Chapter 1063: Unexpected Disaster

That thought invigorated Su Zimo!

Initially, he was a little sad that the Creation Green Lotus was destroyed. Such a supreme treasure had died before it could grow.

But now, if he was able to successfully temper his bones and body based on that idea, he would be able to unleash the full potential of the Creation Green Lotus!

Furthermore, the Creation Green Lotus was not completely destroyed.

At the very least, the 54 green lotus seeds were undamaged and emitted a resplendent glow. They could still release a killing technique that targeted the Essence Spirit like the Green Lotus Sword!

More importantly, the Creation Green Lotus was his Destiny Dharmic Weapon.

If he used the stem as the bone and the lotus leaves as the skin, his compatibility with this physical body would reach 100% without any rejection!

Once this body was reconstructed successfully, it could inherit his Dao techniques perfectly!

At that thought, Su Zimo’s heart burned.

Now that he thought about it, this calamity was definitely a blessing and not a curse for him!

If he succeeded in creating the Green Lotus True Body and joined forces with his true body of the Dragon race, his combat strength would double!

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and prepared to begin forging his bones and body!

He gathered all the lotus stems together and burned them with the golden lava in the volcano.

If the lotus stem was not broken, the temperature of the golden lava would not have been able to melt it!

However, now that the lotus stem had shattered into pieces and lost the power of the Creation Green Lotus, it was gradually melting under the burning of the golden lava.

Even so, it took a full day for the lotus stems to melt completely, forming a green liquid.

Su Zimo rested for a moment and began to forge his bones with the green liquid.

There were more than 200 bones in a human’s body and they were all different in size.

Forging every single bone was an extremely complicated and long process.

Back then, even with Extreme Fire’s attainments in weapon refinement, it took an entire three days to create that skeleton!

Su Zimo recalled and forged at the same time. His speed was extremely slow and he did not dare to rush at all!

Three days pa.s.sed.

Even after expending a lot of effort, he could only create half a skeleton.

However, Su Zimo’s eyes shone brighter and brighter!

He consumed some elixirs and rested for a while before continuing to refine.

Another seven days pa.s.sed before Su Zimo stopped.

In front of him stood a flawless green skeleton that was crystal clear like jade. It could be said to be a work of the G.o.ds!

Every single bone had a series of patterns that seemed natural, like blooming lotuses!

This skeleton was already perfect enough.

However, that was not enough!

Su Zimo took out the many connate Dharmic weapons in his storage bag.

Di Yin’s Chaos Essence Bell and Dragon Battling Truncheon.

Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s bone spear.

Dao Being Gla.s.s’s Rainbow Glazed PaG.o.da.

Monk Formless’s wooden fish and mallet.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s saber.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s Zephyr Thunder Hammer.

These connate Dharmic weapons were the Destiny Dharmic Weapons of the t.i.tular disciples.

Although all the t.i.tular disciples were dead, their Essence Spirit imprints were still on their Destiny Dharmic Weapons. If Su Zimo wanted to take them for himself, he had to erase the Essence Spirit imprints on them.

However, that would require an extremely long time.

For example, some of the Destiny Dharmic Weapons had been refined by the t.i.tular disciples for thousands of years – it was completely unrealistic for them to be erased in a short period of time!

Su Zimo made up his mind and decided to smelt all the connate Dharmic weapons into the green lotus skeleton!

The green lotus skeleton that was formed would be tougher and unshakable than those connate Dharmic weapons!

Throughout history, there were extremely few cultivators who had tempered their bones and bodies.

To be able to forge bones to such an extent, Su Zimo was the first person in history to achieve such a feat!

For the sake of this skeleton, he had used the lotus root as the foundation and infused it with many connate Dharmic weapons pa.s.sed down from the ancient super sects. The quality of this skeleton could be imagined!

He placed all the connate Dharmic weapons together and refined them continuously with the golden lava.

The first to melt was Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s saber.

Under the burning of the lava, the Essence Spirit imprints of many t.i.tular disciples dissipated rapidly!

The saber was burned red and gradually broke into a few pieces, turning into dark golden liquid.

Immediately after, Malevolent Earth Sect’s bone spear, Monk Formless’s wooden fish and mallet, the Zephyr Thunder Hammer, Rainbow Glazed PaG.o.da and Dragon Battling Truncheon melted one after another.

Only the Chaos Essence Bell remained unaffected!


Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and stared at the Chaos Essence Bell for a moment.

From the looks of it, the Chaos Essence Bell was the strongest among the connate Dharmic weapons!

Back when he fought with Di Yin, this Chaos Essence Bell was also the reason why more than half of the Creation Green Lotus’s power was contained!

“If this Chaos Essence Bell can’t be melted, I’ll put it away after the Essence Spirit imprint on it is erased and use it as a Dharmic weapon.”

That was what Su Zimo hoped.

All of a sudden!

A change happened!


Without any warning, the Chaos Essence Bell shuddered and let out a long, reverberating sound that shook one’s mind!

Against the sound of the bell, Su Zimo’s Dharmic power body cracked and almost dissipated!

“Junior, you deserve death for destroying Chaos Essence Sect’s legacy Dharmic weapon!”

An old voice sounded from the Chaos Essence Bell with endless killing intent!

Right after, a phantom appeared. An old man in Chaos Essence Sect’s robes stood in the cave, looking down at Su Zimo with a cold gaze and exuding a tremendous might!

Against that pressure, Su Zimo could not move at all!

Even with the support of the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads, it was useless!

Su Zimo’s body trembled slightly.

He could tell that this was not the true body of a Chaos Essence Sect expert.

That was merely a remnant consciousness from the Chaos Essence Bell!

It was the remnant consciousness of an ancient expert from Chaos Essence Sect!

After the golden lava refined Di Yin’s Essence Spirit imprint, it alarmed the remnant consciousness!

Although it was only a remnant consciousness, it was enough to kill Su Zimo!

Even if Su Zimo’s body was still present, he would not be able to escape, let alone the fact that he was only left with an Essence Spirit – the difference between them was way too great!

This was truly an unexpected disaster!

Su Zimo had not expected that merely refining an ownerless Dharmic weapon would cause such a disaster!

If he was above the Great Qian Ruins, the commotion here might have alerted Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost.

However, this was the depths of the Great Qian Ruins!

Even if Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost sensed it, it would be too late!

In a flash, all sorts of thoughts crossed Su Zimo’s mind but he felt a sense of helplessness.

“Seems like I’m destined to meet with such a calamity. In the end, I couldn’t avoid it.”

Su Zimo sighed.

In reality, the moment the bell sounded, it alerted another existence in the cave!

In the mouth of the volcano, within the golden lava, there was an almost transparent coffin floating.

A peerless beauty laid in the coffin. She had a graceful figure and her hands were clasped in front of her chest. She was naked from head to toe and her skin was smooth like jade, looking like a fairy from the nine heavens!

The moment the bell rang, the woman’s long eyelashes fluttered.

A pair of beautiful eyes suddenly opened!

Immediately after, the transparent coffin rose slowly and floated towards the mouth of the volcano.

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