Chapter 1059: Dragon race’s Test

Long Yan was stunned.

He truly did not expect that this matter would alarm the Grand Elder of the Illumination Dragon race who had not appeared for a long time!

Furthermore, the most important thing was that the Grand Elder had actually made the same decision as the clan leader – they wanted Su Zimo to head to the primordial divine spring to recuperate with a wyrm!

“Thank you, Grand Elder.”

All the dragons fell silent, but Su Zimo was the only one who remained calm and bowed in thanks.

That was the condition for him to join the Dragon race to begin with!

At that moment, none of the dragons in the hall could understand why the Grand Elder would make such a decision.

It was not until many years later that many dragons realized what a terrifying monster incarnate the Dragon race retained with that decision made today!

Compared to this monster incarnate, the primordial divine spring was nothing!

Long Yan brought Su Zimo away.

Although nothing could be seen from the dragons’ expressions, they were indignant and dispersed one after another.

In the blink of an eye, the four elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage were the only ones left in the hall.

“Big brother, Long Mo has the bloodline of Long Ran in him. Although it’s not pure, it’s nothing much to let him enter the primordial divine spring to heal,”

Elder Two frowned. “However, isn’t it a little overboard for that kid to ask for the wyrm to enter the primordial divine spring with him?”

The Grand Elder smiled and asked, “Fourth, what do you think?”

“Although this Long Mo did not grow up in our environment, his temperament is similar to that of the Dragon race. In the conversation earlier on, he displayed his courage, fearlessness, hot-bloodedness and was neither servile nor overbearing! Apart from Long Ran as a factor, I’ve taken a liking to him personally as well,”

Elder Four said in a low voice, “I heard from Long Ran that this lad was originally from the human race. It’s rare that he hasn’t been tainted by the conniving nature of the human race all these years.”

The Grand Elder asked, “Third, let me know your view as well.”

Elder Three pondered for a moment and said, “I’m fine, I believe in Long Ran’s judgment. Since he has such an arrangement, he must have his reasons. However…”

After a brief pause, he changed the topic. “That lad was a human in the past after all. It’s still unknown if he can join our Dragon race sincerely. There’s a certain risk to your decision, big brother.”

“According to our original decision, we still have to test him out,”


The Grand Elder nodded and looked at Elder Two. Patting the latter on the shoulder, he said, “Second, you said that he was going overboard by asking for that wyrm to be allowed into the primordial divine spring with him,”

“However, it was precisely because of that request that I was truly relieved and allowed him to head to the primordial divine spring!”


Elder Two was slightly stunned.

The Grand Elder explained, “If this lad were to disregard that wyrm in order to repair his body or feign civility with us, I wouldn’t be able to take him in at ease.”

“It’s just as you guys are worried. After all, he was once a human and is capable of being scheming. Who knows if we’ll raise an ingrate if we take him in? Who knows if he’ll bite back at us one day?”

Elder Two seemed to have understood something as he pondered.

The Grand Elder continued, “However, the fact that he dared to take such a risk and make this seemingly reckless request proves that this lad is extremely loyal and true!”

“He will remember our kindness to him!”

“No wonder.”

Elders Three and Four were enlightened.

The Grand Elder smiled with a smug look in his eyes, as though he had picked up a treasure.

Elder Two laughed as well. “Big brother, it’s rare to see you so happy. Do you really think so highly of this lad? Don’t forget, his bloodline isn’t pure.”

“You guys truly don’t know much about the outside world,”

The Grand Elder said, “Even though I’m always in seclusion, I know about the major events that happen outside. Do you guys know what that lad just did in the cultivation world?”


The three elders asked curiously.

“Hehe, he killed the t.i.tular disciples of eight human super sects singlehandedly!” The Grand Elder’s words were shocking.

The three elders were surprised.

Elder Four said, “It’s no wonder why I sensed a sharp killing intent and an aura of invincibility from that lad! So, he actually has such terrifying combat strength. It’s no wonder why he attracted the attack of a Half-Martial Ancestor.”

Elder Three nodded. “t.i.tular disciples of super sects of the human race are not easy to deal with. They can even fight against dragons of the same cultivation realm.”

“Actually, that’s nothing much,”

Elder Two was indifferent and said, “If our dragon paragons of the younger generation head out, they would be able to suppress the t.i.tular disciples of the human race as well!”


The Grand Elder suddenly laughed.

“Big brother, what are you laughing at?”

Elder Two asked.

The Grand Elder said faintly, “Have you guys heard of the catastrophe that happened in Myriad Phenomenon City more than a hundred years ago?”

“I’ve heard of it,”

Elder Two nodded. “I heard that some treasures appeared and the G.o.d and Rakshasa race sent their clansmen and paragons in. To think that they would meet with a ma.s.sive calamity and wound up killed by a monster incarnate of the human race!”

At that point, Elder Two’s expression changed as he asked, “Big brother, are you saying that this lad is the monster incarnate of the human race from back then?”

“It’s him.”

The Grand Elder nodded.


The three elders gasped slightly.

They were well aware of the strength of the G.o.d and Rakshasa race. Even their Dragon race might not be able to win against the two races!

Elder Three frowned. “He’s severely injured this time round. I wonder how much combat strength he can recover after his injuries are healed.”

“That’s right. After all, he has lost many of the methods of the human race. Coupled with the fact that his bloodline is impure, his combat strength will be greatly reduced.”

Elder Two nodded as well.

Suddenly, Elder Four asked, “Big brother, do you intend to make him the young master of our Illumination Dragon lineage?”

The Grand Elder did not comment and said, “My intentions make no difference, the key is that he has to prove himself! In our Dragon race, whoever is stronger will be respected!”

“He’s an outsider. It’ll be difficult for him to a.s.similate into the Dragon race within a short period of time.”

Elder Four was a little worried.

A crafty glint flashed through the Grand Elder’s eyes as he continued, “That’s why I got that wyrm to head to the primordial divine spring with him. Apart from giving him a favor, I wanted to incur the displeasure and resentment of the younger generation of the Dragon race!”

“Hehe, he’ll definitely be in trouble when he comes out of the primordial divine spring! This will also be a test for him. We’ll know very soon whether he’s a dragon or a worm!”

“Big brother, you sure are wise!”

The three elders stroked their beards and praised.

“Hmm… this test might not be enough.”

The Grand Elder thought for a moment and the turbidness in his eyes had long disappeared. They shone with a crafty glint as he continued, “Right, wasn’t Long Yan[1] engaged to that girl from the Hornless Dragon lineage previously? Since this lad is replacing Long Yan’s position, he will have to take on that engagement as well.”

“Big brother, that girl from the Hornless Dragon lineage has a fiery temper and dares to go against anyone. Back then, she did not agree to this marriage and came over to our side to end it. If Long Yan hadn’t died, something else might have happened because of this matter.”

Elder Four said with a lingering fear, “If that girl finds out that her fiance was changed to a dragon with an impure bloodline, she’ll definitely wreck havoc on the Illumination Dragon lineage!”

“Isn’t that perfect? Let that lad deal with it.”

The Grand Elder said with a smile.

“Big brother, you’re truly the most savage!”

The mouths of the three elders twitched as they raised their thumbs.

[1] Red-headed ghost’s son, not Uncle Yan

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