Chapter 1061: Looking Forward to the Reunion

Bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Standing in the hall, Su Zimo looked at the two lines of words on the wall in a daze.

“To become one of the greatest, you have to work on the foundation and be willing to take hards.h.i.+p and serve others!”

“Once the fog fades, the radiance shall illuminate through the entire world!”

Before Die Yue left, she told him that if he wanted to do both immortality and demonic cultivation, he would have to experience many hards.h.i.+ps. However, these hards.h.i.+ps would eventually make him stronger.

She divined heavenly secrets and long knew that Su Zimo would encounter a great calamity one day that would lead him to the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, hence the statement left behind.

However, even she would not have expected that Su Zimo would return to this place a hundred years later after suffering even more; even his body was almost destroyed!

Su Zimo had never regretted it.

He wanted to create his own Dao.

It was not only for the lives of the world, but also for himself!

He looked forward to his reunion with Die Yue.

More than that, he hoped to be someone beyond Die Yue’s imagination when he stood in front of her again!

“That will definitely be interesting,”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

In his heart, he not only wanted to be praised by Die Yue, he wanted to catch sight of unprecedented joy and surprise in her eyes.

A moment later, the smile on Su Zimo’s face faded as he sighed.

He did not know how long he would have to wait to see Die Yue.

Initially, Su Zimo thought that as his cultivation increased, he would definitely be getting closer to Die Yue.

However, as his cultivation deepened, he realized that Die Yue was beyond his reach!

It was unknown!

Although he had already entered the Void Reversion realm, he could not deduce or sense Die Yue’s cultivation level!

Was she at the Mahayana realm?

The Tribulation Transcendence realm?

Su Zimo shook his head slightly and denied those two guesses.

Perhaps it might be beyond his current knowledge!

Su Zimo took a deep breath and composed himself. No matter what, he had to continue on his path.

He was not clear about the situation with his true body of the Dragon race.

Ever since his true body of the Dragon race entered the Dragon Bone Valley, he could no longer sense it.

This was a good situation; the two Essence Spirits cultivated separately without interfering with each other.

Otherwise, they were bound to be affected if they knew everything that happened to their counterparts!

Both Essence Spirits were Su Zimo and came from the same source.

Su Zimo had a mysterious feeling that he could still establish a connection with the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit as long as he wanted to!

Of course, from now on, he would not alarm his true body of the Dragon race unless necessary.

It must be the same on the other end.

Although he did not know what happened to his true body of the Dragon race in the Dragon Bone Valley, Su Zimo guessed that it should not be a problem.

As long as he could enter the primordial divine spring and recover his physique and bloodline, he would definitely be able to gain a foothold in the Dragon race with his true body!

The most important thing for the black-haired Essence Spirit was to reconstruct his body!

Su Zimo recalled what his master, Extreme Fire, had told him back in Hundred Refinement Sect about the storage bag and could not help but smile bitterly.

Master Extreme Fire’s words came true – he truly required the storage bag.

Initially, Su Zimo thought that Master Extreme Fire had a premonition.

A few days ago, he found out that Monk Yuan Bei had discussed this matter with Extreme Fire when he saved the latter at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Su Zimo took out the storage bag given to him by Master Extreme Fire and carefully recalled the scene of the latter reconstructing his bones and body. He only made a move when he was absolutely certain he had no doubt about every single detail.

There was a prerequisite before he could reconstruct his body.

He required fire hot enough to smelt the top-grade materials in the storage bag!

Given Su Zimo’s current cultivation, he could not achieve that.

Back in Hundred Refinement Sect, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had only achieved this goal through the Earth Core Fire in the hall as well.

He had to look for help.

Monk Yuan Bei did not have much lifespan left and it would be best if he did not make a move.

The only one who could help was the red-headed ghost.

At that thought, Su Zimo carried his storage bag and walked towards the cemetery.

“Lad, are you here to talk to me?”

Before he got close, the red-headed ghost’s voice sounded.

“Lad, you’ve already suffered so many blows at such a young age. It’s only natural for you to be disheartened and take things too hard.”

“Let me tell you, you’ve made the right decision to have a heart-to-heart talk with me! I’ve been sitting here all these years and I’m the best at giving guidance to others…”

The red-headed ghost started nagging again.

He had been at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for more than 10,000 years and he and Monk Yuan Bei were the only ones for more than 9,000 years!

The most frightening thing was that Monk Yuan Bei had been cultivating in silent meditation the entire time!

In other words, the red-headed ghost did not even have anyone to speak to.

One could imagine how he managed to survive for more than 9,000 years. It was understandable why he was in his current state.

Fortunately, Die Yue barged into this place later on and s.n.a.t.c.hed away the Saraca Flower, breaking the silent meditation of Monk Yuan Bei.

Otherwise, the red-headed ghost might have gone mad.

“Red-headed ghost, let me tell you something important.”

Su Zimo went straight to the point. “I intend to reconstruct my body. Help me condense a ball of flames and melt some natural treasures.”

“What’s the use of reconstructing a body?”

The red-headed ghost pursed his lips. “Let me tell you, this Essence Spirit of yours can just be used as a clone for casual cultivation. In any case, you still have a true body of the Dragon race.”

The red-headed ghost wanted to turn Su Zimo into a dragon completely, but that was against the latter’s bottom line.

Su Zimo frowned slightly. “There’s no need to mention that again. Now that the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit is with the Dragon race, it naturally belongs to the dragons. However, I’ve got my own plans for this Essence Spirit.”

“You have your own plans so why are you looking for me?”

The red-headed ghost raised his brow.

“Are you going to help?”

Su Zimo asked.

“Wow, you’re threatening me?”

The red-headed ghost sneered, “So what if I don’t help!”

“Then I won’t talk to you anymore.”

Su Zimo said seriously.

That was a most childish statement of pique that was commonly used among children. However, it was extremely lethal to the red-headed ghost.


The red-headed ghost said hurriedly, “Rascal, all you know is how to threaten me! Isn’t it just condensing flames? I’ll help you, alright?”

As he said that, the red-headed ghost flicked his finger and a small scarlet flame appeared on his fingertip, fluttering as though it could extinguish at any moment.

Although Su Zimo was skeptical, he still took out a Lava Crystal.

He controlled the Lava Crystal with his spirit consciousness and placed it on the small flame.


A green smoke accompanied it.

In the blink of an eye, that top-grade bone tempering material was burned to ashes by that small flame!

Su Zimo: “… ”

Completely oblivious, the red-headed ghost boasted to Su Zimo smugly, “How? The power of this flame is decent, right?”

“… ”

Suppressing the urge to curse, Su Zimo glared and grit his teeth. “Reduce the power of your flame!”

“Sure, no problem.”

The red-headed ghost agreed readily.

The flame dimmed significantly.

Su Zimo took a deep breath and took out another Lava Crystal, placing it carefully on the flame.


Instantly, a flame ignited on the Lava Crystal!

However, the Lava Crystal only managed to last three breaths before it turned into ashes right in front of Su Zimo again!

Su Zimo’s face darkened.

Two top-grade treasures were burned away by the red-headed ghost just like that!

“Reduce the power even more!”

Grinding his teeth, Su Zimo spat out a few words.

The red-headed ghost waved his hands repeatedly and shook his head. “I can’t make it go lower. This is the weakest.”

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