Chapter 1057: Difficult Situation

“Many important locations of the Dragon race are located in the middle of this region. The primordial divine spring where you’re going to heal is also here.”

Long Yan pointed at the region beneath him.

Su Zimo’s gaze s.h.i.+fted and landed on an extremely wide stone platform not far away.

There were two divine dragons fighting on it and every single collision caused the void to tremble!

The two divine dragons were covered in injuries. Each time they swiped their dragon claws, a shocking wound would appear on their bodies as dragon scales fell one after another!

The entire protruding stone platform was splattered with blood. Some of them were already dried and stained the stone platform dark brown!

The battle between the two divine dragons was extremely tragic as though they had a deep feud!

“That’s the Dragon Blood Battlefield.”

Long Yan’s expression was grim as he said in a deep voice, “You have to remember one thing. Within the Dragon race, conflicts can break out at any moment regardless of the lineage region you’re in!”

“The elders of the Dragon race have never interfered in the conflicts between juniors. In fact, they even maintain an encouraging att.i.tude. As long as your cultivation realms are the same, you can fight at any time!”

Su Zimo nodded.

This was different from the cultivation world.

Among the factions and sects of the cultivation world, mutual care between fellow sect mates was advocated and infighting wasn’t encouraged.

Even if there were truly conflicts and grudges, they would be at a fixed location and it was impossible for cultivators to fight at any moment.

If that happened, the entire sect would be in chaos!

However, the civilization of the Dragon race encouraged clashes between their own race!

Their bodies and minds were molded through the constant strife to allow themselves to grow stronger!

Long Yan said, “Of course, Essence Spirit secret skills are not permitted to be released in conflicts within these habitats nor are they allowed to revert to their dragon forms.”

Once Essence Spirit secret skills were released or they reverted to their dragon forms, it would be a life and death battle!

Long Yan pointed to the battlefield where the two divine dragons were fighting not far away. “If you want to fight to the death, you have to enter the Dragon Blood Battlefield! Once you’re on the battlefield, you don’t have to care about life and death!”

Su Zimo frowned slightly and asked, “Dragons are rare and reproduction is extremely difficult. Why aren’t life and death battles being stopped?”

Long Yan replied indifferently, “If a race fears death and is cowardly, they will only be enslaved by other races no matter how many of them are produced!”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

In the ancient era, if not for those human experts who were unafraid of death and continued advancing, the human race might not have been able to escape the fate of being enslaved by the ten thousand race!

“I’ll take you back to the Illumination Dragon lineage first.”

Long Yan said as he swept up Su Zimo’s scarlet-haired Yin Spirit and descended towards the red region not far away.

The temperature in the habitat of the Illumination Dragon race was clearly higher. Every single building was etched with dragon-shaped flames that were unusually agile.

“Although this was ordered by the clan leader, we still have to get the elders to agree to it.”

Long Yan said, “Follow me to meet the elders of the Illumination Dragon race later on. Even if you suffer any grievances, don’t speak nonsense. Just bear with it and listen by the side.”

Su Zimo nodded.

After all, the red-headed ghost had left the Dragon race for 10,000 years. Even if he was alive, his words would not carry much weight in the Illumination Dragon lineage.

For the time being, Su Zimo condensed a Dharmic power physical body and entered the hall with Long Yan after donning green robes.

Right in front of the main hall, three old men sat on a high seat in the middle.

They did not look young and had gray hair. However, every single old man was hale and hearty and their eyes shone brightly!

The three old men exuded a faint dignified aura – it was clear that they were people who had held high positions for a long time.

On both sides of the hall, there were two rows of dragons, male and female. There were more than ten of them and they looked younger, similar to the seniority of Long Yan.

“Greetings, elders!”

Long Yan advanced and paid his respects.

“Those three are the second, third and fourth elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage.”

At the same time, Long Yan whispered to Su Zimo behind him.

“Where is he? Since he’s still alive, why didn’t he return with you?”

Elder Three asked indifferently with a dignified expression.

“Clan leader said that it’s not time yet,”

Long Yan recounted the excuse given to him by the red-headed ghost and continued, “In addition, the clan leader said that he will no longer occupy the t.i.tle of Illumination and will leave it to the juniors to fight for it.”

“In that case, our Illumination Dragon will have to select a young master as well.”

“That’s right. The candidates for the young masters of this generation’s Blue, Horned, Winged and Hornless Dragons have been decided. Our lineage is the only one undecided.”

The men and women in the hall started discussing.

Elder Four looked benevolent as he looked at Long Yan and asked with concern, “How is Long Ran? Has his injuries recovered?”

Long Ran was the name of the red-headed ghost.

“The clan leader seems to be in a good condition. Thank you for your concern, Elder Four,” Long Yan replied.

Su Zimo had a much better impression of Elder Four.

Among the many dragons, the only one who truly cared about the red-headed ghost was Elder Four.

“What’s with the young man beside you?”

Elder Three asked.

Long Yan replied, “Elder Three, this lad’s name is Long Mo and he has the bloodline of the clan leader flowing in his body. The clan leader views him as a son and now, I’ve brought him back.”

“Hmm, his Essence Spirit is injured. Why is his body gone?”

With a single glance, Elder Four could tell that Su Zimo was only left with his Essence Spirit and his physical body was not present – this was merely one formed with Dharmic powers.

Long Yan took out Su Zimo’s body and said, “His body has been crippled by a human Half-Martial Ancestor and there’s no life left in it. The clan leader wants him to return and head to the primordial divine spring to recuperate.”


When Elder Two sensed Su Zimo’s bloodline aura, he frowned in displeasure.

Immediately, someone stood out in the hall and said coldly, “That person’s bloodline is extremely mixed. Even if he has Long Ran’s bloodline, he can’t be considered as part of the Illumination Dragon lineage!”

“A bloodline like that can only be considered as a remnant beast. He’s not even qualified to enter this place and he wants to head to the primordial divine spring to recuperate? How is that possible?!”

“It’s rare to get a spot to heal from the primordial divine spring. We can’t give it to a crossbred b.a.s.t.a.r.d like him!”

Some of the dragons spoke with heated language.

Long Yan glared at the surroundings and shouted, “He’s the son of the clan leader! How is he not qualified?!”

“Fufu, let alone a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, even if he’s Long Yan[1] who died prematurely, he won’t be able to go to the primordial divine spring just because he wants to!”

A dragon sneered.

Su Zimo had once heard the red-headed ghost mention Yan’er.

It seemed like he was not wrong. Long Yan should be the son of the red-headed ghost who unfortunately suffered a premature death.

He did not know what this had to do with the catastrophe 10,000 years ago.

Another dragoness said, “Even if he’s the son of Long Ran, he’s not the young master of our Illumination Dragon lineage. Why should he go to the primordial divine spring?”

The Dragon race was extremely reluctant to accept an outsider with mixed blood like him,

Let alone accept him to head to the primordial divine spring to recuperate.

The situation that Su Zimo was facing was even more difficult than he had imagined.

Even if the red-headed ghost came back personally, he might not be able to go against everyone’s wishes and let him enter the primordial divine spring, let alone Long Yan!

[1] Different p.r.o.nunciation from the current Uncle Yan

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