Chapter 1056: Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar

“Patrons, Zimo is the only successor of Daming Monastery.”

Monk Yuan Bei said in a deep voice, “His body is destroyed and there’s no trace of the demon race on him. You guys can head back.”


The old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others exchanged glances without any hesitation.

It was already a blessing that they were able to survive the terrifying chain – how would they dare to continue being insolent?!

“Hold on!”

Right then, an extremely arrogant voice sounded from the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley – it was the expert who mocked Di Fan earlier on!

There was a high chance that it was the owner of the chain!

The old man from Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others shuddered and froze on the spot, not daring to move.

Given the strength of the owner of the chain, there was no way they could escape if he wanted to kill them!

“When Desolate Martial enters the cultivation world in the future and fights someone of the same cultivation realm, I’ll definitely not bother. If he loses and dies, it’s because he’s not skilled enough and is inferior to others.”

The tone of the voice at the bottom of the valley changed suddenly and was filled with killing intent. “However, if anyone of a higher cultivation realm wants to bully him, don’t blame me for attacking!”

The hearts of the old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others skipped a beat.

If he was not wrong, the person at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley should be a Mahayana Patriarch!

Even the nine immortal sects, seven fiend sects and six Buddhist monasteries might not be able to withstand the frenzied revenge of a Mahayana Patriarch!

“Of course.”

The old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others did not dare to disobey and agreed right away.

Actually, in their hearts, this was not an entirely fruitless trip.

At the very least, something was proved.

Although Desolate Martial was still alive, the number one monster incarnate of history had already become a thing of the past!

They had heard of the rumors over the years.

What Desolate Martial relied on the most was a terrifying body that could even suppress pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

But now, his body was destroyed!

Monk Yuan Bei said that there was no trace of the demon race in his body.

This meant that the divine phoenix bone in Desolate Martial’s body was crippled as well.

Furthermore, that lad’s Destiny Dharmic Weapon, the Creation Green Lotus, was destroyed by Half-Martial Ancestor Di Fan and many cultivators of the Dao Inheritance Ground saw it.

His physical body, divine phoenix bone, Destiny Dharmic Weapon and the many trump cards that he relied on the most in the past were all destroyed.

Even if Desolate Martial was not dead, he had already fallen from grace and was no longer a threat to them.

Even if Desolate Martial could reconstruct his body, he would only have the combat strength of an ordinary Void Reversion. Any paragon in their sect would be able to kill him!

The fact that the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the nine major sects charged into Dragon Burial Valley only to return in defeat with three of them dead naturally attracted countless guesses.

However, news spread quickly.

Although Desolate Martial was not dead, he lost his physical body and Divine Phoenix Bone!

The Creation Green Lotus had already shattered!

Desolate Martial’s other ident.i.ty was the successor of Daming Monastery and he had the backing of a Mahayana Patriarch.

The Mahayana Patriarch did not have much lifespan left and could not live for long!

“To think that the Dao Inheritance Ground battle would end in such a manner!”

“That’s right! A total of eight t.i.tular disciples have fallen! Including Desolate Martial, that’s nine of them!”

“Desolate Martial isn’t dead. I heard that his Essence Spirit was preserved.”

“Do you think there’s any difference between Desolate Martial surviving with one Essence Spirit and dying?”

“Sigh, what a pity! He was known as the number one monster incarnate throughout history and stepped on the corpses of many t.i.tular disciples to establish his Dao heart. He wanted to impart martial to all living beings. In the end, he was destroyed by a Half-Martial Ancestor and ended up in such a tragic state. What a pity.”

For a long time after that, the cultivation world was discussing this matter.

The cultivation world was in an uproar.

However, Su Zimo’s scarlet-haired Yin Spirit had already followed Long Yan to their destination – Dragon Bone Valley!

Now that he was back here, Su Zimo had a different feeling.

After pa.s.sing through the vast sea of bones, they arrived at the tall mountain peak that they had been to before.

Long Yan waved his sleeves gently and swept Su Zimo’s scarlet-haired Yin Spirit up. Leaping into the air, he crossed the peak and sped forward.

Su Zimo looked down.

Behind the mountain peak were ancient forests and towering mountain peaks that exuded a primitive aura.

Back then, he thought that he had already entered the Dragon Bone Valley. In reality, the mountain that he and Night Spirit ascended was merely the outer perimeter of the Dragon Bone Valley!

After a while, Su Zimo was invigorated.

Not far ahead, mountain peaks that towered into the clouds rose and fell, forming a long and tall mountain range that was extremely spectacular!

From afar, the mountain range looked like a divine dragon that was hibernating on the ground with its head and tail connected!

In the middle of the mountain range was a gigantic valley that was extremely vast and almost seemed endless.

Looking down, one could clearly see that there were six different regions in the valley.

Red, green, yellow, gold, silver and a gray region.

Among them, the green region occupied the largest area and the gray region the smallest. It was located at the corner of the valley while the other four regions were similar.

Right then, Long Yan said, “Although the six dragon lineages belong to the Dragon race, there’s a clear distinction between them. The largest region in the green area is the habitat of the Blue Dragon lineage.”

Previously, he had heard from Long Yan that the Blue Dragon lineage had the most Azure Dragon bloodline.

Therefore, generally speaking, the Blue Dragon lineage was the strongest!

“The red region belongs to our Illumination Dragon lineage,”

Long Yan pointed below and said, “As for that gray area, it’s the mixed dragon lineage. Your mount is only qualified to head there if it can transform into a wyrm!”

Su Zimo nodded and continued observing.

He had just arrived and everything he saw was extremely novel.

This was a civilization from the primordial era!

Unlike the human race, this was a civilization that once ruled over Tianhuang Mainland!

The six regions formed a circle.

There was a large empty s.p.a.ce in the middle with many ancient buildings.

The most obvious thing was a thick stone pillar that shot into the skies at the center. It was ancient and mysterious, having existed for countless years and exuding endless vicissitudes!

A divine dragon was carved on the stone pillar. It was lifelike and exuded an endless might. Su Zimo merely took a glance at it and felt like prostrating instantly!

The strangest thing was that the divine dragon had five claws on its abdomen!

Normally speaking, there were four claws on the abdomen of a dragon.

This was the first time Su Zimo had seen a five-clawed divine dragon and it was on this ancient and thick stone pillar!

“This is the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar.”

Long Yan said in a deep voice, “When a dragon grows to a certain age or a cultivation realm like the equivalent of the Dharma Characteristic realm of the human race, they will come here to receive the Ancestral Dragon’s baptism to awaken their innate divine powers!”

“What’s up with the five-clawed divine dragon?”

Su Zimo asked curiously.

“A normal dragon has four claws under its abdomen.”

Long Yan said, “Only the king of the Dragon race with the strongest bloodline would be able to produce a fifth claw! In this lifetime, the Blue Dragon race has already given birth to a five-clawed divine dragon!”

“If nothing goes wrong, that Blue Dragon will become the young master of the five dragon lineages!”

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