Chapter 1077: Noisy!

Even if Su Zimo defeated more than a hundred mixed dragons and suppressed the four young masters of the mixed dragon lineage, the dragons would only be slightly surprised but not shocked.

The bloodline of the mixed dragon lineage was thin and there was a huge difference in their combat strength compared to the five dragon lineages.

But now, Long Qiu of the Illumination Dragon lineage was suppressed so easily by Long Mo before them – that was what truly moved the dragons!

The bloodline of the Dragon race was terrifying and their physiques were strong – most of them fought in melee combat.

As for Su Zimo, he cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and his melee combat strength was the most terrifying. Coupled with his Dragon True Body, he was invincible!

Many cultivators in the cultivation world knew this.

However, there were only a few people in the Dragon Bone Valley who knew of Su Zimo’s background.

These dragons had to be insane if they thought they could gain an advantage in melee combat.

Up till now, Su Zimo had not even used his bloodline or any melee combat techniques. He merely relied on his physique to suppress and crush everything!

“You. Are. Courting. Death!”

Long Qiu struggled to stand up from the ground and glared at Su Zimo fiercely with a livid expression.

He lost to an outsider right in front of everyone and that caused him to feel utterly humiliated!

“Brother Qiu, are you alright?”

The few Illumination Dragons behind him could not help but ask with worried expressions.


Long Qiu pushed everyone away and said coldly, “I haven’t lost yet!”

As long as Long Qiu did not admit defeat, he could continue fighting.

However, the dragons could tell that Long Qiu’s organs were already shaken. Even if he continued fighting, he would only be asking for trouble.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent.

To be fair, Long Qiu’s combat strength was definitely not weak. In the cultivation world, he could even be compared to the various t.i.tular disciples!

However, it was nothing in Su Zimo’s eyes!

With the help of the primordial divine spring, his body recovered and he had entered the Void Reversion realm and obtained the Pure Yang Spirit, causing his combat strength to increase tremendously. It was no exaggeration to say that he was invincible in melee combat!

Long Qiu panted heavily and a huge stream of air spewed from his nose and mouth. It carried a scorching aura and the rage in his heart burned even more furiously.

Even the few Illumination Dragons not far away could sense it!

“Brother Qiu…”

One of the Illumination Dragons felt his heart sink as he vaguely realized something. He could not help but exclaim softly, wanting to remind Long Qiu to calm down.

However, Long Qiu did not seem to have heard anything.

The Illumination Dragon lineage possessed the fire attribute and most of them were extremely hot-tempered and impatient – it was the same for Long Qiu.

Initially, he already felt immensely humiliated after his defeat.

However, Su Zimo’s nonchalant att.i.tude triggered him even more!


Long Qiu experienced underestimation like never before!

He was a dragon!

He would never allow an outsider with an impure bloodline to ride on his head!

He would rather endure the punishment of the clan rules and retrieve his dignity by trampling on this outsider!

The moment that thought appeared in his mind, it grew wildly and was unstoppable!


Finally, Long Qiu could no longer hold it in and howled into the skies, letting out a loud dragon roar!

Dragon scales grew on his face and his head changed, forming a pair of gigantic scarlet dragon horns that were towering!


A series of crackling sounds came from his body!

His body expanded and elongated continuously!

In the blink of an eye, Long Qiu had already vanished and transformed into a scarlet dragon that was dozens of feet long!

Dragon scales grew densely on the gigantic dragon’s body. Each was the size of a palm and they looked like pieces of red-hot iron that emitted a scorching aura!

Long Qiu shook his head and glared at Su Zimo who was as tiny as an ant on the ground with his lantern-sized dragon eyes, exuding the tremendous might of the Dragon race!

This was the complete form of a dragon!

Normally speaking, apart from the Dragon Blood Battlefield, dragons were not allowed to release their complete forms in other regions of the Dragon Bone Valley.

That was because when the complete dragon form was released, its strength would increase exponentially and its destructive power would be too terrifying. If it could not contain its power, there would be dragons that would die!

As an equivalence to the mortal world, even if children were injured in a barehanded fight, nothing serious would happen.

However, if they wielded sharp sabers, the outcome would be unpredictable!

Dragons were rare and difficult to breed – there was no way they would allow a complete dragon form to be released in private fights!

That was a rule of the clan.

Anyone that disobeyed it would be punished severely!

But now that Long Qiu was defeated, the blow he received was too great and he had lost his rationality.

Right now, there was only a single thought in his mind – to trample this puny outsider beneath his feet!

The dragons were shocked and retreated one after another!

Once a dragon started fighting in its complete form and its dozens of feet long body were to move, there was a high chance that others would be drawn into the fight!

It was still alright for dragons of the five lineages.

However, for those of the mixed dragon lineage, if they were struck by a dozens of feet long Illumination Dragon, they would be severely injured even if they did not die!

The dragon might was as vast as an ocean and surged over!

Even the dragons standing far away felt their hearts skip a beat.

Many dragons from the mixed dragon lineage could not defend against this dragon might!

However, on the battlefield, Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent as usual as he stood there quietly. His eyes were as deep as the sea and his gaze was calm without any emotions!

The man and dragon faced off.


The dragons had an illusion.

Rather than Long Qiu looking down on Su Zimo, the opposite seemed to be true instead!

Compared to Long Qiu’s dragon body, Su Zimo looked incomparably tiny like gravel. However, for some reason, that was the illusion the dragons felt when they witnessed the scene!

It was an invisible aura!

Even in his complete dragon form, Long Qiu could not match Su Zimo’s aura!

A horned dragon shook his head slightly. “Long Qiu lost.”

n.o.body on the battlefield knew what Long Qiu was feeling right now.

Under Su Zimo’s gaze, he felt helpless. All he wanted to do was to bow down and take on his human form once more, lowering that haughty head of his!

He felt an unimaginable pressure!

It was as though doing something like that in front of Long Mo was considered as an act of rebellion against his superiors!

Long Qiu hated that feeling.

Deep in his heart, he was already starting to panic!

He knew that if he did not attack now, he would have to bow down and admit defeat in front of Su Zimo merely because of the latter’s gaze!


Long Qiu mustered his courage and let out a deafening roar at Su Zimo!

“How noisy!”

Before the roar faded, Su Zimo hollered softly and arrived beneath Long Qiu in a flash.

He reached out with his gigantic palm and grabbed Long Qiu’s dragon tail. Swinging his arm, he smashed it against the ground!


A deafening bang that shook the heavens and earth sounded!

The hearts of the dragons skipped a beat!

After the loud bang, there was silence.

Dust and gravel flew everywhere on the ground!

A moment later.

The dust dispersed and in a ravine that was more than a hundred feet long lay a badly injured Illumination Dragon – his eyes were tightly shut and he was completely unconscious.

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