Chapter 1039: Crus.h.i.+ng!

In midair.

The Chaos Essence Bell trembled slightly above the Creation Green Lotus.

Di Yin knew that even if he abandoned the two connate Dharmic weapons, it was impossible for him to suppress the Creation Green Lotus!

However, it was enough for him as long as the three Dharmic weapons were in a stalemate!

He believed that without the protection of the Creation Green Lotus, Su Zimo would not be able to withstand his attacks and killing techniques!


Di Yin’s figure flashed and he arrived in front of Su Zimo in the blink of an eye!

The distance of dozens of feet was covered in a flash at a frightening speed!


Di Yin’s bloodline surged like a tsunami, emitting a terrifying aura as he extended his palm and slapped down on Su Zimo’s head.

Blood qi gushed and Dharmic powers rumbled!

A power as vast as the sea crushed over like a gigantic millstone that could destroy, suppress and crush everything!

The Great Chaos Essence Palm!

The reason why this palm technique could become Chaos Essence Sect’s strongest secret skill was because the Great Chaos Essence Palm fused the cultivator’s body, blood qi and even Dharmic powers perfectly!

The power of his body and bloodline was not the only thing released from that palm strike – there was also Dharmic powers!

The combination of the three powers caused the killing power of the Great Chaos Essence Palm to reach its limits!

That was the reason why Di Yin managed to shatter Su Zimo’s inner armor with a single palm strike in the past and even severely injure the latter!

Typically speaking, only Conjoint Body Mighty Figures would have such methods. Every single move they made was the power and might of Heaven and Earth!

Di Yin’s movement technique was way too fast!

He did not give Su Zimo any chance to dodge at all. The moment he attacked, he sealed off all of Su Zimo’s escape routes!

Su Zimo opened his mouth slightly and uttered Sanskrit.


He placed his palms together and his index fingers made contact. The other four fingers crossed and conjured a mysterious Dharmic seal!

The Immovable Foundation Seal!

It was the only defensive seal in the Daming Dharmic Seal.

Instantly, Su Zimo’s feet seemed to have grown roots.

It was like an ancient tree with countless thick roots digging deep underground, extending and grabbing onto the earth!


The Great Chaos Essence Palm and Immovable Foundation Seal clashed, sending shockwaves and Dharmic powers flying everywhere!

The gigantic millstone in front of Di Yin spun continuously and crushed down towards Su Zimo!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Su Zimo’s body shuddered and the roots of Dharmic powers beneath his feet snapped!

Even the Immovable Foundation Seal could not withstand the might of the Great Chaos Essence Palm!

Su Zimo was pushed back.

The Divine Phoenix Bone was indestructible and could withstand the sharpness or attacks of connate Dharmic weapons. However, its true strength was difficult to activate and posed no threat to Di Yin.

Di Yin’s judgment of the situation was extremely precise.

Unable to use the Creation Green Lotus or activate his blood qi, it was as though Su Zimo had lost two arms – it was difficult for him to fight!


Di Yin did not show mercy after gaining the upper hand. He strode forward and slapped down once more; a gigantic millstone appeared with an ancient aura.

Mysterious marks appeared on the millstone one after another, glowing like words!


Su Zimo closed his fingers and slashed gently at the incoming gigantic millstone. A blinding sword qi tore through the air!

“Heaven Slaying Sword Art!”

The white sword qi collided against the gigantic millstone.

The millstone that was initially spinning slowly came to a sudden stop as a clear and straight sword scar appeared in the middle.

Immediately after, the gigantic millstone was split into two!

Although the Great Chaos Essence Palm was destroyed by the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, the sword qi released by the Heaven Slaying Sword Art dissipated into the void as well.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Ever since he cultivated the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, he had been unstoppable and invincible.

After he entered the Void Reversion realm, the might of the sword art was even greater. To think that it was only a draw against the Great Chaos Essence Palm!

Of course, it was not because the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was not strong enough.

Su Zimo had obtained the Heaven Slaying Sword Art less than half a year ago and he only had three months to truly comprehend as well as cultivate it.

To put it simply, that sword qi was merely the tip of the iceberg of his comprehension.

“Not bad,”

Di Yin nodded and attacked once more with a cold gaze. “Again!”


The Great Chaos Essence Palm appeared once more and suppressed down!

That was the terror of that secret skill.

With Di Yin’s blood qi, physique and Dharmic powers, he could release it almost limitlessly until he ground his opponents to death!

Su Zimo was the only one in the world who could hold out for so long!

As for the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, Su Zimo would need a long time to recover after releasing a single sword qi.




The Demon Subduing Seal, Fiend Suppression Seal and Immortal Trap Seal were released at the same time. Three golden palms descended, wanting to block the Great Chaos Essence Palm!


The gigantic millstone in midair collided with the three golden palms and ground continuously!

The millstone dissipated and the three golden palms disappeared as well!

The combination of the three Dharmic Seals and the Daming Mantra released at the same time was merely enough to defend against the Great Chaos Essence Palm.

It did not mean that the Daming Dharmic Seals could not compare to the Great Chaos Essence Palm.

There were a total of six Daming Dharmic Seals that complemented the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads.

The two Daming Dharmic Seals that were lost were imprinted on the two missing Buddha Beads.

Legend has it that the might of the two Daming Dharmic Seals was the most terrifying. Among the six Dharmic Seals, they were the most ferocious and powerful!

Right now, he could not defend against the crus.h.i.+ng power of the Great Chaos Essence Palm with just the first four Daming Dharmic Seals.

Before Su Zimo could catch his breath, Di Yin’s other hand conjured a gigantic millstone and crushed down as well.

Di Yin’s attacks were like a violent storm that did not give Su Zimo any chance to catch his breath!

Su Zimo did not have time to conjure any Dharmic arts and could only raise his arms to defend.


The collision between flesh and bones produced a series of jarring sounds!

Creak! Creak!

It was as though Su Zimo’s skeleton was about to be crushed into pieces by the gigantic millstone as he staggered backwards.

The clothes on his arms were torn.

The flesh on both arms were already minced by the Great Chaos Essence Palm, revealing ghastly white bones that were shocking!

An intense pain surged like a tidal wave.

Su Zimo sucked in a cold breath of air and grit his teeth. He glared at Di Yin with a calm expression, his eyes frighteningly bright!

The afterglow of the ancient Mighty Figures was not endless.

At that moment, it was already exhausted!

In reality, no matter how strong their stamina was, both of them had already reached their limits by this point of the battle.

Releasing the Great Chaos Essence Palm consecutively was a huge drain on Di Yin as well as a huge burden on his body.

At that moment, his body was steaming and his continuous outbursts had already caused him to break out in sweat and his face looked a little pale.

However, in comparison, Su Zimo’s condition was clearly worse!

This made Di Yin feel slightly relieved and his aura rose continuously – he was prepared to kill Su Zimo in one go!

“Desolate Martial, you’ve used up all your trump cards. Bow down!”

Di Yin had already gained the upper hand and was closing in step by step. Circulating his blood qi and Dharmic powers once more, he released the Great Chaos Essence Palm and suppressed down forcefully!


The gigantic millstone appeared once more and spun slowly. The entire void beneath it distorted and was crushed bit by bit!

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