Chapter 1046: Slaying Into Dragon Burial Valley!

Before long, news spread to Tianhuang Mainland one after another, creating huge waves!

“An Ancestor realm expert has attacked!”

“Which sect?”

“I don’t know. It’s extremely likely to be Chaos Essence Sect!”

“The Creation Green Lotus was destroyed and Desolate Martial’s body was crippled. He was teleported away by the Major Transference Talisman. We don’t know where he went or whether he’s alive!”

“The tallest tree in the forest will be destroyed by the wind! Desolate Martial is too sharp and it’s his fate to face such a calamity!”

Ever since the calamity of the Great Qian Empire 10,000 years ago, there was almost no news of an Ancestor realm expert taking action in the cultivation world.

However, during the Establishment of Dao by Desolate Martial and the calamity of t.i.tular disciples this time round, an Ancestor realm expert made a move!

This news was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples and shocked Tianhuang Mainland!

Before long, the super sects such as the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects and six Buddhist monasteries knew that the person who attacked was Chaos Essence Sect’s Di Fan!

A Half-Martial Ancestor expert!

Middle Continent, Chaos Essence Sect.

Di Fan retracted his palm slowly. His expression was dark and his gaze flickered – no one could tell if he was happy or angry.

“Elder Di, that lad has already died?”

Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master asked carefully.

Di Fan replied expressionlessly, “No, his body and the Creation Green Lotus were crippled by me! However, he managed to escape with the Major Transference Talisman.”

“Why does this lad have a treasure like the Major Transference Talisman?”

Di Fan’s tone was sinister.

He was still furious that he could not kill Su Zimo right away.

“The Major Transference Talisman’s teleportation location is fixed,”

Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master said in a low voice, “I’ve heard Di Yin mention that the first time he met Desolate Martial was at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.”

“Oh? Dragon Burial Valley?”

Di Fan raised his brow and said slowly, “I heard from the Old Patriarch that there seems to be an old monk at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley. Is he still alive?”

“No, but based on my calculations, 10,000 years have pa.s.sed and this old monk doesn’t have much lifespan left. His time should be up soon,”

Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master’s expression froze when he heard the words ‘Old Patriarch’. A look of reverence flashed through his eyes as he replied in a deep voice.

The Old Patriarch that Di Fan was referring to was the only Mahayana Patriarch of the Di Clan – his seniority was even higher than Di Fan!

During the calamity of the Great Qian Empire 10,000 years ago, the reason why the evil ancestral-level dragon was killed was because this Patriarch of the Di Clan attacked!

Di Fan and the dead Di Yin were both considered as the descendants of the Di Clan’s Patriarch!

However, the Patriarch of the Di Clan was not in Chaos Essence Sect right now.

Di Fan waved his hand and said coldly, “Relay the news that Desolate Martial is at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley and contact Heavenly Dipper Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace and other factions to attack Dragon Burial Valley!”

Chaos Essence Sect’s sect master frowned slightly and said hesitantly, “Elder Di, that old monk is still alive. Back then, he was a Mahayana Patriarch after all.”

“No worries,”

Di Fan sneered, “How much combat strength can Mahayana Patriarch in his twilight years have left with his weakened blood qi? He might not even be able to defend against a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!”

“Daming and Fahua Monasteries have already been destroyed and vanished into thin air. I don’t believe that an old monk whose lifespan is about to be up can defend against the combined attack of eight super sects!”

After pausing for a moment, Di Fan’s eyes shone with killing intent as he said coldly, “At most, I’ll strike once more!”

Middle Continent, Hundred Refinement Sect.

Everyone from Hundred Refinement Sect was fretting over how to deal with the encirclement of the eight super sects when the news of an Ancestor realm expert attacking spread.

Everyone was shocked!

The killing intent from the Asura Yan Beichen burst forth and almost materialized. His gaze was sinister as though a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood was formed!

He thought of all possibilities and even prepared for the worst where he would escape with Su Zimo to the end of the world.

However, he never imagined that an Ancestor realm expert would attack!

