Chapter 1082: Frost Dragon Breath

“Long Mo? The Illumination Dragon lineage? When did such an impressive person appear? Why haven’t I heard of him before?”

Some people looked confused.

“Strange, why does this Long Mo sound familiar?”

The dragons discussed fervently as they pointed at the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Suddenly, a cry sounded from the dragons.

“I’ve got it!”

A dragon said, “This Long Mo is the outsider who joined the Illumination Dragon lineage a month ago!”

“Ah, it’s him! I think he just caused a huge ruckus at the mixed dragon’s side. To think that he would have such combat strength to defeat Long Ye!”

“I heard that the elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage intend to matchmake him with Long Xi.”

“Long Xi has already charged over. Her nickname is Tyrant Dragon, how can she endure something like that?! That Long Mo must be prepared to suffer!”

Someone gloated.

“Something’s wrong,”

Right then, a dragon pointed to the Hidden Dragon Ranking and said, “Long Xi is ranked eighth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking. That seems to be beneath Long Mo…”

It was only now that the dragons realized that the Hidden Dragon Ranking had changed – Long Mo’s combat strength was even stronger than Long Xi!

If that was the case, the consequences of Long Xi charging over would be…

The dragons exchanged glances and ran towards the Illumination Dragon habitat tacitly.

After defeating Long Ye, Su Zimo looked at the respectful gazes of the dragons and finally relaxed.

This turned out well – it was better than having to fight them one by one.

Suppressing the fifth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking could be considered as a permanent solution and save him a lot of trouble.

He was about to look for a random dragon and ask where his dragon lair was when he felt a commotion behind him.

“Where’s Long Mo?!”

A loud voice sounded, causing Su Zimo’s eardrums to hurt.

Normally speaking, the Illumination Dragon was of the fire attribute and its habitat had an extremely high temperature. However, at this moment, the surrounding temperature had plummeted!

When the surrounding dragons saw who it was, their expressions changed and they retreated instinctively.

Frowning, Su Zimo turned around.

Not far away, a few dragons charged over with huge strides in an aggressive manner. Their leader was a young woman dressed in tight white robes that accentuated her tall figure perfectly.

The woman’s face was fair and her features were well-defined. Combined together, she gave off a unique sense of beauty. However, the twin peaks on her chest were majestic and strikingly glorious!

“Who is Long Mo? Stand out!”

When she arrived, the woman suddenly opened her mouth and roared.

The woman was definitely a beauty.

However, her voice was truly frightening.

At the very least, when Su Zimo was unprepared for it, he jolted.

At that moment, the dragons were scattered all around and Su Zimo stood in the middle of the s.p.a.ce, looking extremely out of place.

The woman s.h.i.+fted her gaze and caught sight of Su Zimo right away. She arrived before him in three strides.

She was half a head taller than Su Zimo!

“Tell me where Long Mo is!”

Upon closer inspection, the woman’s eyes were deep and shone brightly like two sapphires.

Su Zimo was secretly troubled.

The dragon before him clearly did not belong to the Illumination Dragon lineage.

Listening to the discussions around him, it seemed like the woman was from the Hornless Dragon lineage.

He had just arrived at the Dragon Bone Valley and came out of the primordial divine spring – he truly did not know how he got involved with this woman from the Hornless Dragon lineage.

Su Zimo could tell that the woman was hostile.

However, he still smiled gently. “I’m Long Mo.”

“You are?”

The woman was stunned.

A hint of shock flashed through her gem-like eyes and she looked a little dazed – it did not match her fierce expression earlier on.

However, the woman reacted very quickly. Clenching her fists, she twisted her neck and said through gritted teeth, “Alright, how dare you!”

Su Zimo was confused.

He had no idea what he had done to render that remark.

Could Long Ye be the Dao companion of this beauty from the Hornless Dragon race?

If this was Long Ye’s wife, the reason why she came knocking was because he had beaten up her husband?

“You’re Long Ye’s Dao companion?”

Su Zimo tried asking.


A stifled laughter sounded from the dragons.

“Long Mo is in trouble now!”

“How dare you tease the Tyrant Dragon like that! How ferocious!”

Many dragons revealed gloating expressions.

“Stop pretending!”

The Hornless Dragon woman ground her pearly white teeth and her eyes seemed to have turned cold as she said icily, “How dare you propose marriage to me, you outsider with an impure bloodline? You must have a death wis.h.!.+”


Su Zimo was stunned.

He had just come out of the primordial divine spring – how could he have proposed a marriage?

Suddenly, the Hornless Dragon woman opened her mouth and spat out a white mist at Su Zimo!

The surrounding temperature plummeted and a layer of frost even formed on the ground!

Dragon Breath!

Every dragon was born with the ability.

Of course, different dragon breaths had different strengths.

The dragon breath of this Hornless Dragon woman was frost!

While Su Zimo was distracted, the Hornless Dragon woman opened her mouth and exhaled.

A fragrance wafted over. Immediately after, a layer of frost covered his head, scarlet hair, face, body and limbs!

Thereafter, ice formed at a visible speed!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had already vanished and a human-shaped ice sculpture appeared on the spot!

“This is bad.”

“If he’s frozen by the Tyrant Dragon’s breath, his organs will be severely injured. He will take at least half a month to recover.”

The dragons discussed without any sympathy.


The Hornless Dragon tapped the ice sculpture before her gently and sneered, “Continue pretending! This is just a taste of the suffering you’ll receive!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, a series of cracks sounded in the void!


The Hornless Dragon woman was stunned.

Right after, under countless gazes, a crack appeared on the human-shaped ice sculpture and expanded rapidly!

In the blink of an eye, the entire ice sculpture was covered!


There was a deafening sound.

A figure walked out with surging blood qi and scarlet hair. He exuded a torrential aura and glared at the Hornless Dragon woman with a burning gaze.


The dragons gasped.

He was actually fine after being struck by the Frost Dragon Breath of the Hornless Dragon woman!

The Hornless Dragon woman reacted quickly. Her blood qi surged and she exuded a cold aura as she charged towards Su Zimo!


Although the Hornless Dragon woman charged forward rapidly, she rebounded even swifter!

She had just charged forward when she was punched back by Su Zimo!

The Hornless Dragon woman rolled on the ground a few times before standing up. Panting slightly, she grit her teeth and said, “How dare you hit me!”

Before she could finish her sentence, her vision blurred and a scarlet shadow flashed. She was sent flying once more and landed heavily on the ground with a bang!


The Hornless Dragon woman was enraged and roared. A series of crackling sounds came from her body as her body expanded!

The woman’s clothes burst and silver-white dragon scales appeared on her body, lined tightly like sparkling snowflakes!

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