovered to its peak!

He could vaguely guess that this time round, Heavenly Dipper and the others would not be able to stop Su Zimo after the latter left the Three Tribulations Domain!

Su Zimo would definitely arrive here!

“Di Yin, why aren’t you chasing anymore?”

On a dilapidated wall not far away, a pale-faced, beardless Daoist priest in gray robes sat on it, smiling at Di Yin – it was Lin Xuanji.

“Say, you chased after me for 20 days like a mad dog. Now that everything had suddenly gone silent, I’m not quite used to it.”

As a disciple of Enigma Palace, Lin Xuanji was no match for Di Yin in terms of combat strength.

However, it was almost impossible for Di Yin to kill him as well!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

Lin Xuanji sat on the wall and beckoned to Di Yin, letting out a strange sound as though he was playing with a puppy.

Di Yin was expressionless and turned a deaf ear.

Lin Xuanji wanted to disrupt his mental state on purpose but he was unmoved!

“Say, Di Yin, how confident are you against Su Zimo?”

Even if Di Yin did not reply, Lin Xuanji would not sit by idly as he asked with a grin.

Di Yin remained silent.

Lin Xuanji a.n.a.lyzed pretentiously, “Look, Su Zimo was already able to kill t.i.tular disciples when he was at the Nascent Soul realm. I’m guessing that he must have obtained some sort of opportunity and is now at the Void Reversion realm!”

“Can you win a Void Reversion realm Su Zimo?”

Di Yin’s heart finally stirred.

If Su Zimo was at the Void Reversion realm, the outcome of this battle would be hard to predict.

Lin Xuanji smiled gently. “Su Zimo has established his Dao heart and his aura is exuberant right now. If he comes knocking, it means that Heavenly Dipper and the others are most likely dead!”

“You won’t be able to defend against the momentum that was created with the blood of so many t.i.tular disciples! Di Yin, if I were you, I would leave the Dao Inheritance Ground right now!”

“He won’t leave.”

Right then, a calm voice sounded from afar. A figure appeared on the horizon and sped over, arriving before them in the blink of an eye!

“Brother Su, you’ve indeed advanced to the Void Reversion realm!”

Lin Xuanji was delighted.

If Su Zimo was at the Void Reversion realm, his chances of winning this battle would naturally increase.

When Su Zimo saw that Lin Xuanji was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief and nodded with a smile.

“Brother Su, how do you know that he won’t leave?” Lin Xuanji asked.

Su Zimo said, “The fact that Di Yin challenged me to the Dao Inheritance Ground means that he was already fearful to begin with. If he can’t kill me in the Dao Inheritance Ground, he will never get another chance ever again!”

“This time round, if he escapes without a fight, I’ll become a mental demon that he can’t get rid of!”

Di Yin opened his eyes and stood up. His black hair danced and the aura within his body rose continuously as he said slowly, “You’re right! I can’t rest easy without killing you!”


Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed.

“Di Yin, do you know that I, Desolate Martial, have never considered you as an opponent? In my eyes, you’re not worthy!”

Su Zimo said indifferently, “When you set up the battlefield in the Dao Inheritance Ground, you’ve already lost!”

Di Yin’s heart skipped a beat.

Sensing it, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he attacked brazenly!

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