Chapter 1159: Universal Wind and Thunder

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Liu Chengfeng cursed to himself. He had almost gone all out, but he still had no idea how strong the man in front of him was. This man’s sword movements looked so ordinary that he even thought that it was possible that he could be a strong venerable sword practitioner who could make complicated things simpler.

He is so annoying. However, Liu Chengfeng did not expose his feelings. He remained cold on the surface. His look was as sharp as before.

“Shine Forever like the Sun and the Moon. I Am the Only Supreme Venerable!” All of a sudden, Liu Chengfeng’s attack changed again. The energy in his Constellation Sea was surging. The Wheels of Sun and Moon gave off a resplendent radiance. Like the bright moon and the burning sun, they charged forward.

Lu Ping, who had just showed people his talent, was outshone under this attack. He seemed to be ordinary again. Jiang Chen did not show any extraordinary or surprising trump cards despite people’s expectant gazes.

“Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud!” He exerted the same sword movement once again. He and the sword turned into one and charged out at high speed together. The Wheels of Sun and Moon brushed against Jiang Chen. The two opposite energies shrouded his body and were going to tear him up.

“You want to conquer the world with only one movement?” Like a shooting star, Liu Chengfeng pressed against him tightly, not giving him any chance to relax. “Alas. What a pity.”

All of a sudden, people knew that the result had been decided. Liu Chengfeng had finally managed to take the advantage and the initiative over Jiang Chen through his special movement. As long as he did not make any mistakes, Lu Ping would absolutely lose.

“If he really worked on four qi or even only three qi at the same time, he would not have been so passive.” Zhang Fengxun felt suspicious. If he worked on three qi, he must have mastered some outstanding Doctrine Method like Liu Chengfeng had.

“Maybe he didn’t have any access to any Doctrine Methods?” Lin Shuangyue guessed.

“The four qis’ practicing methods are usually more precious than Doctrine Methods. He has achieved the six-star level. How is it possible he doesn’t have access to any Doctrine Method?”

“Okay. I get it.” Lin Juan looked like she had figured out the reason. She said, “He must have a special body. However, he did not take good advantage of it because he comes from a poor family, and he hasn’t had the chance to make it up after becoming Star Venerable.” This could explain why Lu Ping had had such a great performance although his state was lower than his rival’s.

“It would be a pity if it’s true.” Second Uncle Lin lamented. Lu Ping was absolutely a talented person. However, never running into a talent scout, this genius had ended up like this.

“Ah!” Lin Shuangyue suddenly exclaimed. It turned out Jiang Chen had been injured. The Wheel of Moon had cut his chest, and it was bleeding.

Huh! Liu Chengfeng snorted coldly. He was not going to stop there. He was going to carry out a great revenge to vent his anger.

“Wind, on.” Jiang Chen finally did something different at the crucial moment. Regardless of the wound on his chest, he pierced the long sword upward. The rainbow-like sword radiance soared into the clouds. The omnipresent sword energy broke out. Liu Chengfeng was totally struck dumb.

“You are just bluffing!” Liu Chengfeng did not see any essential changes. He just kept attacking, but he found there was something wrong before long. The wind blowing around was too fast and too strong. “This…this is sword field?!” Liu Chengfeng finally realized it. He was petrified.

Compared to how he perceived the change, the onlookers saw the change directly. The authentic sword field was so shocking that people’s eyes practically popped out of their heads. It was as if he had called a Martial Soul out.

“He…he has made it?”

Looking back on their recent practices, Lin Shuangyue had never discovered that. Then she suddenly recalled that Lu Ping had told her earlier that he had had a breakthrough, and he had something to comprehend. He said that in response when she had told him she was going to grab some food. Judging from the current situation, Lin Shuangyue figured he had comprehended this something during the fight. That meant it was also the first time for Lu Ping to see the sword field.

“It’s still early form, but it’s amazing for a first-timer.”

“Wondering how powerful his sword field is, whether it can resist the Wheels of Sun and Moon!” There was no need to analyze it, since the result would come out soon.

“High Moon and Black Sun!!” Liu Chengfeng sensed the danger. He went all out by exerting his strongest special movement. A two-color light rose in the sword field. It rose from the center and then expanded to the rims, as if it was going to break the sword field.

“Now it’s even hard to say whether they can remain alive.”

Both of them had gone all out to defeat their rivals. As to life or death, they had no time to think about that. Hou Qin, staying in the air, did not stop them. She was there watching them silently.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was also busy although he had got an advantage with the sword field. He held the long sword vertically in front of his chest with the tip pointed up. With the middle finger of his left hand pressed against his index finger, he brushed against the blade with his fingertips.

“Universal Wind and Thunder: An Extreme Sword of Wind!” The attack created a blare. The sword field formed by a hurricane was occupied by a storm.

“What…what sword attack is this? The sword momentum is dreadful!” Lin Shuangyue was startled. She had never seen such a sword attack before. Not to mention all the others.

Universal Wind and Thunder was the name of the four movements that he had created recently. He did not create it from zero, but developed it from the swordsmanship foundation of his true body.

The practicing body Lu Ping could only exert The Sword of Wind of Universal Wind and Thunder. This sword movement was the most sublime of the Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud. Countless people were amazed by this sword attack. It was a comprehensive expression of swordsmanship. Martial arts and doctrines were interwoven. The Four Qi in the Constellation Sea were raised at one go. In other words, this sword attack was a Doctrine Method that incorporated the Four Qi.

It was not hard to imagine how shocked Lin Juan and Zhang Fengxun were. Liu Chengfeng’s Wheels of Sun and Moon were also outshone. His thunder was completely stolen.

“Don’t you go too far!” Liu Chengfeng’s feelings were finally exposed on his face. His face became hideous. The light of the wheels soared again. At the same time, he exerted an Extreme Sword of Wind. There were no blades, because this sword attack had occupied the whole sword field.

Winds blew. The Wheels of Sun and Moon were broken one after the other. Then the energy contained in them went wild. It burst forth in the air. It was like an angry thunderbolt. The wheels were dazzling and brilliant. They looked as if they were going to explode. However, when they had been really broken, the dreadful energy was blown away by the wind created by the movement of the sword.

Liu Chengfeng felt nothing, because he saw nothing. He was like a falling leaf in a storm, flowing with the wind, unable to resist. When the sword momentum had fallen, he was heavily injured. The light of the wheels extinguished. They lost their luster.


At the same time, the sword in Jiang Chen’s hand was broken too. Its fragments kept falling. The onlookers did not immediately realize what was happening. They thought he had been attacked by something. But soon, they realized what had happened. The truth was the sword he had been using had almost reached its limit in a fight as desperate as this one!

It was a cheap spiritual sword. It was too much for it to resist the Wheels of Sun and Moon, which were almost Doctrine Artifacts. It was finally broken by the last sword attack. It was not even possible to repair it.

Over there, Liu Chengfeng was caught by the wind before he fell to his death. It was Hou Qin who had helped. This female Wizard prevented the first kill of this day from happening.

“The Wizard Race is very happy with you.” Then Hou Qin came up to Jiang Chen. She took the invitation out. It created an uproar, because the match had not ended yet, and the other two groups also had two winners. Those two winners reacted strongly upon hearing that. Even though Jiang Chen had done great, they still shouted in sync.

“It’s unfair!”

“I’m not convinced!”

Hou Qin did not respond. She was just looking at Jiang Chen, smiling.

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