Chapter 1165: The Ultimate Sword Soul

Wu Ming assumed that it was because Jiang Chen’s Sword Soul was so strong that it had to be split.

Or maybe it happened because the three Jiang Chens were sharing the same mind.

No matter what, the Sword Soul had come to the conclusion that the Immortal Doctrine of Sword was qualified to be the fifth great sword doctrine. All of a sudden, Jiang Chen recalled what his master had said just now. He knew it was the perfect time to ask the latter about it.

“Master, you just said you could have let me get the Four Great Sword Doctrines. What do you mean?”

His question made Wu Ming embarrassed. Thinking it over for a few seconds, he knew he could not hide his apprentice from it anymore. “Because I was the headmaster of the Sword Tower.”

Jiang Chen’s blood froze. He was so shocked.

“An apprentice of mine brewed a plot. Then the board of elders of the Sword Tower discharged me from the headmaster post.” Wu Ming sounded bitter, but he cheered up soon.

“Because of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword?”

“Exactly. Any sword doctrine has a unique sword spirit. To make the sword spirit sublime—that is the correct way. At least that’s what they think. As a result, they couldn’t accept a sword doctrine that can turn any sword spirit immortal. Neither did they dare spend time and energy in studying that. But I insisted. And this is how I ended up.”

Wu Ming’s story gave Jiang Chen an indescribable feeling. He had met lots of people, and among them he only admired a few. Wu Ming was one of them. He had reached such a high position, but he was still not afraid of change. That was highly commendable.

“Do you want to go to the Sword Tower with me?” Wu Ming sounded very excited.

“Of course! Master, I will rectify your reputation!” Jiang Chen agreed immediately.

“Great!” Wu Ming had never been so happy throughout all these years.

Then the master and the apprentice started to talk about the Sword Soul.

“What do you want to call it?” Wu Ming asked. Every Sword Soul was unique. It was usually named by the owner.

“The Ultimate Sword Soul.” Jiang Chen had already thought about it. He told his master why he wanted to name it this way. When he was still in the Realm of Nine Heavens, an important sword method he used was called the Ultimate Sword Method.

“Great!” Wu Ming was happy with the name too. “Come on. You still have a lot to learn about the Sword Soul.” Wu Ming did not forget about the most important thing at the moment. He was going to teach Jiang Chen how to use the Sword Soul correctly. For practitioners, from the most basic state to the star state, every state name had its specific meaning. However, above Star Venerable, states were named as Martial Emperor, Martial Divinity, etc. It was exactly because of the Martial Soul.

Many people thought the Martial Soul was a dividing line. It marked the difference between average martial arts practitioners and extraordinary martial arts practitioners. To put it simply, a Martial Soul had to bear the practitioner’s own fighting power and strengthen it by several times before exerting it. It sounded easy, but it was not easy to realize.

The first time Jiang Chen tried to use the Ultimate Sword Soul, he tried to cut a tree down, but the Sword Soul ended up stuck in the tree trunk. Meanwhile, he had a really uncomfortable and indescribable feeling. Then, thanks to his master’s instruction, he finally found the way. In the end, he made it in a perfect manner.

“Your current lore of wind should have achieved completeness, and your sword field isn’t in the early form anymore.”

“That’s what I supposed.” Jiang Chen did not sound very confident. However, he looked really excited. He found things were as he had expected after one trial. His sword field was complete. The power of An Extreme Sword of Wind of Universal Wind and Thunder had also improved a lot.


For several days in a row, the practicing body Lu Ping had done nothing else but practice sword. Before long, there were only a few days to go to the banquet of the Wizard Race. The test of the Sword Pavilion came before that.

Jiang Chen bumped into Lin Shuangyue, who was angry, as soon as he left his room.

“Great. I finally found you. You ungrateful thing!” Lin Shuangyue yelled in anger, “You abandoned me after your sword field attained a great achievement. You are so cruel! So cold!” Her accusation made Jiang Chen smile bitterly.

“I’m sorry,” he said sincerely. After all, it was through the blow exchanges with her that he got his sword field. If it were not for Lin Shuangyue, it would have taken him longer.

“Huh, that’s really unnecessary. Don’t look down on me. I’ve got my sword field too!” Lin Shuangyue said proudly.

“Really?” Jiang Chen looked surprised, but he immediately realized he would be doomed because of this face. As he had expected, Lin Shuangyue’s facial expression changed.

“So, you have been looking down on me all the time!” Lin Shuangyue was hurt for real, but she felt angrier than hurt.

“No, that’s not true. I’m just wondering how you made it, because we have not been practicing swords together recently.” Jiang Chen tried to make it up immediately. He answered in Lu Ping’s style. Just as he had expected, Lin Shuangyue’s attention was drawn by his response right away.

“You think you are the only person with whom I can practice? You’ll be freaked out if I tell you with whom I’ve been practicing.” Smiling complacently, Lin Shuangyue said involuntarily, “So will that Jiang Chen.”

“Oh? Why is that?” Trying hard to keep a straight face, Jiang Chen asked her, feeling confused.

“My auntie is here!” Lin Shuangyue said.

“Auntie?” Jiang Chen did not understand what she meant.

“She is really awesome.” Lin Shuangyue did not explain to him what this title meant.

Jiang Chen recalled something. He recalled a conversation between the true body and her in Qingtian City. Then a figure arose in his mind.

“So, is that awesome person here? I would like to meet her in person.” Jiang Chen felt dizzy. His voice did not sound very natural.

“Of course.” Lin Shuangyue answered him immediately, but she did not understand why he looked so weird.

“Auntie will help me in the test later. If you want to see her, just follow me,” she added.

“Okay,” Jiang Chen answered in a hoarse voice.

Then the two walked toward the front hall of the Sword Pavilion one after the other. That was where the test was being held.

“Hey, did you say that just to make me less angry?” Lin Shuangyue’s way of thinking was really unique. Seeing Jiang Chen a little low, she thought he was planning on something. “Don’t think I don’t know about you. You look simple-minded, but you are actually very smart,” she said.

“No,” Jiang Chen shook his head. He looked emotionless, since he was not in the mood to put on a false appearance. He tried to tell himself that he should not go to meet that person. However, he could not help himself. The mere thought of Yu’er turning gray-haired broke his heart.


“Just so you know, you’d better be mentally prepared.” Thinking of the reason that she had come to see Lu Ping, Lin Shuangyue shifted the topic. “The Sword Tower has sent some people here. That Lin Xuan, Lin Juan, and Zhang Fengxun, they are all here,” Lin Shuangyue said.

“Them?” Jiang Chen was quite confused.

“You created your own sword doctrine at such a young age. Lin Xuan reported it to the Sword Tower. These arrogant guys from the Sword Tower came here specifically to meet you. As to Lin Juan and Zhang Fengxun, they just came along for the ride,” Lin Shuangyue said.

“Yeah?” It did not excite Jiang Chen at all. It was quite tiring to go through the same unpleasant processes again and again. Recalling that Lin Xuan’s face, he said, “If your cousin provokes me again, I’ll fight with him. Don’t blame me for that if it really happens.”

Lin Shuangyue threw him a surprised glance. She did not answer.

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