Chapter 1078: Storm

For an extremely long time, the vicinity of the battlefield was silent.

The dragons looked at the figure not far away as complicated emotions surged in their hearts.

This outsider had only stayed in the Dragon Bone Valley for a month and had yet to cultivate the various cultivation techniques of the Dragon race.

Furthermore, this outsider’s bloodline was impure!

However, it was precisely such an outsider who trampled on the dignity of the dragons in the Dragon Bone Valley!

It was hard to imagine how Long Mo would have grown if he had cultivated in the Dragon Bone Valley for more hundreds or even a thousand years!

A Horned Dragon glanced sideways and whispered to his clansmen beside him, “Go back and tell the eldest mistress that Long Mo has already come out of seclusion. Furthermore, he’s not weak and is a little tricky. Tell her to be careful.”

“Got it,”

The clansman turned and left, heading towards the habitat of the Horned Dragon lineage.

The remaining few Illumination Dragons exchanged glances and nodded tacitly before leaving in a hurry.

On the battlefield, Su Zimo could not be bothered with Long Qiu who was lying on the ground.

He did not even know Long Qiu’s name.

Since this Illumination Dragon had released his complete dragon form, there would naturally be enforcers of the Dragon race that would look for him and punish him severely.

Su Zimo turned around and returned to Solitary Cloud’s side. His gaze s.h.i.+fted as he looked at the four young masters of the mixed dragon lineage kneeling before him.

The four young masters were still dumbfounded and could not recover from the shocking scene earlier on.

Sensing Su Zimo’s gaze, the four of them jolted awake and broke out in cold sweat!

The reason why the four of them refused to submit earlier was partly because they were embarra.s.sed.

On the other hand, and most importantly, the four of them believed that there was definitely someone in the Illumination Dragon lineage who could suppress Long Mo!

At that time, Long Mo might end up in a worse state than them and it was uncertain who would be the laughing stock.

However, they had not expected Long Qiu of the Illumination Dragon lineage to be suppressed by Long Mo as well!

The Flood Dragon young master felt vexed when he recalled how they took the initiative to challenge this person earlier on.


Su Zimo did not say much and merely uttered a single word.

However, the four of them felt immense pressure!

They could vaguely sense that they would not be able to endure the consequences if this continued on!


The Flood Dragon young master lowered his head and whispered.

Although his voice was soft, the dragons present had powerful hearing and could naturally hear it clearly!

The other three young masters did not persist either and apologized one after another.

Solitary Cloud clenched his fists with an emotional expression as he leaned against the cold wall with a burning heart!

He was already overjoyed that Su Zimo could bring him to the Dragon Bone Valley.

He had no regrets even if he died here!

What he did not expect was that he would receive the respect of the dragons here!

However, this respect did not come from the hearts of the dragons.

“You guys can leave,”

Su Zimo waved his hand.

The four young masters had their knees shattered but they struggled to stand up still. Enduring the pain, they turned and staggered away.


Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings and said in a deep voice, “Although Solitary Cloud is my mount, I won’t stand up for him for no reason!”

“If he was defeated and injured because he fought with anyone outside the lair, it would be because he isn’t skilled enough. He can’t blame anyone for his lack of strength and I won’t interfere either,”

At that point, a commotion broke out among the dragons.

Many dragons looked at Solitary Cloud with hostile gazes.

This meant that as long as it was a fair fight, they could still teach Solitary Cloud a lesson!

Su Zimo turned around and looked at Solitary Cloud without saying anything, his eyes filled with encouragement and trust.

Although Su Zimo had saved Solitary Cloud by fighting here, Solitary Cloud would still have to rely on himself if he wanted to survive in the Dragon Bone Valley!

The opportunity was right before him.

Su Zimo fought to create a fair environment for him.

Whether or not Solitary Cloud could transform into a dragon or join the five lineages was up to himself!

Whether or not Solitary Cloud could keep up with Su Zimo’s footsteps depended on his destiny.

Solitary Cloud understood the meaning in Su Zimo’s eyes and nodded heavily!

At that moment, his heart surged with boundless pride!

Initially, his cultivation goal was to transform into a dragon and become a member of the Dragon race.

It was only now that he realized that if he could keep up with Su Zimo, his future would be the skies and stars!

Even Tianhuang Mainland could not limit him!

The dragons gradually dispersed.

Su Zimo sent Solitary Cloud back to the dragon lair and left as well.

Solitary Cloud needed to cultivate and so did he.

In the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the Yin and Yang Spirit sections were related to the Dragon King Desolate Ocean.

It was still fine for the Yin Spirit section and Su Zimo cultivated with no issues.

However, the Yang Spirit section was filled with a large number of ancient words and he could not understand the meaning behind them.

That was the reason why he could only barely comprehend the superficial knowledge of the Dharmic art, Barren, in the Yang Spirit section.

It was neither strong nor weak.

The power of Barren did not seem to have a realm restriction. Back when he was at the Nascent Soul realm, he could use Barren to affect Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

This was the terrifying aspect of Barren.

However, the power of Barren was not exactly strong either.

Even at the center of Barren, lifespan was diminished at a hundred years a breath; the effects at the boundaries were even almost negligible.

Void Reversions had a lifespan of 5,000 years.

Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords had a lifespan of 10,000 years!

Indeed, Barren was naturally a great threat to cultivators in their twilight years.

Back then, the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of h.e.l.lfire Hall died silently after being enveloped by Barren!

However, for Void Reversions Dao Beings or Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords at their peaks, a hundred years of lifespan was not considered much.

As long as they were strong enough, they could definitely escape!

Therefore, Su Zimo intended to make use of his opportunity to cultivate in the Dragon race to see if he could comprehend the secrets of Barren and unleash its true power!

This was the only Dharmic art of the Yin and Yang Spirit sections!

The power of that Dharmic art was definitely not that weak!

Apart from Barren, there was another Essence Spirit secret skill in the Yang Spirit section.

Su Zimo managed to comprehend a little of Barren.

However, for the Essence Spirit secret skill, the ancient words were even more complicated and he could not understand them at all!

According to the description in the Yang Spirit section, the might of this Essence Spirit secret skill was even more terrifying!

This Essence Spirit secret skill was also the essence of the entire Yang Spirit section!

The Essence Spirit secret skill was known as the Reverse Scale!

Anyone who touched the Reverse Scale of a dragon would die!

If he could comprehend the secret of the Reverse Scale in the Dragon race, his combat strength would rise to another level!

Su Zimo headed towards the habitat of the Illumination Dragon lineage with antic.i.p.ation.

At that moment, he did not know that the entire Illumination Dragon lineage habitat had already fallen into chaos on his way back!

It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples and caused a huge uproar!

To begin with, many Illumination Dragons disliked Su Zimo.

But now that Su Zimo actually swept through the mixed dragon lineage and Long Qiu of the Illumination Dragon lineage, many Illumination Dragons were enraged!

Su Zimo had yet to realize that another storm was awaiting him within the Illumination Dragon lineage!

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