Chapter 1161: The Person from 500 Years Ago

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At this time, among the four sword movements of Universal Wind and Thunder, An Extreme Sword of Wind was the only one that Jiang Chen could exert.

Wu Ming figured out the reason very quickly. He said, “All of these four sword movements of yours can form fields. Once one of them reaches great achievement, your sword field will improve as well. None of these four sword movements is suitable for enduring fights.” He said in conclusion.

Jiang Chen argued right away, “No sword movement is suitable for enduring fights.”

The satisfied smile on Wu Ming’s face indicated his approval. “Do you have the confidence?” He did not forget where his apprentice was going.

“Yes,” Jiang Chen answered quickly and resolutely. He must kill the dual-pupils wielder Ji Yuan.

However, Wu Ming shook his head. He had seen something different. Last time in Sky Reaching City, his master’s transformation body was eliminated by only one spear attack from Ji Yuan. Jiang Chen had never forgotten about that.

“Your true body killed his transformation body smoothly too, but you should know the Star Formation and the bronze cauldron helped you a lot,” Wu Ming said.

They had helped him a lot indeed, which meant it would be hard for him to narrow the gap between him and Ji Yuan. Even if the gap was narrowed, he could only be as good as Ji Yuan’s transformation body. In this sense, it was not difficult to imagine how strong Ji Yuan was.

However, we should never forget Master Luo Cheng, who was bathing in spirit liquid pools every day and eating immortal elixirs like eating beans. And his true body was consuming Martial Soul Stones, essence blood, and spirit liquid madly in the Red Blood Field. When these three turned to one, it would be easy-peasy to trample Ji Yuan underfoot.

It was a pity that Lu Ping’s practicing result could not benefit the practicing body and the true body at the same time, so it could not bring any actual change.

“This will be your opportunity.” Wu Ming smiled mysteriously, stroking his long beard.

Seeing his master doing this, Jiang Chen felt bitter, because it occurred very often that when his master showed such a smile, he was the one who would suffer.

“Do you want to work on your Martial Soul?” Wu Ming said, as if he had seen through Jiang Chen. The latter’s reluctance was instantly gone.

“Master, you mean?” He admired his master a lot, because his master was a thinker and a doer. He followed his master’s train of thought right away.

“Since I removed the fire of thunders from your body, you are now a very pure swordsman of wind. If your Martial Soul appears, it must have to do with swords.” Wu Ming beamed with joy. The more he spoke, the more excited he became. He said, “Your One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones is eye-opening for me. I’m wondering, if your true body has a Martial Soul, and the practicing body has a different one, what will happen.”

“Two Martial Souls.” Jiang Chen swallowed his saliva. His heart was beating wildly.

“Would you like to try?” Wu Ming said.

“But I have to achieve level six to do that. Besides, I don’t have enough Martial Soul Stones. At least this practicing body doesn’t,” Jiang Chen said helplessly. The demand for Martial Soul Stones was great, but no one was selling them. Even if Master Luo Cheng gave him the money, he still would not be able to get them.

“The only thing you need to consider is whether you want it or not. Leave the rest to me,” Wu Ming said proudly, standing with his hands behind his back.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he gave his master some big nods. It really saved him lots of trouble to have a great master.

“Now it feels like master and apprentice between us.” Jiang Chen’s excitement cheered Wu Ming up too. They started to work.

“You are a practicing body. You have the divine body and are working on four qi at the same time. It will be fine if you push yourself to break through to level six. The key is Martial Soul.” Wu Ming started to prepare for that. The practicing body Lu Ping happened to be in the peak of the five-star level.

The master and the apprentice left Sky Reaching City. They arrived in a quiet place where no one was around. Although Lu Ping did not have the fire of thunders in his body anymore, there was still a chance that he could induce a Ko of Thunder in a breakthrough. After all, it was not so easy to cheat the heavens. The Ko of Thunder had not been Jiang Chen’s concern for some time, but this time, he felt pretty pressured.

“Is it because the practicing body isn’t as strong as the true body?”

He had the same dangerous feeling about the Ko of Thunder that he had had when he had been going through the Ko of Thunder for the first time. Fortunately, he went through it smoothly in the end. It was only a false alarm. Wu Ming came up to him quietly. He poked the center of Jiang Chen’s forehead with a finger. Once again, the force of thunders that Jiang Chen had got when going through the Ko disappeared from his body. Jiang Chen knew his master had done this for his sake, so that he could focus on wind.

“Try to make your lore of wind achieve the great completeness. Then, with what I have prepared for you, you should be able to get a Martial Soul.” Wu Ming said. Then he pointed his sword upwards.

Instantly, wind blew and clouds moved. A giant swirl was formed. Countless sword blades fell like shooting stars that came from another world. In the end, they covered the whole mountain. The sword energy in the mountain was as vast as the sea, flooding every inch there.

“Take these Martial Soul Stones. Find a place to start practicing. Your master will protect you. Don’t worry about anything.” Then Wu Ming threw him a serious glance. “Well, you are only a practicing body, so you don’t have to worry about losing your life.”

Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile. He could not deny it.

Then the practice started formally. This would be the last effort he made before the banquet of the Wizard Race.


Lin Shuangyue, who knew nothing about this, went to the mountain behind the Sword Pavilion to look for Jiang Chen. She did not find him. She said in an annoyed manner, “This ungrateful guy. You mastered the sword field and then you forgot about me.”

That being said, Lin Shuangyue knew Lu Ping was not such an ungrateful person. Did he go practicing hard because of the banquet of the Wizard Race? That guy is really ambitious.

At this thought, Lin Shuangyue felt ashamed of herself for wasting time there.

“Wait. He didn’t invite me! Is he expecting me to ask him to do it?” She had finally calmed down, but then she felt disturbed again.

“Heh, heh, who pissed off my Shuangyue?” At this moment, an unexpected voice rang out.

“Grand-aunt!” Regardless of where she was, Lin Shuangyue shouted in pleasant surprise. She instantly forgot about all of her problems.


She got a knock on her head before she could look toward where the voice was coming from.

“Told you many times. Call me auntie.”

A beautiful figure was standing before her. Despite Lin Shuangyue’s high state, she had no idea when on earth this person had appeared. However, she was not surprised at this person’s great magic power at all.

“My mother told me I shouldn’t mess with the seniority in the family.” Holding her head, Lin Shuangyue looked as if she felt she had been wronged.

“Who is more senior, your mother or me?” the azure-clothed woman said.

“Grand…auntie you are more senior.”

“That’s why you should listen to me.”

Two dimples showed up on the azure-clothed woman’s face. She reached out to pinch Lin Shuangyue’s face.

“Auntie, I’m not a kid anymore.” Lin Shuangyue hurried to struggle out of her hand. She looked around, afraid to be seen.

“Of course you are not. You are in love,” the azure-clothed woman said, smiling.


Stomping on the ground, Lin Shuangyue felt very shy.

Others would think they were sisters. No one would know they were two different generations 500 years apart.

“Miss, the force of state is forbidden in the Sword Pavilion. Please restrain yourself.”

At this moment, a Martial-Emperor-level teacher who worked in the Sword Pavilion ran over. Since the restricting force of the Sword Pavilion could not stop the azure-clothed woman at all, she caught the Sword Pavilion’s attention.

“Since you called me miss, I’ll forgive your offense,” the azure-clothed woman responded, smiling gently.

The teacher was struck dumb. He gazed at the woman’s face. Then he was as shocked as being struck by thunderbolts.

“You…you…you are!”

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