Chapter 1048: Two True Bodies!

Su Zimo asked, “What about my black-haired Essence Spirit?”

“Doesn’t matter,”

Waving his hand, the red-headed ghost pouted his lips nonchalantly. “In any case, this dragon body will be your true body from now on. At most, your black-haired Essence Spirit can just refine a physical body and cultivate it as a clone.”


The old monk shook his head and suddenly said, “The Dragon race body can be cultivated as a clone. This black-haired Essence Spirit will be Zimo’s true body!”


The red-headed ghost replied in a worked up manner, “That body is connected to the lad’s bloodline so it will naturally be a true body of the Dragon race! There’s only the black-haired Essence Spirit left here that doesn’t even have a body. How can it be a true body?!”

The old monk shook his head and said resolutely, “However, he’s a human after all. That’s why the body reconstructed by the black-haired Essence Spirit will be his true body! His Dragon race body will be a clone!”

The two of them started arguing over this matter.

The old monk was unwilling to back down as well.

Both of them were clear about Su Zimo’s potential. If he was allowed to grow, he would definitely become an extremely terrifying existence that could change Tianhuang Mainland!

The reason why the red-headed ghost wanted the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit to be the true body was naturally for the good of the Dragon race.

As for the old monk, his intention was also to retain a hope for the human race in the future!

“Master, red-headed ghost, stop arguing.”

Su Zimo’s gaze was resolute, as though he had already made up his mind. He said slowly, “Be it the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit or the black-haired Essence Spirit’s body, they are not clones! Both are my true bodies!”

Both of them were briefly stunned before they understood what was happening.

If an ordinary cultivator were to refine a clone, they would at most inject a stream of spirit consciousness into it; it would be just a remnant thought.

However, Su Zimo’s situation was extremely special.

He had truly cultivated two Essence Spirits!

Even if they cultivated separately, their Essence Spirits would not affect one another!

If both Essence Spirits were him, how could there be a clone?

Since they were destined to cultivate separately, he would cultivate two true bodies in the future!

The old monk and the red-headed ghost stopped arguing.

Both of them could accept this outcome.

Of course, there was another important reason why Su Zimo agreed to let the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit bring his body to the Dragon Bone Valley!

“Red-headed ghost, I have a condition.”

Su Zimo suddenly said.

The red-headed ghost raised his brow and glanced askance at Su Zimo. “What other conditions do you want to make despite this amazing bargain?”

“I want to bring someone along,” Su Zimo replied.

“No way!”

The red-headed ghost rejected without hesitation. “What kind of place do you think Dragon Bone Valley is? Do you think it’s a place anyone can head to?”

Su Zimo thought for a moment. “To be precise, he’s not human, he’s a wyrm. He absorbed some dragon qi and will definitely be able to transform into a True Dragon in the future.”

Another important reason why Su Zimo wanted to head to the Dragon Bone Valley was because of Solitary Cloud!

In order to save him, Solitary Cloud ended up in such a state where his fate was unknown.

He had to give Solitary Cloud a fortuitous encounter in order to live up to the latter’s undying loyalty!

“No, it’s even worse if it’s a wyrm,”

The red-headed ghost pouted. “Let’s put it this way… even someone like you who drank my dragon blood for 20 years has an impure bloodline. It’s already not bad that I can send you in. What the h.e.l.l does a wyrm that absorbed some dragon qi to cultivate even amount to?”

“In other words, even if he can enter, he’ll be bullied to death by the True Dragons of Dragon Bone Valley!”

Su Zimo did not back down at all. “If anyone bullies him, I’ll naturally be there. However, I have to bring him over!”

If Solitary Cloud could cultivate in an environment like Dragon Bone Valley, his chances of transforming into a True Dragon would increase greatly!

“Kid, you only know how to push your luck!”

“F*ck! In order to save you, I even have to add a little wyrm snake into the mix. What the h.e.l.l am I even doing?”

The red-headed ghost cursed and glanced at Su Zimo from the corner of his eyes. When he saw that the latter was not backing down, he mumbled, “Fine, we’ll bring him along! However…”

He veered the topic away. “Let me make things clear first. There’s no kind soul in the Dragon race! Don’t blame me if he gets bullied to death inside.”

“Thank you.”

Su Zimo cupped his fists.

After a brief pause, Su Zimo continued, “Red-headed ghost, I have another condition.”


The red-headed ghost jumped up in anger as the chains on his body rattled. Blowing his beard and glaring, he said, “Rascal, don’t push your luck. If you push me too far, I won’t even care about you anymore!”

Su Zimo said selfishly, “Since he’s coming in with me, he has to follow me to that primordial divine spring to recuperate.”

“No way!”

The red-headed ghost rejected him flatly and glared at Su Zimo angrily, grinding his teeth. “Do you think that anyone can soak in that divine spring?”

“I’ll have to persuade endlessly just to let you soak in that divine spring and now, you even want to add a little wyrm snake?”

Su Zimo thought for a moment. “As long as you can save him, it’s fine if you don’t let him soak in the primordial divine spring.”

“Leave it to me. It’s just a lousy wyrm. I’ll revive it with a single drop of my blood!”

The red-headed ghost said confidently.

Only when he heard that, Su Zimo carefully removed Solitary Cloud from his storage bag and placed it in front of the red-headed ghost.

The red-headed ghost took a look and his face darkened, almost cursing.

That fellow’s injuries were almost the same as Su Zimo’s!

His chest was punctured, his heart was shattered and his Essence Spirit was almost destroyed – he was hanging on with a single breath and could die at any moment!

The wyrm might die with a single drop of his blood instead!

Creak! Creak!

The red-headed ghost ground his teeth in silence.

Su Zimo shrugged. “Look, you can’t do it either. In that case, I’ll have to bring him to soak in that primordial hot spring.”

“It’s a divine spring!”

The red-headed ghost rolled his eyes and scolded, “Hot your head!”

“That won’t do!”

The red-headed ghost pondered for a long time before shaking his head in rejection.

“I won’t be going either then,”

Su Zimo decided to go all out.

The old monk stood at the side and smiled without saying anything.

The red-headed ghost was hopping mad but could not do anything to Su Zimo.

After a moment, the red-headed ghost said, “I can agree to your condition, but you can’t raise any other conditions!”

He was truly afraid.

If Su Zimo were to go crazy and bring along a nest of monsters or random animals like leopards, wolves, tigers et cetera, Dragon Bone Valley would be in complete chaos!


Su Zimo agreed.

The red-headed ghost heaved a sigh of relief. “Fine, I’ll agree to your two conditions.”

Taking a deep breath, the red-headed ghost cut his fingertip and a drop of scarlet blood fell, emanating a terrifying aura with a tremendous lifeforce!

He conjured hand seals continuously and let out a series of strange sounds.

The drop of blood hovered in midair and did not dissipate.

A moment later, the drop of blood changed gradually and turned into a scarlet divine dragon. Its horns were towering and lifelike.

“Go on,”

The red-headed ghost murmured.

The tiny divine dragon let out a long cry and turned into a scarlet beam of light that tore through the air and disappeared quickly.

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