Chapter 1040: Caturadhi Dao Fire

Initially, Su Zimo had intended to fight Di Yin to a stalemate and exhaust him. Once the Creation Green Lotus broke free from the suppression of the Chaos Essence Bell and the Dragon Battling Truncheon, he would be able to regain the upper hand with the Creation Green Lotus.

However, the current situation was extremely dangerous.

Di Yin would not give him that chance!

Although Su Zimo’s gaze was cold, there seemed to be two b.a.l.l.s of flames burning in his eyes!


He changed his hand seals repeatedly and three b.a.l.l.s of flames appeared beside him!

One was scarlet, one was gold and one was black!

The Immortal, Buddhist and Fiend Dao Fires!

After inheriting the fiend techniques of Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky, apart from many cultivation techniques, Su Zimo even managed to deduce a black Fiend Dao Fire!

Samadhi Dao Fire was the strongest Dharmic art in the Scarlet Flame Mental Sutra.

After Su Zimo redefined it, the Samadhi Dao Fire underwent a transformation and its power was even more terrifying and shocking!

Back at the Thousand Crane Tea Party, the Void Reversion of h.e.l.lfire Hall was burned to ashes by Su Zimo’s Dviadhi Dao Fire!

At that time, Su Zimo was only at the Nascent Soul realm and that Dharmic art only had two b.a.l.l.s of flames.

Now that Su Zimo was at the Void Reversion realm, there were three b.a.l.l.s of flames around him!

It was the true Samadhi Dao Fire!

“Hmm… not bad.”

Although Di Yin did not recognize the origin of the Samadhi Dao Flames, his cultivation was strong and he was sharp. He quickly sensed that the three b.a.l.l.s of flames were unusual!

“Your flame Dharmic art can indeed defend against my Great Chaos Essence Palm.”

The corners of Di Yin’s lips curled up slightly as he sneered, “However, it’s merely to defend for a while! Your Dharmic art can’t be released continuously in the end, but my Great Chaos Essence Palm can!”

Di Yin was not the only one – Su Zimo had the same judgment.

Although his Samadhi Dao Fire had been reborn, his cultivation was only at the early-stage Void Reversion realm. With this Dharmic art alone, perhaps… he could only fight evenly against the Great Chaos Essence Palm that was fused together with Di Yin’s physical strength, blood qi and Dharmic powers!

If he wanted to truly threaten Di Yin, he had to raise the power of that Dharmic art by another level!

“We’ll see if you can even defend against this Samadhi Dao fire!”

Su Zimo said coldly and pointed forward. The three b.a.l.l.s of flames that surrounded him suddenly floated towards Di Yin.

Before they even arrived, the three b.a.l.l.s of flames collided and their power increased exponentially. The entire void was burned and distorted!

Even the cultivators watching from afar felt waves of heat surging towards them, let alone Di Yin who was facing it directly!

What a terrifying Dharmic art!


Di Yin’s gaze was burning like a torch and he was oblivious to it. He flipped his Great Chaos Essence Palm and suppressed the Samadhi Dao Flames.

Just as the Great Chaos Essence Palm and Samadhi Dao fire were about to collide, Su Zimo’s glabella shone and a red light burst forth, emitting a scorching aura!

Essence Spirit Fire!

The fourth flame arrived instantly and was injected into the Samadhi Dao Fire!

The Samadhi Dao Fire instantly transformed into a Caturadhi Dao Fire!

Alongside Su Zimo’s cultivation, the might of that Dharmic art also increased exponentially with every additional Dao fire!

Now that the Samadhi Dao Fire had transformed into the Caturadhi Dao Fire, its power had increased exponentially and its nature had completely changed!

Lin Xuanji was sitting on a broken wall at the side to watch the battle.

The aftershock of Su Zimo and Di Yin’s collision was extremely threatening to other cultivators. However, it was nothing to him.

The reason why he did not go far was because he was worried about Su Zimo.

He was thinking that if Su Zimo was defeated in this battle, he could not sit back and do nothing. At most, he would save Su Zimo and continue escaping.

However, the moment the Caturadhi Dao Fire was formed, the initially nonchalant Lin Xuanji was shocked!


His expression changed starkly as he leaped up from his spot and fled without hesitation!

His movement technique had always been fast. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to escape for 20 days without losing a single hair under Di Yin’s pursuit.

Even so, when he escaped to the vicinity of the crowd, his clothes were already badly burned with countless holes in them!

His hair and brows were curled from the heat and his body was emitting green smoke!

If that was the case outside the battlefield, one could imagine how terrifying the might of the Caturadhi Dao Fire at the center of the battlefield was!

Lin Xuanji turned around in shock.

The ruins within a radius of a thousand feet around Su Zimo and Di Yin were burned into ashes instantly!


Under the Great Chaos Essence Palm, a ball of four-colored flames burst forth.

Instantly, the gigantic millstone was burned red and turned into lava that flowed down!

In the void, flames burned brightly, engulfing Di Yin’s palm, arm and even his entire body!

If the Samadhi Dao Fire could only match the power of the Great Chaos Essence Palm…

The Caturadhi Dao Fire with the addition of the Essence Spirit Fire was enough to kill Di Yin!


Di Yin shrieked in the flames.

“Desolate Martial, Desolate Martial, I’m going to kill you!”

Flames raged and Di Yin had already turned into a gigantic fireball, waving his arms and roaring furiously!

Everyone was shocked when they saw that.

Instantly, things changed on the battlefield.

No one expected that Di Yin, who had the absolute advantage earlier on, would be burned by a four-colored flame in the blink of an eye!

In the crowd, everyone’s faces were still pale under the illumination of the flames.

Their eyes were completely filled with shock!

The power of the Caturadhi Dao Fire could burn even connate Dao Being Dharmic weapons into ashes.

However, Di Yin was not burned to death despite the terrifying flames – it was clear how frightening his body was!

Di Yin was still struggling as he channeled his blood qi and Dharmic powers, wanting to suppress the Caturadhi Dao Fire!

“What sort of Dharmic art is that flame? Even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords won’t be able to escape death if they come, right?”

“Legend has it that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was the number one in controlling fire back then! I heard that Desolate Martial inherited his Dao technique. How terrifying!”

“Di Yin is finished! This flame is relentless and his Essence Spirit doesn’t even have the chance to leave his body!”

“After this battle, Desolate Martial’s reputation will definitely reach its peak as the number one Dao Being in Tianhuang Mainland!”

“Things change when they reach an extreme. In my opinion, Desolate Martial won’t be able to live for long.”

Many cultivators stood at the outer perimeter and looked at the human-shaped fireball in the center of the battlefield from afar with conflicted expressions.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit withered instantly after he released the Essence Spirit Fire.

His Essence Spirit was already at its limits after the consecutive intense battles!

If the Caturadhi Dao Fire could not turn defeat into victory, he would not have any trump cards left!

Looking at Di Yin who was struggling not far away, Su Zimo’s expression was cold and there was no pity in his eyes.

He recalled how Ji Chengtian was severely injured after being hunted down by Di Yin for the past hundred years as well as Little Fatty’s close brush with death!

He recalled the scene of Di Yin striking Solitary Cloud’s chest 20 days ago.

He recalled that Solitary Cloud was still lying in his storage bag with his life on the line!

The rage in Su Zimo’s heart intensified!

He did not care about Di Yin’s ident.i.ty or how strong his backing was – he was not going to leave Di Yin any chances today!

The moment to kill Di Yin was now!

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