Chapter 1054: Confrontation!

There was indeed someone at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley!

For the past 10,000 years, there were endless legends about the Dragon Burial Valley.

As some experts entered the Dragon Burial Valley and did not return, it added to the mysteriousness of the place.

n.o.body knew what was at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

n.o.body knew what secrets were hidden in the Dragon Burial Valley.

However, everything could be revealed today!

At the thought that the treasures and secret manuals of the two super sects, Daming Monastery and Fahua Monastery, were most likely at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, the gazes of the eight Conjoint Body Mighty Figures turned fervent!

The old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect raised his voice. “My Dao t.i.tle is Sui Han and I was fortunate enough to witness the catastrophe 10,000 years ago. May I know which monastery you came from, Reverend? What’s your t.i.tle?”

“My Dharmic t.i.tle is Yuan Bei,”

The old monk’s voice sounded from the bottom of the valley, calm and peaceful.

Yuan Bei was once the abbot of Daming Monastery. Later on, he went into seclusion and finally broke through to the Mahayana realm, becoming the Grand Elder of Daming Monastery!

“So, it’s Patriarch Yuan Bei. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect said indifferently.

The Mighty Figure of Malevolent Earth Sect chuckled. “Monk Yuan Bei, to think that you’re still alive. Your fellow sect mates have already gone through reincarnation. Why aren’t you accompanying them?”

“Old monk!”

Chaos Essence Sect’s youth shouted, “There’s no need for us to beat around the bush. You know very well why we’re here. Hand him over! Now that you’re in your twilight years, you won’t be able to protect him!”

Although they were a major cultivation realm apart, the tone of Chaos Essence Sect’s youth and the others was not polite at all!

Firstly, they had the advantage in numbers.

Secondly, Patriarch Yuan Bei was on the brink of death and his blood qi was weak. If a true battle were to break out, he might not be able to hold out for long before he died!

Of course, at that cultivation realm, none of them were reckless.

The eight of them arrived at the edge of the Dragon Burial Valley where the fog was thick but none of them jumped down casually.

“The eight of you must be here for my disciple, right?”

Monk Yuan Bei said indifferently, “I already know about what happened in the Dao Inheritance Ground. However, I don’t know what he did wrong to cause eight patrons of the Conjoint Body realm to appear at the same time.”

Chaos Essence Sect’s youth said coldly, “That Desolate Martial kid is bloodthirsty. He ma.s.sacred the paragons of our human race in the Dao Inheritance Ground without restraint. He deserves to die!”

“In the cultivation world, it’s common to fight and kill. There are many deaths that happened because of single disagreements as well.”

Monk Yuan Bei said, “Since when does a fight between cultivators of the same cultivation realm require the seniors of the sect to step in? Don’t tell me that there aren’t even such rules in the cultivation world now?!”

Even though Monk Yuan Bei was nearing the end of his lifespan, he was still a Mahayana Patriarch and his tone was solemn.

Even though the eight Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were standing on top of the Dragon Burial Valley and were separated by a hundred thousand feet, they could still feel the pressure!

To be fair, if Su Zimo was backed by the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects or one of the six Buddhist monasteries, none of that would have happened.

For example, although Di Yin was domineering and unrestrained, the t.i.tular disciples of the major sects would not take the initiative to provoke him.

That was because Di Yin was backed by Chaos Essence Sect.

That was the reason why Su Zimo could be surrounded by so many t.i.tular disciples in the Dao Inheritance Ground.

At the end of the day, it was because he had no backing.

It was fine to kill such a paragon and monster incarnate since it would not cause any powerful figures to appear nor would it affect them.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had way too many treasures on him!

However, none of the major sects or t.i.tular disciples expected that Su Zimo would be so terrifying and domineering that he would step on their corpses to establish his Dao heart and shock Tianhuang Mainland!

“Patriarch Yuan Bei, you’re wrong,”

Suddenly, the old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect laughed. “The feud between Desolate Martial and the t.i.tular disciples is not a fight between those of the same cultivation realm! It’s a fight between an alien race and the human race! Desolate Martial is from an alien race. In the Dao Inheritance Ground, he slaughtered the paragons of the human race and everyone has the right to punish him!”

The female cultivator from Sword Sect said coldly as well, “Old monk, Daming Monastery was once one of the Buddhist monasteries as well. To think that you would accept a being of another race as your disciple before your death. You’re old and muddle-headed!”

“If I were you, I would execute justice and kill this lad personally to appease the dead human paragons!” The man from Zephyr Thunder Palace was aggressive as well.

“We have to be wary of anyone that’s not from the same race as us!”

Formless Monastery’s Mighty Figure lamented softly, “Fellow Daoist Yuan Bei, please hand over Desolate Martial! As for your Daming Monastery’s inheritance, if you trust me, Formless Monastery will pa.s.s it down for you.”

At the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, Su Zimo stayed by Monk Yuan Bei’s side.

When he heard that, his eyes flashed with mockery.

They had barely said a few words and the monk from Formless Monastery was already impatient, revealing his greedy and ugly face!

“Patrons, if you’re here to kill someone from another race, please leave.”

Monk Yuan Bei replied indifferently, “My disciple’s Essence Spirit is the Essence Spirit of a human. It is only his body that is mixed with the bloodline of another race.”

“But now, his body is destroyed and he’s only left with an Essence Spirit. If he reconstructs his body, he’ll be a true human!”

At that point, Su Zimo finally understood.

He knew why the old monk agreed to let his scarlet-haired Yin Spirit head to the Dragon Bone Valley. Apart from the full recovery of his physical body, more importantly, it should be for his future.

As the old monk had said, as long as he reconstructed his body, he would be a human!

From this day forth, no sect, faction or cultivator in Tianhuang Mainland could use that fact against him!

Coupled with the protection of him, Extreme Fire and the others of Hundred Refinement Sect, his situation in the cultivation world would be much better and he wouldn’t have to hide anymore!

The old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others frowned and their expressions turned terrible.

They knew that with Patriarch Yuan Bei’s level, status and ident.i.ty as a Buddhist, there was no way he would lie about this!

In other words, Su Zimo’s body was indeed crippled!

In that case, the eight of them could no longer use the excuse of slaying demons.

“No matter what, he has to be accountable for killing so many t.i.tular disciples in the Dao Inheritance Ground!”

The man from Zephyr Thunder Palace said in a deep voice.

“Accountable for?”

Monk Yuan Bei asked instead, “Your t.i.tular disciples tried to kill others but were killed instead. What else do you guys want?”

“Old monk, we won’t return empty-handed! If you don’t hand him over, don’t blame us for barging into your Dragon Burial Valley!”

Chaos Essence Sect’s youth’s eyes lit up as he took a step forward and stood at the edge of the Dragon Burial Valley with a murderous aura!

“I don’t have much time left.”

Monk Yuan Bei said indifferently, “However, if you guys dare to take half a step across the Dragon Burial Valley, I can bury the eight of you at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley even at the cost of my life!”

Anyone who could cultivate to the Mahayana realm would have their hands stained with endless blood, even if they were Buddhists!

Every single Mahayana Patriarch was a man of his word!

Chaos Essence Sect’s youth and the others frowned and froze on the spot. For a moment, none of them dared to step forward and provoke a single Patriarch in his twilight years!

“A bunch of tras.h.!.+”

A cold voice sounded without warning and a crack appeared in the void not far away. A figure walked out with a powerful and violent aura!

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