Chapter 1181: Running into the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect Again

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Yaksha was one of eight groups. Although yaksha only represented this killer’s level, it was quite a coincidence. The soul of the yaksha killer was sucked into the scripture book. His will to struggle grew weaker and weaker until it was completely gone. In the end, his rage was reduced to zero. On some pages of the scripture book, yaksha’s image showed up. Then the vision in the world also disappeared.

When the golden lights of the scripture book had dispersed, Jiang Chen spit up blood. He was as pale as a ghost. His divine body was covered with blood. He had managed to hold on until this moment after being hit by the killer’s sword, but he had almost reached his limit. He started to fall. Fortunately, Azure Demon had been prepared for that. He asked the black dragon to catch Jiang Chen.

However, the Divine Prison Continent was full of dangers. They could not find a place to land. Azure Demon worried there would be more killers, so they took the risk of landing in a verdant forest. By then the Xuan Ming Qi in Jiang Chen’s Constellation Sea was empty. He had used all of it to repair his divine body, but, even with this, his injuries did not recover. Given that the divine body usually recovered very quickly, it was not hard to imagine how bad Jiang Chen’s injuries were. After all, a Martial Emperor’s sword had pierced through his divine body so close to his heart.

“He went on fighting after getting injured. That’s what made things worse.”

“His foundation has been harmed. In such a situation, even his divine body won’t help.”

Azure Demon and the black dragon were very anxious. All of a sudden, the human and the dragon sensed some kind of calling. Their thoughts became sublime. The scripture book, which had been closed, flew into the air. It gave off a solemn Buddha’s light.

“What’s going on?” Azure Demon and the black dragon found that their souls had materialized. Then they truly felt the existence of their flesh and blood. Especially the black dragon, its dragon scales had a dark luster. It looked like it was filled with iron, solid and full of force. The human and the dragon were both pleasantly surprised. They roared toward the sky.

Then Azure Demon thought of Jiang Chen. He looked over toward the latter. Under the Buddha’s light, his divine body was slowly recovering. More than that, he perceived a vast Buddha’s intent in the scripture book of the eight groups of spiritual beings. The Buddha’s heart was beating strongly.

Past, present, and future. The golden lights around him were interwoven, containing the Buddha’s theories. They kept rising. In the end, they formed a halo around his head! A profound scripture arose in his mind. It was Mahavairocana Tantra. Its full name was Mahavairocana Abhisambodhi Tantra.

Jiang Chen started to read some difficult scripture texts silently. His injuries were recovering faster and faster. In the end, he survived. His injuries all recovered. However, since he had used up all of his energy when he had been heavily injured, the Constellation Sea in his body was numb. Like dead water, he could not exert any force. Fortunately, this condition would not last for a long time. Otherwise he would have had to miss the banquet of the Wizard Race.

“Jiang Chen, what happened?”

Azure Demon landed before him. The feeling of having his feet on the ground excited him a lot.

By then Jiang Chen looked normal again.

“The eight groups of spiritual beings contain truth. And, my understanding of the Dharma has improved after yaksha came back,” Jiang Chen said.

As to what had happened to Azure Demon and the black dragon, it was because they were deva and naga, the most important members of the eight groups. Deva represented the 24 Buddhist deities. As to naga, it was one of the five Acinteyyas, namely imponderable things, in Buddhism. The naga power was imponderable. He had read about it in The Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom: Volume XXX and The Treatise on the Pure Land.

Not only had the power of the eight groups of spiritual beings advanced by leaps and bounds, but also he could get extraordinary power and naga power, namely dragon power, thanks to Mahavairocana Tantra.

“I would love to find a place to study it thoroughly.” So many changes had happened, but Jiang Chen did not have the time to comprehend them thoroughly. He still had to head for the magic tree. Since his Constellation Sea did not respond, he could not fly. As a result, he had to walk there.


Soon, Jiang Chen heard some unusual disturbances. Given that this continent was a dangerous place, Jiang Chen held his breath and hid. Soon, he heard human footsteps coming his way. Jiang Chen thought they were killers from the Nether World School again, but when he had heard some joyful laughing, he knew they were not.

“You are so naughty to tease me here.” A woman said in a coy voice. Then he heard her moaning.

Terrific. Jiang Chen was surprised they were in the mood for that kind of thing in such an environment. However, he felt he had heard that woman’s voice somewhere before. So he took the risk to use the Eye of Heaven. He saw a couple hugging. After seeing the woman’s profile, Jiang Chen cursed to himself. He knew this woman. When he was in the Three Middle Realms, he went to the Dark Continent, one of the three forbidden lands. In Gu City, outside the forbidden land, he got acquainted with the commander He Shou. Then he also got to know He Shou’s sibling disciples. This woman was one of them. Her name was Xing Yue. She was He Shou’s girlfriend.

However, the man she was hugging at the moment was not He Shou, but Xiao Chengming, who he had also met at that time. So, they had hooked up. Jiang Chen felt sad for He Shou. An idea suddenly occurred to him. He pretended to fall from the tree by accident.

“Who is that?!” The disturbance alarmed the couple. With a guilty conscience, the two came over as quickly as they could.

“It’s you?!” They were scared out of their wits when they had seen Jiang Chen. They kept retreating.

Jiang Chen had killed lots of strong Star Venerables through the Ko of Thunder on the Dark Continent. Everything was still very vivid in their minds. Not to mention his achievements in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts.

“As He Shou’s apprentice elder brother, you’ve done a good job,” Jiang Chen said sarcastically.

Xiao Chengming was embarrassed. He did not speak, just kept looking at Jiang Chen silently.

“He Shou and I…we broke up a long time ago.” Xing Yue hurried to explain. She was clearly nervous.

“Really?” Jiang Chen did not expect that.

“Apprentice younger sister, you don’t have to explain anything to him. He can’t do anything to us now.” Xiao Chengming suddenly said.

“Really?” Xing Yue felt relieved. She looked more relaxed. She threw Jiang Chen some doubtful looks. Then her brow knitted slightly. “He Shou’s life became very difficult because of you. Are you aware of that?” She sounded more confident.

“How is he?” Jiang Chen asked.

“He is still in the Three Middle Realms,” Xing Yue said in a cold voice.

“Stop chattering with him.” Xiao Chengming came up to hold her hand. “Our religious sect gave the order. If we run into you, we should inform the religious sect right away. And we should kill you if we can!” He was more quick-minded than Xing Yue. After finding out Jiang Chen’s current status, he wanted to take advantage of it to kill the latter.

Xing Yue, reminded by him, also had the intention to kill Jiang Chen.

“Are you going to kill me?” Jiang Chen did not expect the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect to hate him to such an extent. He had killed so many Ancient warriors that time. It seemed the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect became the scapegoat for that. The Genuine Heaven Religious Sect vented their anger on He Shou. Meanwhile, they still wanted to deal with Jiang Chen.

“You shouldn’t have left the Academy of the Land of Abundance. This order was suspended as soon as you joined the academy, but since you quit, the order was resumed again. And now you have run into us.” Xiao Chengming said to him.

It was thanks to the Academy of the Land of Abundance that Jiang Chen had managed to come to the heaven-level continents to have adventures. His identity as an academy’s disciple was a protection for him. Although it was not easy to notice, it was very useful. All kinds of people have threatened him after he lost this identity.

“You should feel lucky that we don’t carry personal grudges.” Xiao Chengming unsheathed his sword.

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