Chapter 1167: A New Sword Puppet

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The disciples of the Sword Pavilion were everywhere in the spacious hall. Some of them were worried, and some were thrilled, while others were nervous.

Jiang Chen was looking around after walking in. Then a figure suddenly caught his attention. When he had seen who it was, he could not take his eyes off that person anymore. Although it was only a profile, he recognized her as someone who used to be one of the closest people to him. What he had been worried about did not happen. Lin Yueru was as pretty as before. Her thin brows were arched. When she smiled and showed her white teeth, two shallow dimples showed on her cheeks.

Jiang Chen kept gazing at her without scruples. Lin Yueru perceived his attention very soon. Looking back casually, she laid her eyes on the man gazing at her. All of a sudden, she seemed to be very touched.

That man’s look was too profound for her to interpret. Most important, she felt it very familiar. However, this feeling only lasted for a very short time. She could not recall who it could be at all. Out of instinct, her face clouded over.

Her facial expression woke Jiang Chen from his dream. He was really shocked, but he managed to stay calm. Soon, Lin Yueru looked at someone else behind him, beaming.

Lin Shuangyue walked in the door. She came up to Jiang Chen first. Then, when her eyes had met her grand-aunt’s, she walked over with the man next to her, holding his hand.

“Oh?” Lin Yueru was surprised at seeing them holding hands. Beside her, there were some youngsters wearing the same uniform, who were not students of the Sword Pavilion.

The design of their uniform was kind of similar to the design of the Sword Pavilion’s uniform, but they had some quite different details, which could be spotted at first glance. These five people must be from the Sword Tower.

“Auntie, this is Lu Ping, my friend.” Lin Shuangyue was really a good friend. She introduced Jiang Chen to her grand-aunt.

However, when they had been talking about Lin Yueru, Jiang Chen had thought of her as an old woman. Her young look actually puzzled him a lot, especially before so many people.

“Miss Lin.” It was all that he could come up with.

Lin Shuangyue raised her eyebrows. A smile pulled the corners of her lips up. Those next to Lin Yueru and Lin Shuangyue all looked toward him, with their eyes wide open.

“Didn’t I tell you that my auntie was an awesome person?” Lin Shuangyue said to him through holy awareness. She meant Jiang Chen had not called Lin Yueru an appropriate title. He should have called her senior at least. However, he called her Miss Lin. It was really a lack of respect.

“How dare you!” Among those from the Sword Tower, a slanted-eyed woman scolded him.

Lin Yueru stopped her when she was going to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

“Is it you who wants to create your own sword doctrine at such a young age? My Shuangyue has been making a fuss over you.”

“It’s not true!” Lin Shuangyue hurried to deny it. She flushed.

Jiang Chen had never thought Yu’er would have talked with him in such a tone one day. He felt complicated. He nodded on the surface as a response.

Those from the Sword Tower were evidently angry with him. They did not know what Jiang Chen’s title used to be. If they had known it, they would be scared out of their wits.

Lin Xuan and other two people walked in too. They came up to Jiang Chen directly.

“Apprentice Elder Sister Xia Yi, did he offend you? Don’t take it to heart. This guy just doesn’t have any manners.” The meaness of Lin Xuan out in the hall had totally disappeared. He was beaming and currying favor with the slanted-eyed woman.

Xia Yi nodded while staring at Jiang Chen. Her look remained sharp.

“What’s in your head?” Jiang Chen said. Did this Lin Xuan really think he did not have the nerve to do anything?

“What do you mean?” Lin Xuan seemed to be offended. He looked angry.

“Enough. It’s not good for young people to be so furious.” Lin Yueru took a step forward. She was standing at the center of Xia Yi, Jiang Chen, and Lin Xuan.

“Would you meet each other halfway?”

They certainly would not say no.

“Auntie, it’s said the test for the premium disciples has been changed?” Lin Shuangyue seized the chance to shift the topic. She asked this in a delicate manner in the presence of the disciples of the Sword Tower.

“Yes. This time they will use the Sword Tower’s…” a male disciple from the Sword Tower said.

However, Xia Yi coughed before he could say more.

The male disciple came to himself. Throwing Jiang Chen a glance, he shook his head with a bitter smile. Then he stopped speaking.

Xia Yi obviously did not want Jiang Chen to know any information in advance. He would know it when the test started.

Lin Xuan showed a complacent smile, which seemed to be saying this was what things were supposed to be like.

“Let’s go,” Lin Yueru said. She had been very kind all the time, like an elder sister living next door who was not aggressive at all. However, Jiang Chen detected something really shocking. Lin Yueru was stronger than any strong people he had seen since his rebirth! She had reached perfection in the Taoist school and had rediscovered her true self.

Lin Yueru was also keen enough to know why this young man had an indescribable feeling for her. She thought it was because of her great charm, which was actually a misunderstanding.

Heh, heh, I’m afraid he doesn’t know how old I am. Besides, I won’t steal Shuangyue’s man, Lin Yueru thought. She did not forget what Shuangyue had told her, that this young man was working on four qi at the same time.

When almost all of the students had gathered in the palace, the vice headmaster announced in the presence of everyone that they would stop using the Doctrine Sword as the standard of the test from this day forward.

They would use the up-to-date sword puppet from the Sword Tower for the test. As he spoke, the sword puppet showed up. It was 6’6″ tall. Made of metal, it had a freezing metal quality. It had a pair of eyes with a cold look. Its nose and mouth were covered by a mask, probably designed just to save the trouble of manufacture.

It was a big change made just before the exam. All of the students were nervous about it.

“It has the same character as the Doctrine Sword. The difficulty level almost remains the same. And it can assess your abilities more precisely,” the vice headmaster said.

He slightly reduced the students’ anxiety, but some of them still felt worried.

Fortunately, according to the rule, the premium students were the first to take the test. None of the seven students, including Jiang Chen, wanted to be the others’ touchstone.

“I’ll show you how to do it.” Lin Xuan showed a big-hearted smile. Then he came up to the sword puppet with his sword.

He had passed the test not long ago, so he knew most of the people there. They all knew he had gone to the Sword Tower and had been hanging out with the geniuses from the Sword Tower. Numerous students felt envious. They admired him. Those who had never seen the mean side of Lin Xuan felt as if he was wearing a halo.

The sword puppet was turned on. To their surprise, it was very agile. It could move as fast as the wind without producing any noise. And it also had a sword. Soon, the sword puppet attacked. It was an average sword movement, but it was extremely fast.

When Lin Xuan had warded off five or six sword attacks, the sword puppet made an ingenious move. Its sword momentum was difficult to catch. At the 16th attack, Lin Xuan was hit, but fortunately, it was not very grave.

At the 30th attack, Lin Xuan was hit for the second time.

“It seems easy.”

After seeing this, the students almost stopped worrying.

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