Chapter 1064: Expert’s Awakening

“The juniors of Chaos Essence Sect are already so weak that they can’t even protect legacy Dharmic weapons!”

The phantom in midair harrumphed with a cold gaze.

He was merely a remnant consciousness after all and did not notice that a coffin had already floated up from the volcano that spewed golden lava behind him!

“Even if the Chaos Essence Bell becomes an ownerless object and is buried in this cave, it can’t fall into the hands of outsiders!”

With an indifferent expression, the phantom said slowly, “Die, junior!”

The phantom reached out with a gigantic hand and grabbed towards Su Zimo.

All of a sudden!

A loud bang sounded from the cave!

Even the disheartened Su Zimo was shocked!


It was as though something had exploded!

Immediately after, a huge wave of golden lava surged down like a tsunami and drowned the phantom in midair!

Buzz! Buzz!

The might of the phantom was terrifying but it was devoured by the gigantic wave formed by the lava. In the blink of an eye, it disintegrated completely!

Su Zimo was shocked as he watched the lava wave surge towards him, about to drown him in an instant.


As though it was controlled by some sort of power, the lava wave suddenly stopped in midair before dissipating slowly.

Right after, Su Zimo’s eyes widened.

Right in front of him, a transparent coffin floated up from the mouth of the volcano. The lid of the coffin had already shattered and was scattered all over the ground.

Within the coffin, a peerlessly beautiful woman sat up slowly. Her figure was graceful and flawless!

The peerlessly beautiful woman had a lazy expression as though she had just woken up. She caressed her forehead gently and her black hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall. She exuded an alluring charm and was breathtakingly beautiful!

The woman’s beautiful eyes were slightly dazed as she frowned slightly.

Even such a small action possessed indescribable beauty.

For a moment, Su Zimo forgot to breathe.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had encountered countless women – Ji Yaoxue who was n.o.ble and dignified, Demoness Ji who was like a quirky concubine, Leng Rou who was cold and refined – all of them were top beauties in the world.

However, compared to the woman before him, they were slightly inferior!

Even Demoness Ji’s bewitchment techniques seemed inferior in front of this woman.

The existence of this woman was enough to topple the world!

The lava wave earlier on was clearly released by this peerless beauty.

Su Zimo should have expressed his grat.i.tude immediately after being rescued.

However, the manner of this woman’s sudden appearance was way too shocking, causing him to freeze on the spot in a daze.

Instantly, countless doubts surfaced in his mind.

Who was this woman?

Why was she here?

When did she arrive here?

What was her cultivation?


A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

He recalled that he should have seen this woman before!

To be precise, he had vaguely seen her before.

It was more than a hundred years ago when he first arrived at the underground palace of the Great Qian Ruins and was searching for the spirit pool above.

A flowering crabapple blossomed in the middle of the pool.

The spring water gushed and a misty fog spread.

In its haziness, he seemed to have caught sight of a woman on the crabapple blossom. She had a graceful, beautiful body with a lazy and charming posture.

When he closed his eyes and focused his gaze once more, there was nothing left on the crabapple blossom.

Now that he recalled it, the woman on the crabapple blossom looked exactly the same as the peerless beauty before him!

Could the woman before him be an existence from 10,000 years ago?!

That thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind and he could not help but be shocked.

Right then, the woman sighed faintly. “Has 10,000 years pa.s.sed?”

The woman’s voice was sweet as well.

A ridiculous thought rose in Su Zimo’s mind. It was as though he was already blessed to be able to listen to this woman speak.

At the same time, that sigh confirmed Su Zimo’s guess!

The woman slowly stood up from the coffin.

Instinctively, Su Zimo averted his gaze.

She was so beautiful that he felt that it was blasphemy to look at her directly.

With light steps, she arrived before Su Zimo.

A faint fragrance wafted over and Su Zimo did not dare to raise his head. He merely stared at the woman’s smooth, fair feet and lamented in silence that he had sinned.

Just as he was about to remind her, the woman’s voice sounded once more, “You came here more than a hundred years ago?”


Stunned for a moment, Su Zimo nodded. “Yes.”

“I vaguely remember that you saved a little fox.”

The woman continued and exhaled.


Su Zimo replied.

“Where is she? Why isn’t she by your side and taken care of by you?”

The woman asked. Although Su Zimo did not raise his head to look, her tone revealed a hint of displeasure.

“Little Fox is safe and sound in Thousand Demon Valley,”

Su Zimo smiled bitterly. “If she’s by my side, she might have already met with misfortune.”

His body was crippled and Solitary Cloud was severely injured as well. If Little Fox were to follow him, she would truly have a slim chance of survival.


The woman pondered for a moment before leaving Su Zimo.


Su Zimo raised his head and shouted hurriedly when he saw that the woman was still oblivious.


The woman turned slightly, revealing half of her perfect side profile.

“Senior, your…”

Su Zimo hesitated for a moment and did not know what to say. The woman was stunned for a moment but came to a swift realization.

“d.a.m.n it!”

She hollered softly and her figure flashed. Suddenly, she appeared in front of Su Zimo and extended two fingers, piercing towards his eyes!

She wanted to gouge his eyes out!

It was too fast!

Su Zimo could not react at all.

His vision blurred and a peerless face had already arrived before him.

A look of shame and anger flashed through the depths of the woman’s eyes as she extended her finger and hovered motionlessly in front of his eyes.

Pausing for a moment, the woman retracted her finger slowly, perhaps because she realized that Su Zimo only had a Dharmic power body without any eyes or because she thought of something.

“I’ll leave those eyes on you first!”

The woman said coldly, “I’ll dig them out after you reconstruct your body!”

With that said, the woman put on her robes and took light steps, disappearing before Su Zimo in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a faint fragrance.

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