Chapter 1072: Next

A series of exclamations sounded from the dragons.

n.o.body noticed how the scarlet-haired man appeared.

The dragons were looking at the white-robed young man’s palm and just as it was about to land on Solitary Cloud’s face, a figure had already appeared between the two of them!

Furthermore, he grabbed the white-robed young man’s wrist tightly!

“It’s that dragon from earlier on!”

Among the dragons, someone recognized that this was the scarlet-haired man he had conversed with earlier on.

“The Illumination Dragon lineage?”

“I think so, but his bloodline isn’t pure!”

“It looks like he just broke through.”

A commotion broke out among the dragons.


The white-robed young man’s expression changed.

Even he could not see clearly how the person appeared!

Instinctively, he wanted to retract his arm. However, he realized that the person’s palm was like a steel hoop that locked his wrist tightly and he could not move at all!

“Who are you?”

The white-robed young man asked sternly.

All of a sudden!

His expression changed as he cried out in pain.

Suddenly, he felt that the intruder’s palm was gradually exerting more strength. A sharp pain came from his wrist and his bones were about to be crushed!

“Answer my question. Who did you say have a death wish?”

Su Zimo asked coldly.


The white-robed young man endured the pain and let out a dragon roar from the depths of his throat. Swinging his other arm, he smashed towards Su Zimo’s head!


Su Zimo channeled strength into his palm.

The white-robed young man’s wrist was snapped!

Thereafter, he raised his palm gently and it landed on the face of the white-robed young man, sending the latter flying dozens of feet away and tumbling in front of the group of dragons!

The dragons were in an uproar!

The white-robed young man’s body was covered in dust and his wrist was snapped. Half of his face had been ripped apart as well. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood and fainted!

With a single slap, the intruder severely injured a Void Reversion Flood Dragon!

“Who are you?”

“I’ve seen all the Void Reversion dragons of the Illumination Dragon lineage but not you!”

Many dragons stood out and questioned Su Zimo loudly with sharp gazes and murderous intent.

If they were in the cultivation world and saw the white-robed young man suffering such a serious injury, the spectating cultivators would definitely be wary.

However, this was a common sight among the dragons.

A scene as such could not suppress the group of dragons at all!

“Master, you’re here!”

Solitary Cloud looked at the back view in front of him and his heart lightened. Finally, he smiled and relaxed completely.

He had only stayed in the primordial divine spring for less than seven days.

For the next 20 days, he endured the torture of the various dragons every day and did not have time to rest and cultivate at all. He was on the brink of a mental breakdown!

If not for the fact that he missed Su Zimo, he would have died long ago.

At that moment, he relaxed completely when he saw Su Zimo appear.

Solitary Cloud knew that as long as Su Zimo was here, even the five dragon lineages won’t be able to hurt him, let alone the four dragon factions of the mixed dragon lineage!

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent in the face of the dragons’ questions and he ignored them completely. Turning around, he helped Solitary Cloud to the dragon’s lair and sat down.

“Eat these elixirs. They’ll help your injuries.”

Su Zimo took out many bottles from his storage bag and placed them in Solitary Cloud’s embrace. Suppressing the rage in his heart, he said softly, “Stay here and watch. I’ll help you vent your anger!”


Solitary Cloud did not say much and nodded vigorously.

“I know! You’re the other outsider! You’re Long Mo of the Illumination Dragon lineage!”

Right then, a young man of the Coiling Dragon lineage stood out from the group of dragons and pointed at Su Zimo. “Your bloodline is impure and you’re not worthy of being in the same group as us!”

“So, that’s Long Mo!”

“I heard that he joined under the recommendation from an old clan leader of the Illumination Dragon lineage. He’s not qualified at all!”

“That’s right. How can an impure Illumination Dragon enjoy the primordial divine spring?”

“Long Mo, I want to challenge you!”

The young man of the Coiling Dragon lineage shouted with a murderous gaze.

Turning around, Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings and nodded. “Alright, alright, alright! Come at me together, I’ll take you all!”

He singlehandedly challenged more than a hundred dragons!



The dragons sneered and scolded.

The young man of the Coiling Dragon race sneered, “Fufu, only one-on-one fights are allowed among dragons! You’re trying to get us punished for violating the clan rules? Don’t bother embarra.s.sing yourself with such scheming methods!”

In the cultivation world, there were very few people of the same cultivation realm who dared to fight Su Zimo alone.

He was already used to fighting against many alone.

To think that there would be such a rule in the Dragon race!

Of course, that was also the pride of the Dragon race.

“Alright then.”

Su Zimo nodded. “Next!”

The moment Su Zimo said the word ‘next’, his figure flashed and he arrived before the young man of the Coiling Dragon lineage.

Halfway through the word, Su Zimo attacked.

A punch landed heavily on the chest of the Coiling Dragon whose eyes were filled with shock!

Su Zimo finished saying the word.

By then, the young man from the Coiling Dragon lineage had already fallen far away. His chest was deeply caved in as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

“I’ll do it!”

A young man from the Rain Dragon lineage stood out.

Without another word, Su Zimo strode forward and raised his palm. Opening his fingers, he crushed down towards the young man of the Rain Dragon lineage as though he could blot out the skies!

An extremely tragic aura surged over.

The young man from the Rain Dragon lineage felt suffocated by that aura!

‘It’s too terrifying! It’s impossible to defend against!’

That was the only thought in the young man’s mind.

Instinctively, he propped up his arms.


Su Zimo’s palm landed on the arms of the Rain Dragon.


Without any pause, the sound of bones cracking could be heard.

The arms of the young man from the Rain Dragon lineage were snapped into two and his broken bones were exposed, stained with fresh blood – it was a shocking sight!

The momentum of Su Zimo’s palm was not completely diminished and it landed on the head of the man, brus.h.i.+ng against it gently.

The young man from the Rain Dragon lineage fainted on the spot.

Under the gazes of the dragons, Su Zimo caused a Rain Dragon to faint just by pus.h.i.+ng down and brus.h.i.+ng his palm!

Su Zimo said indifferently, “Next.”


A young man from the Cloud Dragon lineage appeared and arrived before Su Zimo. He reached out with both hands and his sharp nails dug towards Su Zimo’s face!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he ignored the young man’s incoming fingernails and merely extended his palm to suppress the latter!

A ruthless glint flashed through the eyes of the young man from the Cloud Dragon lineage.

His fingernails were incomparably sharp, comparable to divine weapons and could even penetrate divine stones!

The fact that Long Mo was using his body to defend against his fingernails was akin to striking a stone with an egg!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Before he could finish his thought,

His fingernails had already been snapped by Su Zimo’s palm!


The ten fingers were connected to the heart!

The young man from the Cloud Dragon lineage let out a tragic cry. In a flash, he turned into a gigantic cloud on the spot and vanished into it.

That was the secret skill of the Cloud Dragon lineage.

After releasing the cloud, their true bodies hid within and fused with the cloud – it was difficult for the other party to detect their true bodies.

Su Zimo did not retract his palm at all and plunged it into the cloud!


A figure fell out of the clouds – it was the young man from the Cloud Dragon lineage.

The flesh on his chest was blurry and his organs were shaken – he had fainted completely.


Su Zimo’s voice sounded coldly.

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