That was akin to a strong adult man resorting to all means to kill an infant that could merely crawl.

The difference between a Void Reversion and an Ancestral Realm expert was even greater than the difference between an infant and a strong man!

“To think that an Ancestor realm expert would attack a Void Reversion. Chaos Essence Sect is truly shameless for the sake of revenge!” Elder Gu said hatefully.

Elder Ge shook his head. “I’m afraid it’s not just for revenge.”

“Not bad,”

Shangguan Zi said, “He established his Dao heart by stepping on the corpses of eight t.i.tular disciples. Once such a monster incarnate grows up, it will be a disaster for super sects like Chaos Essence Sect!”

“The true reason why this Ancestor realm expert attacked was because he wanted to murder this monster incarnate!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire stood silently at the side, frowning in deep thought.

“Extreme Fire, don’t worry too much.”

Shangguan Zi said softly, “According to the current news, Zimo has already been teleported away. We don’t know if he’s dead or alive. There’s still hope.”

Everyone knew that this was merely a consolation.

With the attack of an Ancestor realm expert, the Creation Green Lotus and his body were crippled one after another. Even if he survived, the monster incarnate he once was would have vanished into thin air.

Shangguan Zi sighed softly and said, “I wonder where the child was teleported to,”

“I know.”

Right then, Extreme Fire spoke.


Everyone was stunned.

Shangguan Zi could vaguely sense that Extreme Fire’s expression seemed to have relaxed after hearing that Su Zimo had torn the Major Transference Talisman and escaped.

Extreme Fire said, “Zimo should have gone to the Dragon Burial Valley.”

“Dragon Burial Valley?”

“I heard that an evil dragon was buried in the Dragon Burial Valley 10,000 years ago. It’s an ominous place where Patriarchs have fallen and the blood of emperors have been spilled. Why would he head there?”

Everyone asked hurriedly.

Before Extreme Fire could explain, a spirit crane flew in from outside.

The spirit crane was filled with an immortal aura and its flesh was intact. It was extremely agile. When it arrived in front of Shangguan Zi, it suddenly transformed into a paper crane and floated in her palm.

There was another piece of huge news from the cultivation world!

Everyone was invigorated.

Shangguan Zi opened the spirit crane and took a look. Her expression changed gradually.


Worried about Su Zimo, Yan Beichen took the initiative to ask.

Shangguan Zi had a grim expression and said in a deep voice, “Extreme Fire is right. Zimo should have been teleported to the Dragon Burial Valley. However, for some reason, this news has already spread in the cultivation world!”


Everyone exclaimed.

The cultivators present quickly realized what the consequences would be if this news spread!

Shangguan Zi continued, “The spirit crane said that five immortal sects; Heavenly Dipper Sect, Chaos Essence Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace, Sword Sect and Gla.s.s Palace, two fiend sects; Hidden Death Sect and Malevolent Earth Sect, Formless Monastery of the Buddhist monasteries and Poison Sect of the heretical doctrines have all sent Conjoint Body Mighty Figures to head to the North Region’s Dragon Burial Valley!”

Apart from the eight super sects that everyone had expected, Sword Sect was also involved.

That made nine super sects!

Everyone had ugly expressions.

All of them knew that Su Zimo was doomed!

Elder Ge sighed. “There are so many super sects and Conjoint Body Mighty Figures joining forces for the sake of a Void Reversion. They’re truly bent on exterminating him!”

Without another word, Yan Beichen turned to leave.

“Where are you going?”

Extreme Fire reached out and stopped him.

“Dragon Burial Valley!”

Yan Beichen’s voice was cold.

Extreme Fire shook his head. “You won’t make it in time if you go now. The speed of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure is much faster than you. They will only need a couple of days to head to the North Region from the Middle Continent.”

“Furthermore, you’re injured. You’ll only be courting death if you rush over.”

“What should we do then? Just wait?” Yan Beichen clenched his fists.

Extreme Fire had a strange expression as he murmured, “Let’s wait for news. I’m not exactly worried if Zimo returns to Dragon Burial Valley.”

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