Chapter 1038: Infinite Saber, Green Lotus Sword

This was a clash of pure strength!

Su Zimo held the Creation Green Lotus in his left hand. Each time he waved it, a glow would spread and the lotus platform would fall – it was even fiercer than the impact of a meteor!

Although he did not have a weapon in his right hand, with his Divine Phoenix Bone, he was not disadvantaged against Di Yin’s Dragon Battling Truncheon as well.

This battle had stimulated the afterglow the ancient Mighty Figures left behind in his body at the end of the Three Tribulations Domain and provided him with an immense amount of energy!

At that moment, Su Zimo was fighting fiercer and fiercer.

However, Di Yin had already begun to retreat.

He realized that he might be exhausted to death if this continued!

He possessed the body tempering inheritance of Chaos Essence Sect and Human Emperor and his physique was terrifyingly strong with a long stamina.

Even the successors of the top body tempering sects among the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were not his match.

Or rather, he would not fear even if someone from the Primordial Nine Races appeared!

However, he was disadvantaged against Su Zimo repeatedly.

A body tempered by the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness was way too terrifying!

Even if he could not channel his blood qi, the foundation of his body was still there.

Given Di Yin’s strength, it was impossible for him to truly destroy this body or severely injure it!

All of a sudden!

Di Yin’s glabella shone and a terrifying spirit consciousness surged out, forming a spirit consciousness weapon that resembled a saber and sword in midair.

The weapon was extremely wide and was edged on one side, like a saber.

However, at the tip of the blade, there were two edges and it resembled a sword.

The spirit consciousness weapon had the sharpness of a long sword and the ferocity of a long saber – the two auras fused perfectly!

“It’s Chaos Essence Sect’s top-grade Essence Spirit secret skill, Infinite Saber!”

“Di Yin’s spirit consciousness is way too terrifying. It’s so strong that it’s comparable to Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!”

“Even if a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord was here, he would be killed with a single slash from the Infinite Saber!”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

The Great Chaos Essence Palm and Infinite Saber were the two most famous secret skills of Chaos Essence Sect!


After Di Yin controlled the Chaos Essence Bell and withstood the attack of the Creation Green Lotus, he suddenly released his Essence Spirit secret skill!

The Infinite Saber tore through the air with a destructive aura!

Su Zimo’s expression turned grim.

The might of this Essence Spirit secret skill was unprecedented.

If the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads were intact with the two remaining Buddha Beads, he might have been able to defend against it.

But now, the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads was an incomplete Dharmic weapon after all.

Su Zimo could sense that even if he channeled it with all his might, the barrier of the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads would not be able to defend against the sharpness of the Infinite Saber!

Up till now, he only knew one Essence Spirit secret skill – the Rulai Dharmic Seal.

Although his Essence Spirit that was on the Creation Green Lotus had mostly recovered, he was still unable to release the Rulai Dharmic Seal.

In the battle against the four t.i.tular disciples earlier on, in its peak condition, his Essence Spirit was almost sucked dry and he nearly fainted.

If he were to release the Rulai Dharmic Seal now, he would be exhausted to death before he could even clash with the Infinite Saber!

Di Yin said murderously, “Desolate Martial, this battle can end now!”

“Not necessarily!”

Su Zimo controlled his thoughts.

Streams of light spewed out from the green lotus platform – there were 54 green lotus seeds!

After the green lotus seeds collided with the Essence Spirit secret skills of the four t.i.tular disciples, their glows dimmed and they were no longer sharp.

However, after returning to the lotus platform to be nourished for a period of time, every green lotus seed had already recovered to its original state – it was resplendent and sharp!

The 54 green lotus seeds gathered rapidly and disappeared in front of everyone, turning into a green sword!

Lotus flowers were carved on the sword in a G.o.dly manner!

Rays of light circulated on the green sword and a rosy glow filled the air. The lotus flowers seemed to have a life of their own as they bloomed silently with sword qi!


The sound of a sword buzzing rang out.

The Green Lotus Sword stabbed towards the Infinite Saber that was coming towards him!

The clash between the saber and sword was silent.

However, at the center of the two sabers and swords, countless storms were formed. Saber qi filled the air and sword qi splattered everywhere!

A few cultivators who were too close and could not dodge in time were affected by the remnant spirit consciousness shockwave.

The few of them were stunned and their expressions froze on their faces. They did not move at all and the lifeforce in their bodies dissipated rapidly as they collapsed stiffly!

There were no injuries on the bodies of the few cultivators. However, their Essence Spirits were wiped out by the aftershock of the collision between the Infinite Saber and the Green Lotus Sword!


The crowd gasped.

Everyone dispersed and retreated in fear of being implicated.

Void Reversion Dao Beings that could enter the Dao Inheritance Ground were definitely backed by Conjoint Body Mighty Figures – which of them were ordinary people?

However, these few Void Reversion Dao Beings could not even withstand the remnant spirit consciousness shockwave of the Essence Spirit clash between Su Zimo and Di Yin – who could imagine the power of the two Essence Spirit secret skills?

The Green Lotus Sword was also a mysterious technique that could only be created after the Creation Green Lotus reached Grade 6.

Every single green lotus seed shone with a resplendent glow and possessed a sharpness that could sever Essence Spirits and defend against spirit consciousness attacks.

If he were to condense all the green lotus seeds, the Green Lotus Sword would be formed. It was a killing technique that targeted the Essence Spirit and possessed terrifying might!

Even ordinary Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could have their Essence Spirits severed by the Green Lotus Sword!

The two Essence Spirit secret skills collided in midair and devoured one another – neither of them had the upper hand.

The Infinite Saber dissipated.

At the same time, the Green Lotus Sword vanished as well, turning into 54 green lotus seeds that were dimming. They returned to the lotus platform and were nourished slowly.

At that moment, huge waves surged in Di Yin’s heart!

The Infinite Saber was his strongest trump card!

He had even killed Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords with that Essence Spirit secret skill!

Even if some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could withstand it, their Essence Spirits would definitely be severely injured and it would be difficult for them to defend against his next attack.

He had not expected that Su Zimo would be able to take on the Infinite Saber’s attack unscathed!

“It’s the Creation Green Lotus again!”

Di Yin’s eyes burned with rage.

The Creation Green Lotus was the reward for being the top of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago.

That treasure should have belonged to him!

It was all because of the person in front of him who took away everything that belonged to him!


Suddenly, Di Yin tossed the Chaos Essence Bell in his hands into midair. A divine light burst forth from his glabella and entered the Chaos Essence Bell as the bell rang!


The entire void quaked for a moment!

Right on the heels of that, the Chaos Essence Bell released an ancient and boundless aura. Beams of mist scattered down like a waterfall and enveloped Su Zimo!


Su Zimo sneered and the Creation Green Lotus in his hands swayed. The green lotus rose in reverse and the lotus leaves extended, blocking the falling mist.

The Chaos Essence Bell could not suppress the Creation Green Lotus at all!


Di Yin threw the Dragon Battling Truncheon in his hands as well.

The Dragon Battling Truncheon transformed into a streak of light and shot towards the jade-green lotus stem.

The green lotus swayed gently and repelled the Dragon Battling Truncheon with a gentle shake.

Immediately after, the lotus leaf extended and wrapped the Dragon Battling Truncheon!

The Chaos Essence Bell and the Creation Green Lotus were only in a stalemate thanks to the Dragon Battling Truncheon. As such, the Creation Green Lotus could not break through the shroud of the Chaos Essence Bell within a short period of time!

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