Chapter 1080: Long Ye

To be honest, Su Zimo did not care about those useless t.i.tles at the moment.

At the very least, the top of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking would be rewarded handsomely. However, there was nothing for the Hidden Dragon Ranking and Heavenly Dragon Ranking – it would only attract the constant challenges of the other dragons!

Su Zimo only wanted to cultivate peacefully among the dragons.

After entering the Dharma Characteristic realm, one would be baptized by the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar and awaken their innate divine powers.

Chaos had already appeared on Tianhuang Mainland and many signs indicated that there might be a huge change in the future!

He had to raise his strength as soon as possible so that he could survive the upcoming changes!

However, the wind would not stop even if the tree wanted peace.

Right now, it was impossible for him to stay out of it!

Not far away, a man in scarlet brocade robes walked over slowly with an extraordinary aura. The moment he arrived, the surrounding Illumination Dragons dispersed instinctively to create a path.

Although this Illumination Dragon was also at the Void Reversion realm, he clearly had a high status in the Illumination Dragon lineage and was extremely authoritative!

“Brother Ye is here!”

“Let’s see what Long Mo can do now!”

Many Illumination Dragons looked at Su Zimo with gloating expressions.

The brocade-robed man approached and frowned as he looked at the Illumination Dragon with the severed arm shrieking on the ground as well as another unconscious dragon.

He turned to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo looked back with a calm expression.

Unlike the other Illumination Dragons, the brocade-robed man did not show much hostility towards Su Zimo. Instead, he cupped his fists slightly and said in a deep voice, “I’m Long Ye.”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

He had seen Long Ye’s name before on the Hidden Dragon Ranking and he seemed to be ranked fifth!

Su Zimo nodded and returned the greeting with cupped fists.

“I’ve heard of you. It’s normal for you to be ostracized by your clansmen when you’ve just arrived in the Dragon race,”

Long Ye said indifferently, “I have some power within the Dragon race. How about this? Apologize to these two clansmen and we’ll forget about what happened today.”

Many Illumination Dragons protested when they heard that.

“Brother Ye, that lad is way too arrogant!”

“That’s right! He’s only been here for a month and he already went to the mixed dragon region to show off. Upon his return, he injured two of our clansmen! We can’t let this matter rest just like that!”

“Brother Ye, destroy his arrogance so that he knows his place!”

Long Ye reached out and pressed down.

The voices of the dragons gradually faded.

Long Ye said, “Everyone, please give me some face. As long as he’s willing to apologize sincerely, don’t make things difficult for him today.”

Some of the Illumination Dragons no longer spoke but looked at Su Zimo with hostility, feeling indignant.

“Long Mo, help the two of them up and apologize. We’ll let this matter pa.s.s.”

Long Ye commanded Su Zimo as though it was an order.

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed.

Although Long Ye seemed like he was helping him out, in reality, his request was unreasonable!

There had never been a case of a victor apologizing to the loser in a fight between dragons!

At the end of the day, Long Ye still did not view him as a dragon.

Or rather, Long Ye was merely showing off his authority among the dragons while exerting dominance over an outsider like him!

“Why should I apologize?”

Su Zimo looked at Long Ye with a fake smile and asked instead.


Long Ye turned his head slightly, as though he had just met Su Zimo for the first time. With a thud, his eyes burned with flames!

“How ungrateful!”

“Brother Ye, he doesn’t want any face. Teach him a lesson!”

“There’s no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Let me do it!”

Behind Long Ye, an Illumination Dragon could not hold it in any longer and charged out, prepared to fight Su Zimo.

Long Ye extended his arm and stopped the Illumination Dragon. He glared at Su Zimo and said coldly, “Long Mo, do you know who you’re talking to?”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Zimo smiled gently. “Is there a rule in the Dragon race where the strong have to apologize to the weak?”

Long Ye smiled as well.

However, everyone could sense a suppressed rage in his smile!

“You’re just an outsider. I gave you this chance because I thought highly of you. Since you don’t want it, don’t blame me.”

The flames in Long Ye’s eyes burned brighter. “Seems like they were right. You truly don’t know your place!”

“Today, I’ll teach you a principle! Open your eyes in the Dragon race! Not everyone is somebody you can provoke!”

Before he finished his sentence, Long Ye strode forward and swung his arm, smas.h.i.+ng it towards Su Zimo’s head!


The arm was like a steel whip as the wind howled in its wake!

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes slightly.

As the fifth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Long Ye was indeed not weak. The power he released was already rather terrifying!

Of course, that power was not enough to threaten him.

Su Zimo punched back at Long Ye’s fist!


The two fists collided!

Su Zimo was motionless and his expression was normal. However, Long Ye shuddered!

He felt a sharp pain surge from his fist into his body.

He nearly lost control and cried out in pain!

It was only now that he realized that Su Zimo was stronger than he had imagined!


Long Ye channeled his bloodline and the sound of a tsunami could be heard from his body. The power of his bloodline flowed through his limbs and bones and the pain from his fist dissipated by more than half instantly.

Tsunami blood!

Su Zimo had encountered a dragon who had cultivated his bloodline to the tsunami level so quickly!

It was definitely not a fluke that Long Ye was able to be on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

“Come on!”

Long Ye’s eyes shone brightly as he roared, “I’ll show you my true strength!”

He strode forward once more and charged towards Su Zimo!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Standing on the spot, Su Zimo channeled his bloodline and the sound of a tsunami echoed from within his body. It was even more robust and majestic than the sound of Long Ye’s bloodline!

A commotion broke out among the dragons.

Although they possessed the pure bloodline of the Dragon race and were extremely strong, most of them had not cultivated to the tsunami blood realm.

To think that this outsider with an impure bloodline would have cultivated to the tsunami blood realm!


The two of them collided heavily like two ferocious beasts in human form!

Flesh and blood collided while bones rubbed against each other. Blood qi surged and let out a terrifying sound!

Right after, under countless gazes, a figure was sent flying – it was Long Ye, the fifth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

Long Ye crawled up from the ground swiftly. That bit of injury was negligible to him.

However, this loss had completely enraged him!


Long Ye roared at Su Zimo and charged forward once more!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two of them clashed continuously without any technique and fought purely with strength.

Long Ye fell and stood up time and again!

With the circulation of dragon blood within his body, those external injuries did not affect him much.

However, the scene before them left the dragons dumbfounded!

n.o.body expected Su Zimo to be able to fight against Long Ye.

Less than that, n.o.body expected Long Ye to be the one completely disadvantaged!

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