Chapter 1081: New Ranked Five!

“Long Mo’s bloodline is impure, but his melee combat strength is indeed strong.”

“However, melee combat is only a part of combat strength. Long Mo is still far from being able to defeat Brother Ye.”

“That’s right. As long as Brother Ye uses the secret skill of our Illumination Dragon lineage, victory will be decided immediately!”

Many Illumination Dragons discussed softly.

The secret skill of the Illumination Dragon lineage was the Illumination Dragon Eye!

This secret skill was extremely difficult to cultivate and dangerous. Even in the Illumination Dragon lineage, there were very few people who could cultivate it successfully.

One’s combat strength would at least double if they could cultivate the Illumination Dragon Eye!

In melee combat, the sudden release of a visual technique – furthermore one that was this terrifying – was almost destructive!

Even if the other party could defend against it, he would definitely exhaust his blood qi and be fl.u.s.tered, unable to defend against the next attack.

Long Ye charged forward continuously but was beaten back by Su Zimo repeatedly. The rage in his heart was burning hotter and hotter!


He reared his head and roared into the skies, letting out a loud dragon roar. A series of crackling sounds came from his body as it expanded – he had already transformed into his half dragon form!

The wounds on Long Ye’s body were healing at a visible speed.

By transforming into a half dragon, his speed and strength would increase exponentially to an even more terrifying level!

Su Zimo was still motionless and had no intention of transforming into a dragon. His scarlet hair danced like flames and his eyes were deep and shone with a bright light.

Long Ye charged forward once more and threw a punch!

Su Zimo was fearless and did not dodge. He strode forward and returned a punch!


The fists collided with a loud bang!

A ma.s.sive air current burst forth and heat waves surged!

Even though Long Ye had transformed into a half dragon, he did not have the slightest advantage!

Long Ye instantly realized that he was definitely not Long Mo’s match in melee combat!

However, there was no hint of panic in his eyes.

Instead, his right eye shone with a blinding light that resembled a blazing sun. Suddenly, a beam of light shot towards Su Zimo’s head!

“Illumination Dragon Eye!”

A series of cries sounded from the dragons.

Many Illumination Dragons were excited.

That secret skill was the pride of the Illumination Dragon lineage.

The release of the Illumination Dragon Eye meant that the outcome was decided!

The reason why Long Ye could reach the fifth position on the Hidden Dragon Ranking was not because of his melee combat strength, but because of his Dao visual technique!

However, when the dragons saw what happened next, their expressions froze and they lost their voices instantly. Their eyes widened in disbelief!

The moment Long Ye released the Illumination Dragon Eye, Su Zimo’s right eye released a blazing beam as well!

Furthermore, this beam of light had an additional layer of sharpness compared to Long Ye’s beam of light, as though it could slice and tear everything!

“Illumination Dragon Eye?”

The dragons were dumbfounded!

Long Mo was only an outsider and did not have the time or opportunity to cultivate in the Dragon race – how could he know the Illumination Dragon Eye?

Every single Illumination Dragon knew how difficult it was to cultivate this secret skill.

However, this outsider with an impure bloodline had successfully cultivated it!

What was even more frightening was that this outsider’s Illumination Dragon Eye seemed to be even more powerful than the one released by Long Ye!

How was that possible?


The sound produced by the clash of visual techniques was even more terrifying!

The two pillars of light shattered!

Long Ye shrieked.

Blood oozed from his right eye. Although he was not blinded, it still looked extremely terrifying!

None of the dragons knew that apart from the secret skill of the Dragon race, the Illumination Dragon Eye, Su Zimo’s right eye possessed the Illumination Stone!

The Illumination Stone transformed into a set of flying swords and released the Illumination Sword Formation.

Long Ye’s Illumination Dragon Eye was no match for the combination of the two powers!

Of course, the might of Long Ye’s visual technique was already rather terrifying.

If this was in the cultivation world, even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords would have their eye sockets punctured by that attack!

“Long Mo, how dare you hurt me!”

Long Ye lunged forward once more with a ferocious expression. His glabella shone and an incomparably powerful spirit consciousness attack burst forth!

Essence Spirit secret skills were not allowed in the habitat of the Dragon race.

That was because once Essence Spirit secret skills were released, it would be difficult to stop the attacks and dragons could easily die – the situation would become irreversible!

However, spirit consciousness attacks were allowed in fights between dragons!

That was Long Ye’s final trump card.

He did not believe that after cultivating for so many years to the perfected Void Reversion realm, the strength of his spirit consciousness could not compare to an outsider who had just entered the Void Reversion realm!

However, he did not realize what sort of opponent he was facing at all.

Although Su Zimo had just entered the Void Reversion realm, the cultivation technique he cultivated was left behind by Die Yue.

Even if he had just entered the Void Reversion realm and cultivated his Yang Spirit, this was not someone that Long Ye could challenge!

“Get lost!”

When he saw Long Ye pouncing over once more, Su Zimo revealed a hint of impatience as well. He gathered his spirit consciousness and counterattacked!

If Long Ye’s spirit consciousness was like a raging river…

The spirit consciousness that Su Zimo released was like a surging tsunami!


The two spirit consciousnesses collided.

Long Ye’s expression changed and he grunted. Blood drained from his face and he felt a sharp pain in his mind, almost fainting!

In that split second of distraction, Su Zimo had already closed in and punched his chest.


A terrifying power surged into his body.

Long Ye could clearly sense that his chest had shattered and his heart had paused for a moment!

He felt the world spin around him as he was sent flying far away. Finally, he landed heavily on the ground, his entire body aching!

He was defeated!

He was dragged down from the Hidden Dragon Ranking by an outsider just like that!

Lying in the mud, Long Ye looked at the gray skies with a dim gaze.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had fought against his clansmen countless times and experienced many losses as well. However, the blow this time round was way too great!

“Brother Ye!”

“Brother Ye, are you alright?”

Many Illumination Dragons ran over with worried expressions. Their voices sounded extremely distant in his ears.


Long Ye sighed gently and closed his eyes.

He felt conflicted; neither happy nor worried.

It was sad to lose.

However, he knew that from this day forth, the Illumination Dragon lineage was about to rise!

Two Illumination Dragons carried Long Ye and ran to the back rapidly, preparing to find someone to treat the latter’s injuries.

The surrounding dragons did not disperse for a long time.

Many Illumination Dragons looked at Su Zimo with reverence in their eyes.

At that moment, no Illumination Dragon jumped out to accuse Su Zimo of being an outsider.

There was no Illumination Dragon to berate him as a b.a.s.t.a.r.d with an impure bloodline either.

As Long Yan had said, strength reigned supreme in the Dragon race!

If he wanted to gain the respect and recognition of the dragons here, he could only rely on his own fists!

On the central square, the gigantic Hidden Dragon Ranking changed.

The fifth line of the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Long Ye—Illumination Dragon, suddenly moved down!

Many dragons would gather in the central square every day.

The changes on the Hidden Dragon Ranking attracted the attention of many dragons!

“Eh? The fifth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking has changed?”

“Who defeated Long Ye?”

“Could it be Long Xi? I heard that she just went to the Illumination Dragon habitat.”

Just as the dragons were discussing, four words appeared on the fifth row of the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Long Mo—Illumination Dragon!

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