Chapter 1043: Dharmic Dao

The Dao Inheritance Ground was not big. Su Zimo treated his wounds briefly and sped along with Lin Xuanji, arriving at the location of the Demoness stone statue before long.

The moment he arrived, Su Zimo’s expression changed!

The Demoness stone statue that was initially standing there had already collapsed and shattered into pieces – Demoness Ji had vanished!

He was a step too late!

Su Zimo’s expression turned extremely terrible.

Every single inheritance stone statue left behind by Conjoint Body Mighty Figures possessed the power of a Mighty Figure and was indestructible.

There was no way anyone could disturb the inheritance process.

The greatest possibility was that someone destroyed the Demoness stone statue after the inheritance ended and s.n.a.t.c.hed Demoness Ji away!

“Don’t worry,”

Lin Xuanji looked around and said in a deep voice, “There’s no signs of a fight or blood at the scene. Dao Being Pure Maiden should be fine. Let’s search the vicinity first.”

The two of them searched separately.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit took an immense toll after the consecutive battles. However, he still tried his best to extend his spirit consciousness and searched carefully.

Before long, he stopped in his tracks and shuddered.

Not far ahead, a girl in pink was walking towards him. She had a graceful figure and light steps. Her bright eyes were smiling and she exuded a charming aura that could stir one’s heart!

Who else could that be if it wasn’t Demoness Ji?

When he saw that Demoness Ji was fine, Su Zimo finally heaved a sigh of relief and could not help but laugh.

Looking at Su Zimo who was not far away, Demoness Ji smiled with extreme joy and a tender expression.

Walking forward, Su Zimo realized that Demoness Ji’s cultivation had not decreased at all – she was still at early-stage Void Reversion!

“How… how did you…”

Su Zimo was puzzled but did not know how to broach the topic.

Demoness Ji saw through Su Zimo’s confusion with a single glance and said with a smile, “You want to ask why my cultivation is still intact and why I haven’t been reduced to a mortal despite the sacrifice?”

Su Zimo nodded.

“Initially, I lost all my cultivation because of the Human Tripod sacrifice,”

Demoness Ji said, “However, it was also a blessing in disguise as it triggered the inheritance of the Pure Maiden stone statue. Not only did I recover my cultivation completely, I even obtained the complete Pure Maiden Sutra.”

At that point, Su Zimo was finally relieved.

“Hey, do you know? For ordinary sacrifices, even if I lose all my powers, the Human Tripod will only be able to inherit 70% of it.”

A fragrant breeze blew over and Demoness Ji suddenly closed in, almost pressing herself against Su Zimo’s body as she said softly, “There’s a Dharmic formulation that allows a Human Tripod to inherit 100% of my powers. Do you know what that is?”

If it was before, Su Zimo would have pushed Demoness Ji away or avoided her.

However, this time round, he did not move at all.

On the one hand, he felt guilty towards Demoness Ji.

On the other hand, it was also because after he understood the meaning of the Human Tripod, he knew that Demoness Ji was merely bluffing and would not do anything out of line.


Su Zimo asked instinctively.

Demoness Ji smiled charmingly and crawled to Su Zimo’s ear. Exhaling gently, she said, “Dual cultivation.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he almost lost control of his Dao heart!

He praised internally.

Compared to 20 days ago, Demoness Ji’s bewitching skills were clearly even more terrifying!

“Stop fooling around.”

Su Zimo smiled bitterly with a helpless expression.

“I’m not.”

Demoness Ji said, “After obtaining the complete Pure Maiden Sutra, I found out there’s a Dharmic formulation that allows dual cultivation with a Human Tripod. Not only would I retain my powers, they will even increase!”

Pausing for a moment, Demoness Ji chuckled. “Furthermore, it’s good for you as well.”


Su Zimo felt as though a ball of flames had risen within his body and he could not suppress it at all!

He hurriedly took a few steps back and distanced himself from Demoness Ji.

Against such a peerless beauty that could topple all living beings and bewitch the world, who could withstand her whispering and charming seduction?

Su Zimo took a few deep breaths to compose himself.

Prior to this, Demoness Ji had teased him like that as well. However, at that time, he could vaguely sense that she was merely joking.

But now, he had an illusion that Demoness Ji truly wanted to eat him!

That dual cultivation Dharmic formulation was extremely likely to be true!

If his will was slightly weakened, he might truly end up veering off the wrong path with Demoness Ji!

“Hehe, look at how scared you are.”

Demoness Ji laughed.

Su Zimo changed the topic hurriedly. “Why are you here?”

“I only finished the inheritance process not too long ago and exited the Demoness stone statue, so I headed to the Three Tribulations Domain first.”

Demoness Ji said, “I only found out when I got there that you had already fought with Di Yin. By the time I arrived, you were already gone. I guessed that you would come looking for me and returned.”

“Say, I don’t really mean to disturb you guys,”

Not far away, on a green rock, Lin Xuanji stood against the wind and could not help but say, “But, I’ve been standing here for so long. Can the two of you even take a look at me?”

Su Zimo blushed.

He was truly distracted by Demoness Ji and did not notice Lin Xuanji.

Demoness Ji pursed her lips into a smile and bowed towards Lin Xuanji. “Thank you for saving Zimo, Fellow Daoist Xuanji. I’m here to thank you.”

Lin Xuanji waved it off and avoided Demoness Ji’s gaze hurriedly. Seemingly wary, he coughed gently and said, “You guys had better study what to do after leaving this place.”

“Brother Su, you’ve killed eight t.i.tular disciples. These eight t.i.tular disciples represent eight super sects!”

Lin Xuanji said in a deep voice, “It’s fine if you’re in the Dao Inheritance Ground since even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures won’t be able to make a move. However, if you leave, the eight super sects will definitely not let you off!”

“If there’s really no other way, we can hide here for a while,” Demoness Ji suggested.

Su Zimo nodded.

He could afford to wait, but Solitary Cloud in his storage bag could not!

The Life Preservation Elixir could keep Solitary Cloud alive for a month at most!

Now, 20 days had pa.s.sed.

He had to return to Tianhuang Mainland and try his best to save Solitary Cloud’s life.

Perhaps Elixir Yang Sect might have some elixir that could revive Solitary Cloud.

As though he could read Su Zimo’s mind, Lin Xuanji asked, “You’re still thinking about that wyrm?”

Su Zimo remained silent.

Lin Xuanji sighed. “In my opinion, that wyrm can’t be saved anymore! Even in Elixir Yang Sect, there’s no elixir that can revive it.”

“I have to try,”

Su Zimo murmured softly and fell into deep thought.

Middle Continent, Chaos Essence Sect.

Suddenly, an extremely furious roar sounded from a cave abode deep within the sect. It was filled with a domineering might and cold killing intent, causing the surrounding mountains and ravines to fall into a dead silence!

“Firmament Arrival, get over here!”

An icy voice sounded. Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master, Mighty Figure Firmament Arrival, shuddered and hurried towards the back mountain of the sect.

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