Chapter 1036: Chaos Essence Bell

At their level, they would be caught if they revealed any slight openings!

The moment Di Yin’s heart skipped a beat, Su Zimo charged forward and punched the heavenly-piercing stone pillar with a loud bang!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Instantly, the stone pillar collapsed, causing gravel to fly as dust billowed everywhere.


Along with a shout, Di Yin waved his hands and Dharmic powers surged. It was as though the entire firmament was affected as it suppressed down slowly!

Previously at the Thousand Crane Tea Party, Ye Tiancheng released the Firmament Art as well.

Back then, Ye Tiancheng’s Firmament Art was created using Dharmic powers to weave a firmament to suppress them.

However, Di Yin’s Firmament Art was much more terrifying than what Ye Tiancheng released!

Di Yin’s hands seemed as though they could tug at the entire firmaments, bringing with them an endless power as the world’s might enveloped over!

The firmaments covered the entire world!

This was the true might of the world and was not something that humans could defend against!

Many cultivators had just arrived and exclaimed in shock at the sight of this.

“They’re fighting!”

“The power of that Dharmic art is so terrifying that most Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics won’t be able to withstand it!”

“This is the true Firmament Art!”

“Let’s see how Desolate Martial reacts. In terms of Dharmic powers, the difference between the two of them is still rather obvious!”

Su Zimo had just entered the Void Reversion realm.

However, Di Yin’s cultivation was already at late-stage Void Reversion realm!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as his hands s.h.i.+fted continuously, forming hand seals one after another. Surging fiend qi flowed out from his fingertips, pitch-black as ink and a gigantic scythe was formed between his hands!

The Heavenly Fiend Scythe!

“Desolate Martial has recovered so quickly!”

“Outside the Three Tribulations Domain, he couldn’t even release an escape technique using his Dharmic powers. To think that he can release such a terrifying Dharmic art now!”

Everyone was shocked.


Su Zimo roared and pointed upwards.

The pitch-black scythe tore through the air, shrouded in fiend qi and surging killing intent. Even the firmament could not suppress it!


The pitch-black scythe streaked across the firmament and let out an ear-piercing sound.

The entire firmament was sliced into two by the pitch-black scythe!

That Dharmic art was condensed from the lifetime comprehension of Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky towards the fiend Dao. Its terrifying might made up for Su Zimo’s lack of Dharmic powers!


Di Yin shouted.

When the voice sounded, he was still at the end of the firmament.

By the time the Heavenly Fiend Scythe broke through the Firmament Art, he had already arrived in front of Su Zimo and slapped his gigantic palm towards the latter.

The palm seemed to have disappeared in midair and turned into a gigantic millstone!

It carried the power of distortion, suppression and grinding!

The void distorted and transformed as well!

The Great Chaos Essence Palm!

At the same time, Di Yin’s blood qi burst forth and a series of shocking tsunami sounds echoed from all directions!

Tsunami blood!

He had cultivated his bloodline to its limits!

When Di Yin charged over, his pupils constricted like a full moon that was being devoured continuously in a frightening manner!

The visual technique, Eclipse Eye!

Di Yin’s eyes flashed coldly and burst forth!

By releasing his blood qi, Chaos Essence Sect’s secret skill and even his visual technique at the same time, Di Yin’s aura was torrential. The reason why he did not hold back was because he wanted to maximize his advantage!

He believed that Su Zimo who could not use his blood qi right now was definitely not his match in melee combat!

Di Yin’s movement technique was way too fast and the ferocity of his attacks was unprecedented!

Even if the four t.i.tular disciples joined forces, they would not be a match for Di Yin.

The pressure made Su Zimo feel suffocated!

However, his expression was fearless and a green beam of light shot out from his glabella – the Creation Green Lotus was already in his palm!

The green lotus swayed and the void trembled.

The two cold beams were blocked by the gigantic lotus leaves and dissipated instantly.

The Creation Green Lotus easily destroyed Eclipse Eye.

“The Great Chaos Essence Palm? Let’s see if it can withstand a blow from the Creation Green Lotus!”

Su Zimo sneered and swung the Creation Green Lotus towards Di Yin’s incoming palm.

Di Yin’s eyes flashed coldly.

Before his palm could collide with the Creation Green Lotus, a chill ran down his spine!

He was confident that his body was indestructible and even a connate Dao Being’s Dharmic weapon would be turned into sc.r.a.p metal if he were to use the Great Chaos Essence Palm!

However, he felt a sense of uneasiness when he saw the seemingly weak green lotus platform fly over.

In a flash, Di Yin retracted his palm and avoided a calamity.

An hour ago, the Creation Green Lotus that soared into the skies and broke through the firmaments to disperse the dark clouds left a deep impression in his mind.

In the Dao Inheritance Ground, he was invincible in melee combat and there was no need for him to take this risk!

“Do you think you’re the only one with Dharmic weapons?”

Di Yin’s glabella shone and a stream of light flew out, expanding rapidly in front of him – it was an ancient bell!

The ancient bell was etched with mysterious and complicated runes that were bedazzling.

The surroundings of the ancient bell were shrouded in mist with an extraordinary aura!

There were many Dharmic weapons in the cultivation world and flying swords were the most common.

Among the many Dharmic weapons, cultivators that used rare Dharmic weapons such as tripods, bells, paG.o.das and furnaces were generally strong and not to be provoked!

“Brother Su, watch out! This is the Chaos Essence Bell, a connate Dharmic weapon refined from a replica of an emperor weapon! It’s terrifying!”

Lin Xuanji, who was watching from afar, reminded loudly.

Although Di Yin had been chasing him for 20 days, as the current generation’s successor of Enigma Palace, he could not help in this battle.


Di Yin summoned the Chaos Essence Bell and charged towards the Creation Green Lotus!


The green lotus platform collided with the Chaos Essence Bell and let out a crisp sound. As though a monk from a temple was striking a bell, the sound of the bell rang endlessly!

Su Zimo shuddered and took half a step back!

The Creation Green Lotus did not manage to gain any advantage against the Chaos Essence Bell!

The Chaos Essence Bell was definitely not a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon. It was very likely to have reached the level of a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon!

Di Yin was extremely talented and his cultivation was at the late-stage of Void Reversion realm. His Essence Spirit was comparable to Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and there was a high chance that he could refine his Destiny Dharmic Weapon into a Dao Lord Dharmic weapon!

The true terror of the Chaos Essence Bell was not its indestructibility that could withstand the impact of the Creation Green Lotus.

Instead, a bell would ring when the two collided.

Although the bell sound did not affect Di Yin at all, it could vibrate Su Zimo’s body and organs!

If it was any other cultivator, their bodies would have been injured and their eardrums would have been pierced by the bell sound of that single collision!

After cultivating the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Su Zimo’s physique was frightening.

Even if he could not use his bloodline, a single sound of the bell could not hurt him.

However, if they were to clash continuously and the bell sounds acc.u.mulated within his body, the damage would stack up and its impact could not be ignored!

“How is it, Desolate Martial? Does it feel good?”

Di Yin held the Chaos Essence Bell in high spirits and returned to his confident and invincible state.

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