Chapter 1069: Thousand Demon Tribulation

When he heard that, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and his expression changed!

The blood-colored human face!

Su Zimo’s first thought was of the blood-colored human face that appeared in the Thousand Year Blood Sea in Thousand Demon Valley!

No wonder he felt a sense of déjà vu when he saw the blood-colored pit at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley!

That was because the blood-colored pit was originally a blood lake!

However, a hundred years later, the blood lake dried up.

Su Zimo still had a lingering fear when he recalled what he experienced in the Thousand Year Blood Sea back in Thousand Demon Valley.

The situation back then was extremely dangerous or rather, sinister!

The seven high-level fiend demons that were equivalent to Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the human race were killed easily by the bubbles that floated out from the bottom of the lake!

Coincidentally, despite the ma.s.sive amount of bubbles, none of it landed on him.

Although he could not be sure, he could vaguely guess that the bubbles were most likely created by the blood-colored human face hidden in the depths of the Blood Sea!

However, at that time, Su Zimo did not understand why the blood-colored human face wanted to save him.

Now, he thought of a possibility.

Could it be because Die Yue did not kill the owner of the blood face but instead let him off?

Therefore, the reason why the owner of the blood face saved Su Zimo might be because the former could sense that he was related to Die Yue?

Su Zimo asked, “Was the owner of the blood face released?”

“Of course not,”

Monk Yuan Bei shook his head. “That female patron only left behind this sentence, ‘To think that there’s an evil being like you in this mainland that cultivates by devouring bloodlines, you deserve to die!’”

“Thereafter, the owner of the blood face was killed?” Su Zimo asked.

Monk Yuan Bei nodded.

With that, the possibility that Su Zimo thought of earlier on was overturned.

If the owner of the blood face was dead, who was the blood-colored human face back in Thousand Demon Valley?

Why did that blood-colored human face help him?

What was the connection between the two blood-colored human faces?

“If not for the female patron, we wouldn’t have realized that such a terrifying existence was hidden beside us!”

Monk Yuan Bei sighed softly.

It was only at this moment that Su Zimo finally understood why Monk Yuan Bei helped him instead of trying to settle scores with him despite the fact that Die Yue s.n.a.t.c.hed away the utmost treasure of the Buddhist monasteries, the Saraca Flower, to implant on him.

It was not because Monk Yuan Bei was fearful of Die Yue.

It was because Die Yue’s attack was equivalent to saving Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost!

The red-headed ghost said, “It’s also because of what the red-robed woman said after her attack that we realized that the catastrophe 10,000 years ago was not a coincidence!”

“The owner of the blood face should be the mastermind behind the catastrophe! He was the one hiding in the dark manipulating us like puppets!”

Su Zimo said in a low voice, “There’s a high chance that the owner of the blood face was the advisor of the Great Qian Empire!”


Monk Yuan Bei replied, “After that catastrophe, the advisor disappeared and no one knew where he was.”

He was the one who instigated the Emperor of Great Qian to cause this catastrophe!

Due to that catastrophe, the Great Qian Empire was destroyed and the Emperor of Great Qian died.

The red-headed ghost lost his beloved son and nearly died. As a result, he restricted himself to the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley to repent.

The two super sects of Daming Monastery and Fahua Monastery were annihilated as well.

In the entire catastrophe, the only beneficiary was the owner of the blood face who cultivated by devouring bloodlines at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley!

The strange blood-colored human face flashed through Su Zimo’s mind once more!

It was as though the blood-colored human face was smiling at him!

“It’s just an illusion!”

Su Zimo shook his head forcefully!

“What’s wrong?”

Sensing the change in Su Zimo’s expression, Monk Yuan Bei asked concernedly with a pale face.

Su Zimo said slowly, “I’ve seen this blood-colored human face before.”


The expressions of the red-headed ghost and Monk Yuan Bei changed.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo gave a rough account of the matter in the Thousand Year Blood Sea in Thousand Demon Valley.

Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost exchanged glances and revealed shocked expressions as well.

The red-headed ghost narrowed his eyes and said sternly, “I heard that a huge battle broke out in Thousand Demon Valley about 30,000 years ago!”

“That battle was extremely tragic. It was said that not only the demons of Thousand Demon Valley, even the demons of the other eight regions were implicated! Even emperors of the demon race died in it!”

“That battle was known as the Thousand Demon Tribulation!”

Monk Yuan Bei nodded. “I’ve heard about it as well.”

Su Zimo opened his mouth slightly with a shocked expression.

In that case, the bones that he saw when the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was born should be the bones left behind from the Thousand Demon Tribulation 30,000 years ago!

A blood-colored human face appeared among the corpses after the Catastrophe of Great Qian 10,000 years ago.

A blood-colored human face appeared as well near the endless after the Thousand Demon Tribulation 30,000 years ago!

Could it have been a mere coincidence?

In the backyard of the hall, the three of them fell silent. There was only a gentle breeze with a hint of sinister coldness.

“If I’m not wrong, the owner of this blood face should have been cultivating the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra,”

Monk Yuan Bei said, “Only a fiend technique of that level will devour bloodlines for its cultivation.”

Su Zimo nodded.

He had cultivated the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra before and knew how terrifying that fiend technique was!

Even with his Dao heart’s determination, he would feel a bloodthirsty desire every time he released it!

The feeling of absorbing energy was way too comfortable and one could sink into it step by step without realizing it!

That was the reason why Su Zimo did not release the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra after realizing that.

Even in the Dao Inheritance Ground where his life was hanging by a thread, he did not release it.

Su Zimo had a feeling that he would be doomed the moment he became dependent on the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!

He had to kill that sense of dependence!

Monk Yuan Bei shook his head gently and sighed. “To think that even after Dao Lord Blood Fiend died tens of thousands of years ago, the fiend technique he created is still pa.s.sed down and has such a huge impact on the future.”

In Su Zimo’s mind, he could not help but recall the stone coffin that he saw floating in a pool of blood when he, Demoness Ji and the fiend heirs headed underground.

He recalled the skeleton that crawled out from the stone coffin!

“Dao Lord Blood Fiend might not be dead yet,”

Su Zimo’s expression was grim as he said in a deep voice, “Or rather, he has already come back to life and returned!”

Su Zimo recounted what he had seen deep underground and his speculation.

“I’ve heard you mention this before. However, the battle between Monk Daming and Dao Lord Blood Fiend happened more than 40,000 years ago. How can Dao Lord Blood Fiend live for so long? Was he relying on that single Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Bead?” Monk Yuan Bei frowned.

“There are still many unexplainable points to your speculation,”

The red-headed ghost added, “For example, why were there so many chains wrapped around that stone coffin? If they could set up so many preparations, why did they not kill him directly?”

Su Zimo nodded.

He could not explain those questions either.

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