Chapter 1060: Primordial Divine Spring

They pa.s.sed through many buildings under the lead of Long Yan[1].

Along the way, they encountered many dragons with powerful auras and ferocious gazes; clashes and fights could be seen everywhere!

The bloodline of the Dragon race was incomparably terrifying to begin with. Even if they were injured all over, they would recover after resting for a day or two as long as their organs were not injured!`

After the repeated clashes, every single dragon carried an iron-blooded killing intent that tempered their melee combat techniques!

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

In such a cruel environment, it would be difficult for him to not be strong.

Many dragons of the Illumination Dragon lineage had normal expressions when they looked at Long Yan. However, their gazes were filled with hostility and shone with cruelty when they caught sight of Su Zimo!

Anyone who wanted a foothold in the Dragon race would have to fight to gain it, even if they had the bloodline of the Grand Elder!

To a certain extent, this was a relatively fair environment.

Only in such a fair and cruel environment could a true expert be tempered!

“Long Mo, although you have the support of the Grand Elder, your situation is still not favorable,”

After hesitating for a moment, Long Yan reminded kindly, “If your injuries are healed, try not to run around. Go into seclusion and cultivate first to avoid the limelight.”

Although Long Yan could not guess the Grand Elder’s intentions, he could guess that once Su Zimo came out of the primordial divine spring, countless troubles would definitely come knocking!

In his opinion, this young man would not be able to handle it at all.

“Yes, thank you for your reminder, Uncle Yan.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Before long, Long Yan had already brought Su Zimo out of the region of the Illumination Dragons and entered the public area in the middle of the six dragon lineages.

Although this was known as the Dragon Bone Valley, in reality, the area occupied by the Dragon race was larger than the areas occupied by the major sects of the cultivation world!

The public area in the middle was even more so with no end in sight. The buildings that he could see were filled with an ancient aura.

The habitat of the Illumination Dragon lineage was filled almost entirely with Illumination Dragons.

In the public area, various dragon lineages could be seen everywhere. The Horned Dragon lineage wore golden robes, the Hornless Dragon lineage silver robes and the Blue Dragon lineage green robes.

Before long, Long Yan brought Su Zimo to the entrance of a cave.

Two dragons guarded both sides of the cave!

The auras of the two dragons were similar to Long Yan – they were at the Conjoint Body realm as well!

A Dragon of the Conjoint Body realm could kill Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of Gla.s.s Palace with ease and even fight Mahayana Patriarchs!

The growth stage of the Dragon race was divided into childhood, youth, adult and peak.

Typically, the strength of a childhood dragon corresponded to the Qi Condensation to Nascent Soul realm of the cultivation world.

A young dragon corresponded to the Nascent Soul to Dharma Characteristic realm.

An adult dragon was at the Conjoint Body realm.

A peak dragon was at the Mahayana realm!

It was clear how important this place was for two adult dragons to guard this cave.

Long Yan took out a fiery red badge with a Illumination Dragon tattooed on it. It gave off a scorching aura and he handed the badge to the two adult dragons.

The badge contained some information left behind by the Grand Elder.

The two adult dragons received it and inspected it. They looked at Su Zimo with surprise before nodding. “Go on in.”

The moment the door opened, a rich and exuberant lifeforce gushed out like a spring breeze. The pain on the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit lessened slightly.

Su Zimo took a deep breath and entered the cave.

What he saw was a long corridor.

The end of the corridor shone with a golden light.

The deeper Su Zimo went, the more he could sense the exuberant lifeforce coming from the end of the corridor!

Before long, everything opened up before him. Su Zimo was shocked and his eyes were filled with endless amazement!

The scene before him did not seem like he was in a cave at all, but a world of its own.

The vegetation was rich and lush.

In the middle of a few ancient trees, there was a pool that was enshrouded with immortal qi. The spring water in the pool was golden in color with a sparkling l.u.s.ter!

The primordial divine spring!

It could regenerate flesh and revive the dead!

This world exuded a pure and flawless aura of vitality!

The moment Su Zimo entered, a trace of vitality entered his initially lifeless body!

At the start, he was a little uneasy.

After all, his body had been struck by the power of a Half-Martial Ancestor and his lifeforce was already severed. All his bones were shattered and his organs were crushed into sludge.

Even the red-headed ghost and the Mahayana Patriarch were helpless.

However, the moment Su Zimo saw the primordial divine spring, he knew that it would definitely restore his body to its original state!

Su Zimo hurriedly took Solitary Cloud out of his storage bag.

Initially, Solitary Cloud was still unconscious.

The moment he was moved here, Solitary Cloud let out a raving sound in his unconscious state.

Without hesitation, Su Zimo brought his body and Solitary Cloud and leaped into the primordial divine spring.

The two bodies were immersed in the golden divine spring and endless lifeforce surged into their bodies, nouris.h.i.+ng and repairing their bodies with rich life essence!

Compared to Su Zimo, Solitary Cloud’s injuries were lighter.

Su Zimo could clearly see the golden divine spring gus.h.i.+ng into Solitary Cloud’s chest wound within a few breaths after he soaked in the primordial divine spring.

Solitary Cloud’s heart was shattered by Di Yin’s palm!

But now, Solitary Cloud’s heart was healing at a visible speed under the nourishment of the primordial divine spring.

To be precise, it was reconstruction!

The reconstructed heart was even stronger than Solitary Cloud’s previous heart!

In his chest, the broken bones were being repaired bit by bit. Specks of golden essence surged into the wound and fused into his flesh.

The injuries on their bodies were healing continuously!

Su Zimo moaned in comfort.

After a few dozen breaths, he suddenly realized that he could control his true body of the Dragon race!

Su Zimo was delighted!

Of course, the limbs of his body had yet to recover and the injuries to his organs had not healed either.

It would take a long time for him to recover completely.

Right now, he could only do simple actions.

Lowering his head, Su Zimo wolfed down a huge ball of water from the golden divine spring. The surging life essence flowed down his throat into his body and exploded instantly!

The wounds on the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit were healing bit by bit as well!

Su Zimo felt as though he was lying on a warm bed and the coldness in his body was dissipating bit by bit – he had never felt so comfortable before.

A strong sense of fatigue surged into his heart.

Ever since he came out of Thousand Demon Valley, he had been through battles such as the Thousand Crane Tea Party and the Dao Inheritance Ground. He was even hunted by a Half-Martial Ancestor and had barely rested.

At this moment, he suddenly wanted to have a good rest.

At the very least, this was the Dragon Bone Valley and there would be no danger here.

What he wanted to do was to conserve his energy and prepare for the challenges ahead within the Dragon race!

At that thought, Su Zimo laid down in the primordial divine spring and fell into a deep sleep.

[1] Uncle Yan

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