Chapter 1037: Endless Stamina

“It’s just a broken bell.”

Su Zimo smiled indifferently. “Today, I’ll send you off!”

His palm touched his storage bag and he pulled out Heaven Splitter.

Su Zimo held the Creation Green Lotus in his left hand and Heaven Splitter in his right. He strode towards Di Yin with a murderous aura!


The green lotus swayed and shone brightly as it struck towards Di Yin once more.

The corners of Di Yin’s mouth curled up slightly; his body was like a mountain and he did not budge at all. Holding the Chaos Essence Bell in his left hand, he injected Dharmic powers and the fog around the Chaos Essence Bell intensified!


The Creation Green Lotus collided with the Chaos Essence Bell and another bell sounded.

However, right after, the sound of ghosts wailing and wolves howling echoed on the battlefield, suppressing the sound of the bell!

Su Zimo waved Heaven Splitter in reverse and slashed out multiple saber shadows, releasing the Ghost Howl, Purgatory and even Countercurrent Saber Intents!

Multiple intents were fused together!

On the battlefield, a gigantic purgatory appeared with a torrential river of blood and demonic shadows, letting out shuddering cries!

Unknowingly, an ancient stone truncheon had appeared in Di Yin’s palm. It was stained with blood and had a menacing aura!


Di Yin let out a long howl and swung the stone truncheon. As the wind howled, a series of sorrowful cries shook the world!

While others did not feel anything when they heard that sound, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

His bloodline contained dragon blood.

His heart actually resonated with those sorrowful cries!

Those were sorrowful cries of the dragon race!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Di Yin’s blood qi burst forth and he swung the stone truncheon, crus.h.i.+ng the purgatory that had just been formed with ease!

Sparks flew when the stone truncheon struck Heaven Splitter!

Su Zimo shuddered.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Clear cracks appeared on Heaven Splitter!

This connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon created by Extreme Fire was shattered by Di Yin’s stone truncheon after a single clash and its glow dimmed!

“It’s the Dragon Battling Truncheon!”

Lin Xuanji exclaimed with a grim expression.

Di Yin nodded. “As expected of a successor of Enigma Palace. You are knowledgeable!”

“Brother Su, be careful. This Dragon Battling Truncheon is a weapon from the ancient era. Although it has no grade, it’s indestructible and has once injured a divine dragon!”

Lin Xuanji reminded hurriedly, “The bloodstains on it are the blood of the divine dragon!”

Su Zimo recalled that the material of the stone hammer Ye Tiancheng used at the Thousand Crane Tea Party seemed to be similar to the material of the Dragon Battling Truncheon.

Lin Xuanji felt a sense of lingering fear.

Thankfully, he did not clash head-on with Di Yin. Otherwise, he might have died in the blink of an eye once the latter brought out these weapons.

“Desolate Martial, even the Dharmic weapon that you rely on the most is unable to threaten me. What other methods do you have?!”

Di Yin’s expression was cold and his aura was torrential. With the Chaos Essence Bell in his left hand and the Dragon Battling Truncheon in his right, he charged towards Su Zimo!


With a flip of his palm, Su Zimo brought out the Mystic Magnet Mountain and placed it between them.

However, Di Yin’s speed did not decrease at all!


Di Yin sneered, “The Mystic Magnet Mountain is useless against the Chaos Essence Bell and the Dragon Battling Truncheon. After I entered the Nascent Soul realm, the Dharmic weapon I chose was specially meant to defeat you!”

Many cultivators felt their hearts turn cold when they heard that.

How much resentment and scheming did he have to be to select a specific Dharmic weapon for this the moment he entered the Nascent Soul realm?!

Everyone suddenly realized that Su Zimo was right about one thing.

He had already become Di Yin’s mental demon!

This was Di Yin’s final chance.

Su Zimo did not panic when he saw Di Yin crossing the Mystic Magnet Mountain with ease.

Since the Mystic Magnet Mountain, he would fight then!

Against Di Yin, Su Zimo waved the Creation Green Lotus with his left hand and charged forward with his right fist!


The green lotus and Chaos Essence Bell collided!


An evil wind blew!

The Dragon Battling Truncheon transformed into a streak of light and smashed down towards Su Zimo’s head.

Su Zimo clenched his right fist and punched with a cold gaze!


The Dragon Battling Truncheon collided with Su Zimo’s right fist and gave off a dull sound of defeat!

Blood flashed!

Su Zimo’s right fist was smashed into a pulp by the Dragon Battling Truncheon!

However, the Dragon Battling Truncheon that could shatter Heaven Splitter could not do the same to Su Zimo’s right hand that possessed the Divine Phoenix Bone!

“Divine Phoenix Bone, huh?”

Di Yin smiled sinisterly. “Let’s see how long you can last!”

The two of them collided once more.

Both of them held terrifying Dharmic weapons in their hands. In melee combat as such, not much techniques were involved – it was a pure clash of strength and stamina!

Each collision was earthshaking!

Everywhere the two of them pa.s.sed, countless ruins were trampled into ashes!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Chaos Essence Bell sounded continuously.

Each time it rang, Su Zimo’s body would tremble.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Dragon Battling Truncheon and Su Zimo’s right hand collided repeatedly as well.

There was not much flesh left on Su Zimo’s right hand after it was beaten by the Dragon Battling Truncheon. All that was left was a scarlet bone that clashed against the Dragon Battling Truncheon!

This sort of head-on clash consumed the most energy!

Su Zimo’s right hand was not the only thing in a tragic sight.

Blood began to flow from the corner of his mouth as well!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

His body was convulsed and suffocated by the sound of the Chaos Essence Bell as his flesh exploded, spewing out blood that stained his green robes!

Di Yin closed in step by step as though victory was right in front of him. His expression turned increasingly excited and he used all his strength every single time he attacked!

Su Zimo retreated continuously. Although he was covered in blood and looked extremely wretched, his eyes were unusually calm without any hint of panic!

Although his body seemed to be in tatters, in reality, he was not severely injured.

Furthermore, the vibration of the Chaos Essence Bell caused the power of the afterglow left behind by many ancient Mighty Figures and was hidden within Su Zimo’s body to be revealed!

Those afterglows were tiny light spots that had helped Su Zimo reconstruct his body with boundless Dharmic powers.

Right now, the afterglow that was left in his body was released completely and began repairing Su Zimo’s body without the need to be manually controlled!

On the surface, Su Zimo looked bloodied.

However, at that moment, his injuries were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. His stamina was also recovering rapidly and his condition was rising continuously!

Both parties did not stop at all and continued fighting for an entire hour!

Even Di Yin felt exhausted.

The toll was way too great!

The sound of his blood qi surging was not as loud as before.

What shocked Di Yin was that even though he was extremely exhausted, Su Zimo seemed oblivious to it – it was as though he got stronger as the battle progressed!

Another series of battles ensued.

An hour later, Su Zimo no longer retreated!

Another hour pa.s.sed and Di Yin started retreating!

His Dragon Battling Truncheon could not shatter the Divine Phoenix Bone.

The Chaos Essence Bell could not suppress the Creation Green Lotus either.

Under such intense consumption, he gradually felt his stamina depleting.

‘Why does Su Zimo seem to possess boundless stamina?!’

Di Yin was enraged!

Every time the Creation Green Lotus struck the Chaos Essence Bell, he would feel his arm tremble!

Under the vibration, his teeth loosened and a salty taste of blood filled his mouth!

Unknowingly, the tables had turned!

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