Chapter 1191: Eternal Sword Doctrine

“Sirs, we have an important matter at hand. So let’s first look for the caves,” Shangguan Ru said.

Nangong Xing glared at Lu Ping with a resentful look in his eyes. When Nangong Xing entered the Divine Tree of Creatures along with Lin Tianjian, he found out many things about Lu Ping from the Sword Tower disciples. It turned out that the main reason Lin Tianjian wanted to challenge Lu Ping at the banquet was just to prove to the world that the Lin family couldn’t be encroached upon by anyone—it wasn’t because Lu Ping was powerful. Upon learning of this, Nangong Xing started reconsidering his former plans, and he decided he wanted to trample on Lu Ping.

It was a pity that Shangguan Ru wasn’t paying attention to this, but instead kept looking around, while proceeding forward. The Divine Tree formed a world all to itself. Its many thick branches were intertwining upward. The farther they proceeded, the vaster the region became, and every passage they ran into left them with a stifling feeling.

“There are people ahead of us.” After a short while, their group discovered that two groups of people were fighting in a vast region near them, and, when they reached that place, they discovered that one side was retreating. After Lu Ping had a clear look at them, he recognized them. They were people from the Sacred Martial Arts Academy, and the people who had been repelled by them belonged to the Abundance Land Academy.

“Brother Luo!” Nangong Xing saw among the crowd a Sword Tower disciple who he was acquainted with, and he went toward him enthusiastically. However, the guy’s reaction was quite cold. Nangong Xing didn’t mind this, and he asked the guy to look at Lu Ping.


This Sword Tower disciple was the one who had directed his sword at Lu Ping outside because he was infuriated that Lu Ping had insulted him. If Jiang Chen hadn’t arrived just then, they would have fought there. That Sword Tower disciple was called Luo Jin. He didn’t expect to run into Lu Ping again. Moreover, now Lin Tianjian was present, and so he felt like this was God’s will.

“Do you wish to fight against senior brother Lin? You aren’t aware of the great disparity between you and him,” Luo Jin spoke, while he walked toward Lu Ping. “Pull out your sword, and let me teach you how amazing are the Sword Tower’s top-notch disciples. I still must inform you that senior brother Lin is our chief disciple.”

Shangguan Ru wasn’t acquainted with this guy, and this was why she couldn’t ask him to stop.

Nangong Xing who was next to them revealed a mocking smile. Even he couldn’t rival the Sword Tower’s elite disciple, and Lu Ping would most likely end up suffering a beating.

“Sword Tower friend, our current situation is special. So let’s not waste our power meaninglessly,” Shangguan Ru said.

Jin Luo curled his lips. If someone else had said such words, he would have reprimanded him. But Shangguan Ru wasn’t just pretty, she was also the young miss of a great faction. “Young Miss Shangguan, I don’t believe that I will consume my power due to him,” Jin Luo spoke politely, even though his words were quite disdainful.

Nangong Xing didn’t expect that Jin Luo would say this, and he revealed an exaggerated smile.

The crowd exchanged a glance, before they also looked at Lu Ping. “Since this is the case, let me have a look at your skill.” After such a voice had echoed, both fighters pulled out their swords, and as their swords collided, magnificent sparks appeared in the air. Sword Energy started rolling all around them, and they ended up exchanging more than 100 sword moves. It seemed like both fighters had a tacit understanding, and they flew up into the air, but they were obstructed by the branches atop their heads.

“As expected of someone who can complete 100 sword moves without sustaining any injuries, you have a good foundation.”

The fighters managed to discern each other’s levels in a short while, and Luo Jin took Lu Ping more seriously. But he still wore a bright smile at the corners of his mouth, and this was a smile which a hunter would reveal upon finding an interesting prey.

“However, the foundation is just basic knowledge, and the Sword Tower is able to help a swordsman reach his upper limit.” As Luo Jin spoke, the sword in his hands became extremely bright, and it seemed like a beautiful stone. But a dangerous aura still emanated from the sword’s radiance.

