Chapter 1071: Who Did You Say Have a Death Wish?

Within the main hall of the Illumination Dragon lineage.

Three elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage were sitting inside when an old man walked in – it was Elder Four.

“There’s news from the primordial divine spring that Long Mo has just woken up and his injuries have healed. Furthermore, he’s already at the Void Reversion realm!”

Elder Four said in a deep voice, “I heard that this lad has already headed to the mixed dragon lineage region!”

“Where’s Long Qiu and the others?”

Elder Three asked.

Elder Four said, “They’ve already brought people over in an aggressive manner. They must have gone to kill Long Mo!”

The four elders exchanged glances.

“We’ll find out soon enough whether he’s a dragon or a worm,”

The Grand Elder said with a smile.

The mixed dragon lineage had an extremely low status in the Dragon race.

Although they retained a spot in the Dragon Bone Valley, they occupied a small area.

Furthermore, the dragons of the mixed dragon lineage had many restrictions in the Dragon Bone Valley. They could not go anywhere and were mostly slaves among the five dragon lineages.

The lower the level, the more chaotic it was.

Among the five lineages of the Dragon race, fights between fellow clansmen could happen at any moment. This was even more common among the mixed dragon lineage!

Although the area was small, there were many dragons with thin bloodlines living in it. Gradually, four major factions were formed – Rain, Cloud, Coiling and Flood Dragon.

Battles often broke out between the four factions.

However, there were much fewer fights between the four factions these days.

It was because an outsider had appeared in their territory!

Most importantly, this outsider had no right to step foot on this land!

Even the Flood Dragon lineage could not accept this person!

He was a wyrm and was far from an actual Flood Dragon.

Although there was only a single word difference between the two[1], it was like the difference between heaven and earth!

However, many of the dragons here heard that not only did this outsider step foot into this place, he even enjoyed the primordial divine spring that none of them were qualified to enjoy!

This made many dragons even more displeased!

Over the past few days, every single Void Reversion of the Dragon race, be it from the Rain, Cloud, Coiling or Flood Dragon lineages, would have someone teach that outsider a lesson and they would not get tired of it!

Without strength, he was not qualified to live with them!

A snake does not get to live together with dragons!

That was the pride of the Dragon race!

In their eyes, the wyrm was a snake!

Dragon lairs were built around a towering mountain peak.

Every dragon lair was extremely s.p.a.cious and tall, allowing the dragons to reside and cultivate.

At that moment, there were many dragons gathered in front of a dragon lair. There were almost a hundred people from the Cloud, Coiling, Rain and Flood Dragon lineages!

“Whose turn is it to teach that person a lesson today?”

“It’s our Flood Dragon lineage’s turn.”

“I’ll do it!”

A young man in white robes stood out. He had a strong physique and rubbed his palms together. With a smile on his face, he walked towards the dragon lair with a relaxed expression.

“Hey, be gentle. Don’t kill him directly! There are still many people from our Cloud Dragon lineage waiting to train using him!”

Some dragons shouted as they laughed.

Unknowingly, a scarlet-haired man had appeared in the crowd. He had refined features and a fair complexion.


The scarlet-haired man patted the dragon on the shoulder and asked, “If this wyrm is cultivating in the dragon lair, you guys won’t be able to get him to come out, right?”

Although dragons could fight and kill at will, there were restrictions as well.

If any dragon were to stay in their lair and cultivate, the other dragons could not disturb them.

The other dragons could only challenge a dragon after he left his lair!


The dragon laughed. “Brother, you’re talking about the rules of our Dragon race. However, that thing inside is a wyrm. What rights does he have to stay here?”

“If he hides inside and doesn’t come out, we’ll naturally go in and drag him out!”

When he heard that, the scarlet-haired man was expressionless but his gaze turned colder!

When the dragon saw that this person looked unfamiliar, he wanted to ask. However, his aura weakened when he met with the person’s gaze and he swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth!

It was a suppression that came from his bloodline!

“Someone from the Illumination Dragon lineage?”

When the dragon noticed the scarlet-haired man’s hair, he frowned slightly and thought to himself, “Something’s not right. He looks like he’s from the Illumination Dragon lineage, but why does it feel like his bloodline is impure?”

Although he was puzzled, the dragon did not dare to ask.

Standing beside the scarlet-haired man, he felt his heart palpitate as though a calamity was about to descend upon him at any moment!

The scarlet-haired man was Su Zimo.

When he heard about Solitary Cloud’s situation, he was puzzled.

It was normal if Solitary Cloud was not strong enough to defeat the dragons here since he had yet to transform into a proper dragon after all.

However, as long as he cultivated in his lair continuously, he would naturally have a high chance of transforming into a dragon in this environment where the dragon qi was rich!

How could Solitary Cloud suffer so badly?

Upon hearing the dragon’s reply, Su Zimo finally understood that the dragons here did not give Solitary Cloud any chance to cultivate!

Solitary Cloud was nothing but a plaything in their eyes!

“Solitary Cloud, get the h.e.l.l out!”

The white-robed young man declared loudly, “Don’t think that you’ll be safe just because you’re hiding in the lair! You’re a wyrm and don’t deserve to live here!”

“Go in and drag him out!”

Many dragons in the crowd cheered.

Just as the white-robed young man was about to barge in, a figure gradually appeared from the darkness of the lair. It became clearer and staggered.

When the figure stood at the entrance of the lair, Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and his heart ached.

It was Solitary Cloud!

However, his appearance was almost indistinguishable!

His cheeks were swollen and his facial features were contorted with wounds all over his body.

Some of them had just formed scabs and his movements tugged at the wounds, causing fresh blood to flow out once more!

Solitary Cloud looked wretched and miserable, covered in wounds. However, his eyes were filled with a hint of fearlessness, determination and pride!

“Is it your turn today?”

The corner of Solitary Cloud’s mouth twitched as though he wanted to laugh. The wounds on his face ruptured and fresh blood oozed out, looking somewhat menacing.

“Come on!”

His voice was hoa.r.s.e and unpleasant. He let out a low growl from the depths of his throat, as though he was letting out an unyielding roar to all the dragons!

The white-robed young man said indifferently, “I’ll pa.s.s on another message from the young master. As long as you agree to be the mount of our young master, our Flood Dragon lineage will naturally protect you.”

“Absolutely impossible!”

Solitary Cloud said word by word without hesitation.


The white-robed young man sneered. “Solitary Cloud, you’re just a wyrm. Our young master is giving you face by accepting you as a mount! Don’t seek a rebuff!”

“Your young master is not worthy!”

Solitary Cloud grinned.

“You must have a death wis.h.!.+”

The white-robed young man’s expression darkened. In a flash, he appeared in front of Solitary Cloud and opened his gigantic palm to slap the latter’s face!

Solitary Cloud was in such a state that he could not even stand properly.

He could not defend against that attack at all.

All of a sudden!

A breeze blew.

A person appeared in front of Solitary Cloud!


The white-robed young man’s palm was held in that person’s palm motionlessly!

“Who did you say have a death wish?”

The person looked at the white-robed young man calmly and asked.

[1] In Chinese

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