Chapter 1067: Secret of the Catastrophe


Su Zimo could not help but ask.

Monk Yuan Bei said in a low voice, “The Emperor of Great Qian was the reason why the Great Qian Empire was able to dominate the North Region. However, as his power expanded, the emperor’s ambitions grew as well.”

“Towards the later stages, Emperor of Great Qian was already showing signs of turning into a fiend. 10,000 years ago, under the suggestion of the empire’s advisor, he wanted to refine the blood of the ten thousand races as a sacrifice to the heavens!”

It was a ma.s.sive deal to sacrifice the blood of the ten thousand races!

Su Zimo was shocked.

“It was a heinous, atrocious crime. Naturally, the two Buddhist monasteries, Daming Monastery and Fahua Monastery, objected to it. However, at that time, the Emperor of Great Qian was obstinate and arrogant. He could not listen to anything and insisted on the sacrifice to the heavens.”

Monk Yuan Bei said, “Given the authority of the Emperor of Great Qian back then, there wouldn’t be much of an obstruction even if he wanted to obtain the blood of the ten thousand races in the North Region. However, he was still unsatisfied.”

“Although he gathered the blood of the ten thousand races, he lacked the blood from the supreme among them!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo gradually came to a realization.

The supreme of the ten thousand races was naturally the Dragon race!

The sound of heavy chains echoed from the depths of the cemetery.

Even after 10,000 years, the red-headed ghost still could not calm down upon hearing this matter!

Monk Yuan Bei sighed. “Back then, that divine dragon was in its childhood stage and was playful. He snuck out of the Dragon Bone Valley and arrived at the habitat of humans.”

“Back in the North Region, apart from the Dragon Bone Valley and a few other places, the entire world was the territory of the king! The moment the young dragon left the Dragon Bone Valley, he was already targeted by the Great Qian Empire.”

Right then, a tall figure stood up from the depths of the cemetery and walked slowly towards Su Zimo and Monk Yuan Bei with a pained expression!

The red-headed ghost grit his teeth. “Yan’er lost his mother when he was young but he had a pure heart and lacked the bloodthirsty nature of the Dragon race.”

“At that time, there was a great drought in the western border of the Great Qian Empire and the families there had no harvests at all. They were starved to death but no one in the empire paid attention to them! Yan’er could not bear it and secretly cast a Dharmic art to send down rain showers to save countless lives!”

At that point, the red-headed ghost’s eyes turned red as he said hatefully, “However, his actions only served to agitate the dog emperor even more. He felt that his authority was being challenged and captured Yan’er into the palace!”

The red-headed ghost shuddered and could not continue.

Given Emperor of Great Qian’s authority back then, one could imagine how much torment this young dragon would suffer in the palace.

Monk Yuan Bei continued, “At that time, even the citizens of the Great Qian Empire went into a frenzy, thinking that their emperor could reign over the ten thousand races and rule over Tianhuang Mainland. In the palace, no one dared to go against the emperor’s authority. Consort Yu was the only one who stood out!”

“She had never pleaded for anything from the Emperor of Great Qian. However, at that moment, she beseeched him to let the young dragon and the ten thousand races off.”

Su Zimo could guess the outcome even without Monk Yuan Bei saying it.

The Emperor of Great Qian did not agree.

That young dragon also died within the palace!

It was also because of this that the red-headed ghost caused the capital to be ruined into ashes overnight with countless lives lost!

Su Zimo glanced sideways and his heart skipped a beat.

Unknowingly, the red-headed ghost who was always laughing and scolding was already in tears!

No matter how many people he killed, his child would never return.

n.o.body could understand his pain!

When Su Zimo heard of this matter for the first time, he abhorred the evil dragon that destroyed the Great Qian Empire, two Buddhist monasteries and countless lives.

Even later on, when he guessed that the red-headed ghost was that evil dragon, he did not have a good impression of the latter.

It was only now that he realized that the red-headed ghost was to be pitied as well.

The final bit of resentment he had towards the red-headed ghost had vanished as well.

If Xiaoning were to suffer such a situation, he would probably do something even crazier than the red-headed ghost!

The originator of this calamity was not the red-headed ghost to begin with, but the Emperor of Great Qian!

He ruled over the North Region and was arrogant and domineering. He thought that he could suppress the ten thousand races and even trample the Dragon race beneath his feet.

However, he did not expect to provoke a terrifying existence that he could not withstand!

The arrogance and conceitedness of the Emperor of Great Qian implicated the citizens of the capital and countless living beings were buried with him.

Monk Yuan Bei thought for a moment and said, “After that, Consort Yu gave up completely and sealed herself in the gla.s.s coffin. She sank into the depths of the ground and fell into a long slumber with only that fire fox to accompany her underground.”

“10,000 years of companions.h.i.+p was way too lonely. Finally, the fire fox could not take it anymore and sneaked out. When it returned, it was already pregnant.”

Su Zimo already knew what happened after that without Monk Yuan Bei saying it.

The fire fox’s motive might have been simple.

She merely wanted to give birth to a child to accompany her or perhaps to continue protecting Consort Yu.

Unfortunately, when she ran out that time, she exposed her tracks and was targeted by the crocodile demon.

Su Zimo had not expected that the woman who walked out of the volcano would be involved in the secret of the catastrophe that happened 10,000 years ago!

After a long silence, Su Zimo asked, “Why were Daming Monastery and Fahua Monastery…”

“Our two Buddhist monasteries have an undeniable responsibility for this matter as well,”

Monk Yuan Bei replied, “The Emperor of Great Qian wanted to offer the blood of the ten thousand races as a sacrifice to the heavens and even captured a young dragon into the palace alive. The Patriarchs of our two Buddhist monasteries were in seclusion and did not appear.”

“By the time the red-headed ghost appeared and destroyed the capital, it was already too late for us to stop it.”

It was easy to imagine that the battlefield at that time would definitely be a scene of misery with blood flowing everywhere.

No matter the reason, the two Buddhist monasteries would definitely stop the red-headed ghost from killing.

On the other hand, the red-headed ghost had lost his beloved son and his rationality. Anyone who tried to stop him would definitely be slaughtered by him…

At this point, this catastrophe was inevitable!

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

For some reason, he had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

It seemed like everyone in the catastrophe was innocent.

It was the same for the red-headed ghost, his child, Daming Monastery, Fahua Monastery and the Great Qian Empire. Even the Emperor of Great Qian might have been innocent.

Every single person and faction was like a puppet with an invisible thread behind them manipulated by someone.

Su Zimo still had many questions.

For example, why wasn’t the red-headed ghost dead?

Why was he imprisoned here?

Furthermore, it was a symbolic imprisonment and the chains on his body were merely decorations.

Why did the entire cultivation world think that the red-headed ghost was dead?

What did this have to do with the Patriarch of the Di Clan?

Furthermore, for the past 10,000 years, who was the one who killed the cultivators who entered the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley?

Were they all just legends?

Su Zimo did not believe that.

For the past 10,000 years, there must have been many cultivators who could not help but enter the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley out of curiosity and greed.

However, more than a hundred years ago, when Su Zimo jumped down, there were only three people at the bottom of the valley – Monk Yuan Bei, the red-headed ghost and Ming Zhen.

If those people were already dead, how did Ming Zhen survive?

Su Zimo felt that there was an extremely crucial lead that was missed out!

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