“He’s started!” Nangong Xing and a group of people who knew the Sword Tower members revealed expectant looks. The Sword Tower realm was one of the most famous independent realms, and the main reason behind this was that they had inherited one of the Four Great Sword Doctrines. It was the Immortal Sword Doctrine! If one practiced with his sword while using such a doctrine and comprehended how to form a Sword Spirit, then the Sword Soul or Sword Domain created by using it would be extremely terrifying.

All the swordsmen in the world wished to witness one of the Four Great Sword Doctrines’ inheritors use a sword move, and this was the reason why Nangong Xing and the others were excited.

However, Lu Ping was still calm and composed, and the reason behind this was that he was aware that the Four Great Sword Doctrines’ most outstanding trait was that their inheritors’ achievements would depend on their own talents. Lu Ping had once witnessed a sword competition between the Four Great Sword Doctrines’ most outstanding inheritors, and they all wanted to determine which one had the strongest Sword Doctrine. At that time, the four Sword Souls with five special traits had caused an earth-shattering fight. But in the end, they didn’t come out with any valid conclusions. There wasn’t the strongest Sword Doctrine, and there was only the stronger swordsman.

“Bright Moon Sword Soul!” Luo Jin released his own Sword Soul, which had two out of the five special traits. It didn’t seem like much, and not all people would go crazy due to it like Wu Ming had, when he assumed by mistake that the Boundless Sword Soul had just two special traits. Most swordsmen’s Sword Soul didn’t have any special trait, and it was already amazing for one to get even a single special trait—as for two, that was an outstanding achievement.

Luo Jin believed that the Sword Soul possessed by Lu Ping was surely worse than his.

“Ksana Sword Method: the First Move!” Luo Jin used a sword move. This Sword Method was also one of Jiang Chen’s proudest sword techniques, and others had already stated previously that the Ksana Sword Method was created precisely for the Eternal Sword Doctrine, while the effects of the Eternal Instant Technique created by it was a hot topic for swordsmen’s discussions. Luo Jin wasn’t skilled in this sword method, and it could be said that he had just reached entry level.

Luo Jin didn’t need a Sword Domain because when he started using the sword move, the whole battlefield became his own domain. The sword move’s process was the same as when Jiang Chen used it, and by the time it started building up power, the move was already finished, and such an effect became more obvious as it was used along with Bright Moon Sword Soul.

Tens of swords, which shone with a light rivaling moonlight, flew toward his opponent.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

However, the outcome was completely different than what Luo Jin had expected, and Lu Ping ended up blocking all the swords that were attacking him at a high speed.

“How is this possible?”

All the Sword Tower disciples present here were shocked, and even Luo Jin couldn’t believe this. His smile had disappeared, and he had started dripping with sweat.

“No, how can he block my Ksana Sword Move without even using his Sword Soul?” Luo Jin frowned and started thinking back to what had happened. He suspected that he had made a mistake somewhere.

“Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!”

However, Lu Ping didn’t leave Luo Jing enough time to reflect and used a stunning sword move. It was as quick as lightning. Yet it was also as unstoppable as the wind.

“Great mastery over Wind Lore?” Luo Jin understood why Lu Ping’s sword was so quick, and he also detected Lu Ping’s Sword Soul.

“A Sword Soul with two special traits?” Luo Jin realized that he had underestimated Lu Ping too much. There was a disparity between Sword Souls with two special traits because every different combination would give the Sword Soul different powers. If this hadn’t been true, the people who set the five special traits system wouldn’t have taken so many complex names for the traits, and they would have just numbered them.

This was the same as with the Four Qi, which had different effects. The Sword Soul possessed by Lu Ping had two traits—Strength and Heroism—and those were the two Sword Soul traits with the greatest offensive power.

“Moon God Sword Domain!”

When Luo Jin faced Lu Ping’s fierce sword move, he was forced to use his own Sword Domain.

“Such matters can only demonstrate that you are talented, but, in the end, you aren’t a disciple of the Sword Tower.” Luo Jin’s remaining source of confidence was his own status.

The disparity and differences between their states meant that there would be a disparity between the sword techniques gotten by them.

“Flying Moon Sword Spirit!”

“Ksana Sword Method: the Second Move!”

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