Chapter 1058: Any Objections?!

Long Yan looked at the three elders and said in a deep voice, “The clan leader has instructed us to bring Long Mo to the primordial divine spring to recuperate. Please permit it, elders!”


Elder Four let out a long sigh with a hint of sadness in his eyes as he said softly, “He’s heartbroken after losing his son and wife. For the past 10,000 years, he’s been living in that abyss and I don’t know what sort of torture he’s endured.”

“Since he thinks so highly of this lad, let’s agree to his request.”

Elder Three seemed to have recalled some of the past as well and nodded with a rueful expression.

Elder Two was still frowning.

However, when he noticed the att.i.tude of the two elders beside him, he closed his eyes and acknowledged it in silence.

Long Yan was delighted and urged softly, “Hurry and thank the three elders!”

“Thank you, elders.”

Su Zimo went forward and bowed in thanks.

Thereafter, he looked at Long Yan and reminded softly, “Uncle Yan, you haven’t told the three elders about Solitary Cloud.”

“We can’t care about that anymore!”

Long Yan shook his head. “We are already under such immense pressure just to send you into the primordial divine spring. How can we care about him?!”

“Furthermore, he’s not blood-related to the clan leader.”

Su Zimo frowned.

In their eyes, Solitary Cloud was just an unrelated person.

However, in Su Zimo’s eyes, Solitary Cloud was someone he could not abandon!


Turning around, Su Zimo suddenly said, “I have a favor to ask of you three elders!”

Long Yan’s expression changed.


Elder Four looked at Su Zimo with a friendly gaze and asked with a smile.

“My mount is a ferocious wyrm. In order to save me this time round, he was severely injured and is on the brink of death! I hope that the three of you will allow this wyrm to accompany me to the primordial divine spring to recuperate.”

Su Zimo had to declare this matter!

It did not matter how great the pressure ahead was!


Elder Two who initially had his eyes closed suddenly opened them. Two beams of divine light shot out from his dragon eyes and landed on Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s Dharmic powers and body were almost destroyed!

Elder Three’s expression darkened as well.

Even Elder Four’s expression froze and he frowned, looking troubled.

“What is that lad trying to do? He’s trying to wreck havoc in the world before even returning to our lineage?!”

“Even a serpent wyrm won’t be qualified to enter the primordial divine spring, let alone a wyrm!”

“You’re pus.h.i.+ng your luck and don’t know what’s good for you!”

“If even a wyrm can enter the primordial divine spring, all of us from the Dragon race are qualified. The primordial divine spring would have dried up long ago!”

A huge commotion broke out in the crowd.

Long Yan sighed and looked at Su Zimo with disappointment.

He knew nothing about Su Zimo.

However, Su Zimo’s current performance was akin to a young man who did not know when to advance or retreat and could not see the situation clearly.

‘His performance is way too poor. I really don’t know what the clan leader sees in him.’

Long Yan had a preconceived opinion towards Su Zimo and got more disappointed the more he thought about it.

“Long Mo, your request is impossible!”

Elder Three shook his head slowly.

Elder Four wanted to speak but hesitated.

He wanted to help plead but did not know where to start.

This matter was truly against the rules of the clan.

Su Zimo had already expected that.

With a calm expression, he said in a deep voice, “Since that’s the case, I’ll give my mount the chance to head to the primordial divine spring.”


Elder Three hollered.

Elder Two’s expression turned cold as he said slowly, “Junior, what do you think the primordial divine spring is? Do you think you can give it up just like that?”

“Let me tell you right now, even you don’t have the right to head to the primordial divine spring!”

“Long Yan, chase this arrogant and ignorant fool out of the Dragon Bone Valley for the rest of his life! Otherwise, kill him without mercy!”

“Elder Two, please show mercy!”

Long Yan knelt on the ground hurriedly.

No matter how displeased he was with Su Zimo, he had to do his best to complete the red-headed ghost’s request.

“Second Brother,”

Elder Four could not help but call out softly.

Elder Two’s expression was cold as he waved his hand. “There’s no room for negotiation! If not for Long Ran, I would have killed him long ago!”

Su Zimo lowered his head slightly with a calm expression.

Even if he knew the outcome, he had to stand out and fight for Solitary Cloud’s sliver of hope for survival!

Even if he was chased out today and lost the chance to repair his body, he would not regret it.

Red-headed ghost, sorry to disappoint you.

Su Zimo muttered to himself internally.

The main reason why the red-headed ghost had this arrangement was because he valued Su Zimo’s potential and wanted the latter to become a dragon!

If there was truly any conflict between Su Zimo and the dragons in the future, he would at least be able to ease things with this true body around.

Unfortunately, it was still difficult for the dragons to accept him as one of their own.

Su Zimo said indifferently, “Since I’m not welcomed here, I won’t disturb you guys any further. Farewell.”

The Life Preservation Elixir could only keep Solitary Cloud alive for a month. Right now, there were only a few days left.

He had to leave this place as soon as possible and find another way!

“Hold on!”

Right then, an old voice sounded from the back of the hall.

Immediately after, a strange sound could be heard.




Three sounds were heard and a hunched figure appeared from the back of the hall. He had white hair and his face was filled with wrinkles, wielding a curved fiery red walking stick as he hobbled over.

The strange sounds came from the old man’s walking stick hitting the ground.

“Grand Elder!”

When they saw who it was, the dragons who were initially seated in the hall, including the three elders, stood up and greeted respectfully.


With every step the Grand Elder took, he would pause for a moment before replying. His eyes were cloudy as he s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards Su Zimo who was not far away.

For some unknown reason, Su Zimo felt that the moment the Grand Elder’s gaze landed on him, he felt as though he was being read like a book – he could hide no secrets!

“Child, stay.”

The Grand Elder said.

Many dragons were shocked.

The Grand Elder’s status in the Illumination Dragon race was unique and could not be compared to anyone else – even the clan leader had to discuss many things with the Grand Elder!

The moment the Grand Elder said that, it meant that no one could chase Su Zimo away!

Long Yan was delighted and replied hurriedly, “Thank you, Grand Elder.”

As he said that, he pushed Su Zimo to express his thanks.

Su Zimo met the Grand Elder’s gaze and suddenly said, “My mount is a wyrm. I have to be with him.”

“Yes, head to the primordial divine spring together,”

The Grand Elder replied casually.

The dragons were in an uproar!

“Big brother, you…”

Elder Two was shocked and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

To him, this made no sense at all!

“Grand Elder, this is against the rules!”

“Grand Elder, should you reconsider?”

Instantly, a commotion broke out in the hall.


Suddenly, the Grand Elder’s walking stick landed on the ground with a dull thud in the hall!

Instantly, silence reigned!

None of the dragons dared to make a single sound!

The Grand Elder hunched his body and his turbid eyes darted across the hall slowly. “This is my decision. Anyone has any objections!”

The dragons remained silent.

n.o.body dared to meet the Grand Elder’s gaze!

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