Chapter 1074: Bloodline Suppression

Not far away, a few Illumination Dragons stood with fiery red hair and wild expressions, watching everything calmly.


The leader of the group, a young man from the Illumination Dragon lineage, smirked and murmured.

An Illumination Dragon behind him frowned slightly and said in a deep voice, “Brother Qiu, this Long Mo seems to be a little tricky to deal with.”

A look of disdain flashed through the eyes of the young man called Long Qiu as he remarked indifferently, “Bullying some mixed dragons is nothing.”

“That’s right.”

Another Illumination Dragon sneered, “Given the commotion here, the young masters of the four mixed dragon factions will definitely appear.”

“If Long Mo can’t even get past the four mixed dragon young masters, he’s not worth Brother Qiu’s attention!”

On the other side, dragons from the Horned and Hornless Dragon lineages had just arrived from the primordial divine spring.

“This Long Mo does have some capabilities.”

“If that’s all there is, it’s nothing much.”

Although Su Zimo had suppressed more than a hundred dragons along the way, his combat strength was nothing in the eyes of the five lineages.

All dragons of the five lineages had such strength!

However, these dragons did not know that the combat strength Su Zimo displayed earlier on was less than 30% of his true strength!

The mixed dragons in the surroundings no longer advanced.

If Su Zimo could suppress more than a hundred dragons singlehandedly, they would only be bullied if they went forward.

On the battlefield, the dragons that were strewn all over the ground did not step forward either.

More and more dragons gathered here!

All the dragons knew that this matter would only end when the young master of the Flood Dragon lineage arrived!

Su Zimo returned to Solitary Cloud’s side and whispered, “Sorry that I was late.”

“Master, what are you saying?”

Solitary Cloud laughed. “You don’t know how excited I was when I walked out of the primordial divine spring and found out that I was in the Dragon Bone Valley!”

“I won’t regret it no matter how much I suffer here!”


Su Zimo nodded. “In the Dragon race, strength is everything. There’s a limit to what I can help you with. If you want to survive here, you’ll have to rely on yourself.”

The reason why Su Zimo attacked was not because Solitary Cloud lost in fights with dragons of the Flood Dragon lineage.

It was normal for one to lose against a group of dragons because their skills were inferior.

Su Zimo was furious that the dragons here did not give Solitary Cloud a chance to cultivate and become stronger!

They did not even give him time to recover from his injuries!

That was not fair!

Since this place was unfair, he would create a fair environment for Solitary Cloud!

“Don’t worry, master!”

Solitary Cloud’s gaze was resolute. “As long as I’m given time to cultivate, I’ll definitely be able to transform into a dragon!”

Pausing for a moment, Solitary Cloud’s gaze landed on dragons of the five lineages not far away. With a grim expression, he whispered, “Master, the people from the five lineages are here. Things seem to have gotten a little out of hand.”

“It’s fine,”

Su Zimo glanced sideways indifferently before retracting his gaze.

As long as those dragons did not cause trouble for him, he could not be bothered.

Time slowly pa.s.sed.

There were not only dragons from the mixed dragon lineage – many from the five lineages came as well.

Countless gazes landed on Su Zimo with strong hostility.

Anyone with a fragile heart would not be able to withstand being surrounded by dragons.

Even though Solitary Cloud was sitting behind Su Zimo, he was still feeling uneasy.

As a wyrm, he would feel immense pressure even if he was targeted by a single dragon, let alone a group of dragons.

However, Su Zimo was composed and merely closed his eyes to regulate his breathing.

Right then, a commotion broke out among the dragons.

The group of dragons dispersed as another group of dragons in brocade robes strode in. The four people in the lead had sharp gazes and exuded a terrifying aura!

“The four young masters are here!”

“This is going to be interesting!”

“The young master of the Flood Dragon lineage is considered to be at the perfected Void Reversion realm with half a foot into the Dharma Characteristic realm. Long Mo’s bloodline is impure and I don’t think he can last more than ten moves!”

The dragons were invigorated and discussed fervently.

Su Zimo opened his eyes and stood up slowly.

“Which of you is the young master of the Flood Dragon lineage?”

He asked indifferently with a cold expression as his gaze lingered on the four dragon young masters.

A blue-robed young man in the middle stood out and grinned slightly, revealing a row of pearly white teeth. He gave off a ferocious aura and sneered, “I am!”

The other three young masters crossed their arms and watched coldly from the sidelines.


Su Zimo raised his brow and asked, “I heard that you want to make Solitary Cloud your mount?”

“That’s right, it’s the honor of that wyrm to be able to be my mount!”

The young master of the Flood Dragon lineage sneered, “Why? Do you have a problem with that?”


Su Zimo nodded and said slowly, “He’s my mount. If you want to subdue him, you’ll have to ask for my opinion first.”


The young master of the Flood Dragon lineage gripped his fists and twisted his neck. Sounds of bones cracking could be heard coming from his body as his eyes shone with a ferocious glint. “If you have any objections, I’ll beat you until you have none!”


The bloodline of the young master of the Flood Dragon lineage surged and his feet stomped heavily on the ground. He burst forth with immense strength and charged towards Su Zimo!

There was no need for nonsense between dragons – all of them were decisive in killing!


Su Zimo’s expression was calm. He merely took a single step forward and an even louder bang sounded!

Plow Heaven Stride!

The ground shook!

The surrounding dragons were caught off guard and swayed.

With the Plow Heaven Stride, a torrential might burst forth from Su Zimo’s body and suppressed the incoming young master of the Flood Dragon lineage!


The Flood Dragon young master’s expression changed.

The moment he arrived in front of Su Zimo, he felt a terrifying might surge towards him and his heart shuddered!

That man seems to have some tricks up his sleeves!

The thought flashed through the Flood Dragon young master’s mind and his vision darkened.


An evil gust of wind blew past!

Su Zimo extended his palm and spread his fingers, covering the skies and creating a large shadow that shrouded his head as it suppressed down!

The aura was tragic!

The Flood Dragon young master shuddered!

He finally realized how the hundred odd dragons from before were defeated.

The pressure was way too great!

This was an absolute suppression of bloodline and strength!


The Flood Dragon young master roared into the skies and let out a loud dragon roar. Circulating his bloodline to its limits, he punched out with both fists towards Su Zimo’s palm!


The fists and palm collided with a loud bang!

Su Zimo was motionless with a calm expression.

After a brief moment, blood drained from the face of the Flood Dragon young master!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking could be heard from his arms!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The clothes on his arms were torn apart and the flesh on his arms exploded into blood mists under the suppression of the terrifying power!


The Flood Dragon young master smashed onto the ground heavily, creating a huge pit!

The dragons were shocked!

Even the dragons of the five lineages frowned.

One move!

The Flood Dragon young master who was half a step into Dharma Characteristic realm could not even defend against a single palm strike from Long Mo!

There was no need for technique – this was an absolute bloodline suppression!

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