Chapter 1052: Survival

Although Long Yan did it express it through his att.i.tude, Su Zimo could sense that he was not fully accepted by this expert of the Dragon race.

That was normal.

It was the first time that Long Yan and Su Zimo met and he did not know anything about the latter’s personality, character, past, strength and everything else.

In the eyes of Long Yan, Su Zimo was a junior with decent luck and an impure bloodline that the red-headed ghost took a liking to.

The reason why Long Yan addressed him as young master as well as explain patiently to him about the status of the Dragon race in detail was mainly because of the red-headed ghost.

That was the reason why Su Zimo did not expect that a casual statement from him would be able to make this expert of the Dragon race attack for him!

Furthermore, the might and terror of Long Yan shocked him immensely!

This was the strength of the Dragon race!

Back then, there was a reason why the Dragon race was able to dominate the primordial era and be respected by all races!

Among the same cultivation realm, human cultivators were almost no match for him.

In the battle of Myriad Phenomenon City in the ancient battlefield, it was the same for the paragons of the human race against the Rakshasa and G.o.d race of the Primordial Nine Races!

Of course, this did not mean that the human experts were completely inferior to the Primordial Nine Races.

After all, the human race had won the ancient war with great difficulty!

The ancient emperors were also existences that could contend against the Primordial Nine Races!

Back then, the Human Emperor appeared out of nowhere and turned the tides of the ancient war singlehandedly, suppressing the experts of the nine races – how glorious was that?!

In Su Zimo’s heart, it was not as though there were no paragons of the human race who could fight against the Primordial Nine Races in this lifetime!

The Yan Beichen and Extreme Fire that he knew of were existences that could look down on their peers.

Demoness Ji had received guidance from Fairy Ling Long and obtained the complete inheritance of the Pure Maiden Sutra – her future potential was limitless.

Ming Zhen had obtained the inheritance of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Given his pure, innocent heart and comprehension of Buddhism, as long as he could grow, he would definitely possess a high status in the cultivation world!

Even Little Fatty, s.h.i.+ Jian and the others had their own opportunities and could not be underestimated.

Instantly, Su Zimo was filled with thoughts.

Right then, Long Yan had already returned after killing two Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of Gla.s.s Palace.

“Thank you, Uncle Yan.”

Su Zimo bowed deeply.

Long Yan said deeply, “Remember this, even if you don’t manage to become the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage in the future, you are still a part of the Dragon race! The Dragon race will not tolerate provocation or bullying from another race!”

Su Zimo nodded.

Long Yan thought for a moment and continued, “Of course, don’t expect me to help you when you return to the Dragon Bone Valley. We will be surrounded by dragons and you can only depend on yourself if you are bullied!”

With that said, the two of them continued on their way.

At the same time, at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

“Master, red-headed ghost, there are cultivators from eight super sects rus.h.i.+ng over here. They have ill intentions and are most likely Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!”

Su Zimo’s black-haired Essence Spirit knew about everything the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit experienced as well.

There were initially nine super sects attacking. With two Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of Gla.s.s Palace killed by Long Yan, there should be eight remaining!

“Perfect timing.”

The red-headed ghost harrumphed coldly and said murderously, “There are rumors outside that this Dragon Burial Valley is an ominous place! Since that’s the case, I’ll kill as many as they come!”

“No, we can’t,”

The old monk shook his head. “You’ve sinned deeply. How can you commit another sin? Furthermore, if these Conjoint Body Mighty Figures die here, there’ll be no room for negotiation with these eight major factions. What about Zimo?”

“He naturally has me protecting him!”

The red-headed ghost said proudly.

“How long can you protect him?”

The old monk asked, “Do you want him to stay at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for the rest of his life?”

“He’s different from you and me. He’s only just entered the Void Reversion realm. If he’s in seclusion here all year round, he won’t even be able to touch the threshold of the Dharma Characteristic realm, let alone the Conjoint Body or Mahayana realm!”

Take Su Zimo for example. Back when he cultivated for a hundred years on Howling Moon Mountain, he was only at mid-stage Nascent Soul realm and could not advance any further.

However, when he went out to adventure and gain experience, he obtained many opportunities.

Although he encountered many dangers where his life hung on a thread, he was already at the Void Reversion realm now!

It had only been less than a year!

Therefore, cultivation and experience were indispensable for cultivators.

“What do you want then?”

The red-headed ghost frowned slightly. “These intruders aren’t friendly. You’re already halfway into the coffin so don’t bother yourself anymore.”

Although Su Zimo could not tell the old monk’s cultivation realm, he could vaguely sense that the old monk was in his twilight years and his blood qi was gradually declining!

When cultivators were in their later years and did not have much lifespan left, if they were to attack forcefully, the greater the expenditure, the faster the loss of blood qi and lifespan!

This was not only limited to cultivators – the same logic applied to mortals.

All the elderly were extremely weak and their strength could not compare to a teenager.

Even a fall could be fatal, let alone an intense movement.

Although the red-headed ghost’s words were unpleasant, Su Zimo could tell that he was concerned about the old monk.

The old monk lowered his gaze. “These Conjoint Body Mighty Figures are from the super sects. They shouldn’t be unreasonable.”


The red-headed ghost scoffed. “Don’t talk about logic. They wouldn’t even come knocking if they knew what shame is!”

The old monk was silent.

The red-headed ghost shrugged his shoulders and said casually, “Up to you. I really don’t want to be involved in this matter! In any case, this is a matter of the human race. I’m free now.”

“Furthermore, this lad’s true body of the Dragon race has already headed to the Dragon race. It’s even better if his black-haired Essence Spirit dies. In that case, the lad will be a pure dragon! Hahahaha!”

The red-headed ghost reared his head in laughter and swayed his ma.s.sive body, entering the depths of the cemetery. Accompanied by the sound of chains, he gradually disappeared into the darkness without a sound.

The old monk looked at Su Zimo’s black-haired Essence Spirit and smiled benevolently. “Pack up and follow me.”

Su Zimo nodded.

There was nothing much to pack. He merely picked up his storage bag and was about to leave.

However, he paused and turned to look at the scattered lotus stems, shattered lotus leaves and the empty lotus platform. Suddenly, he felt a sense of reluctance.

The losses brought to him by the calamity this time round were not too great!

His true body of the Dragon race headed to the Dragon Bone Valley to cultivate. If he could recover completely, it would be considered a blessing in disguise and his combat strength would be even more terrifying in the future!

The only pity was the Creation Green Lotus.

The Creation Green Lotus had accompanied him for more than a hundred years and he had nurtured it for the same duration as well. It had just matured as a Grade 6 when it was dealt with such a huge blow.

It was almost impossible for it to be reborn.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo decided to collect the broken and lifeless lotus stems and leaves and put them into his storage bag still.

When he picked up the empty lotus platform, Su Zimo exclaimed softly.

The green lotus platform was intact without any damage at all.

Although the petals of the lotus platform had already fallen, the 54 lotus seeds were still there. Furthermore, they were emitting a faint glow with a hint of life!

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