Chapter 1083: A Huge Misunderstanding

As a female paragon of the Dragon race, Long Xi had a fiery temperament. Coupled with her powerful combat strength, she ran amok in the Dragon Bone Valley and almost no one dared to provoke her.

She was about to break through to the Dharma Characteristic realm – to think that she would be suppressed by an outsider!

Furthermore, this outsider even dared to openly tease her!

She did not care about the marriage.

Her husband had to be an unprecedented five-clawed divine dragon like the number one of the Heavenly Dragon Ranking, Brother Long Cang!

How was this outsider worthy?!


Without hesitation, Long Xi transformed into her half dragon form and prepared to tear the intruder apart!

Su Zimo did not give Long Xi much time to react. He strode forward and reached out with his hand, slapping down heavily on her back!

Under normal circ.u.mstances, that palm should have landed on Long Xi’s back.

However, after transforming into her half dragon form, Long Xi’s body expanded and elongated. Su Zimo’s palm was no longer on Long Xi’s back, but her peach-round b.u.t.t.

This change happened in an instant.

By the time Su Zimo realized it, it was already too late and he retracted his strength hurriedly.


Although Su Zimo had indeed retracted most of his strength, he could not help but slap Long Xi’s b.u.t.t with a crisp sound.

Her flesh trembled.

The entire battlefield fell silent instantly!

Many dragons were dumbfounded.

“Heavens, what did Long Mo do?”

“H-He’s actually spanking the Tyrant Dragon!”

“Spank? He was clearly fondling it!”

The dragons roared internally.

Long Xi had just transformed into a half dragon when she was struck by this. Instantly, her entire body stiffened and her fair face flushed red.

Su Zimo sighed internally with a helpless expression.

He could even hear Long Xi grinding her teeth.

This was a huge misunderstanding.

There was no possibility of an explanation.

There was no way he could just tell her that he had spanked her on the b.u.t.t by accident.

Such an explanation would only cause this wild dragoness to go berserk.

“I’m going to kill you!”

A few words escaped from the gaps of Long Xi’s teeth. Her tone was cold and the surrounding temperature had already dropped to a freezing point!

She had never suffered such humiliation before!

Blood qi burst forth from Long Xi’s body as she struggled to stand up and fight Su Zimo.

Su Zimo was thinking about how to deal with the situation before him when he sensed Long Xi’s actions. Before he could retract his palm, he instinctively pressed down.


Long Xi had just stood up when that hateful palm landed on her b.u.t.t again!


This time round, she was pinned on the spot and could not move at all!

The dragons were in an uproar!

Long Mo had touched it again!

“You… ”

Long Xi looked embarra.s.sed.

Su Zimo cursed internally. He moved his palm and slapped the back of Long Xi’s head, knocking her unconscious.

No matter what, he had to knock out the dragoness first.

Long Xi’s blood qi gradually calmed down.

The silver-white scales on her body gradually faded as well.

Her clothes were already torn. With the fading of her dragon scales, her fair skin that shone with a charming l.u.s.ter were naturally revealed.

A slender and perfect body was about to be exposed to the dragons!

Gulp! Gulp!

Sounds of gulping could be heard from the dragons.

Countless dragons widened their eyes in antic.i.p.ation.

All of a sudden!

A set of clothes covered and concealed her perfect body.


A sigh sounded from the dragons at the same time, looking rather spectacular.

It was Su Zimo who took out his clothes in time to cover Long Xi whose naked body was almost seen by everybody.

The dragons glared at him in anger.

Although the dragons were p.i.s.sed about this, they could not bring themselves to say it.

Su Zimo stood up and looked at the few Hornless Dragons not far away. He cupped his fists. “I’m sorry, I was a little rude earlier on. There must be some misunderstanding here. Please help me take care of this uh… lady.”

The few Hornless Dragons were slightly stunned.

They were all dragons and had never heard anyone speak in such a polite manner.

When a Hornless Dragon heard Su Zimo’s interesting words, he was the first to react and pursed his lips into a smile. “Actually, logically speaking, what you did can’t be considered rude.”

“That’s right, that’s right,”

Another Hornless Dragon smiled. “It’s nothing much for you guys to touch one another given your relations.h.i.+p. However, don’t do it in front of so many people next time.”


The other few Hornless Dragons chuckled as well.

n.o.body noticed that the blush on Long Xi’s face deepened further as she laid motionlessly on the ground.

“Erm… ”

Su Zimo rubbed his forehead gently – there was no way he could explain this anymore.

“We’ll be leaving now,”

The few Hornless Dragons helped Long Xi up and waved goodbye to Su Zimo, their att.i.tudes much better than before.

Su Zimo was still confused, not understanding how he got involved with this Hornless Dragon woman.

He pondered for a moment and still had no clue. As such, he was prepared to cast this matter aside for the time being and cultivate first.

The moment he turned around, a dragon approached him and even gave him a thumbs up.

“Brother Mo, my name is Long Can. You can call me Ah Can,”

The Illumination Dragon named Long Can was extremely friendly. “Brother Mo, I know where your dragon lair is. I’ll take you there!”


Su Zimo froze momentarily before nodding.

Prior to this, he asked consecutively but none of the dragons bothered with him.

But now, before he could ask, a dragon had already stood out.

In the Dragon race, strength reigned supreme indeed.

Su Zimo thought that he had obtained the acknowledgment of the dragons because he defeated Long Ye, who was ranked fifth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

However, in reality, the true reason why he obtained the acknowledgment of the dragons was because he touched Long Xi’s b.u.t.t.

Furthermore, he did it twice.

In the eyes of the dragons, this was much more impressive than the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

As Su Zimo followed Long Can, many dragons around him looked at him with admiration. Some of them even took the initiative to greet and give him a thumbs up.

“Who was that Hornless Dragon earlier on? How is she related to me?”

After a moment, Su Zimo could not help but ask.

“Brother Mo, you really don’t know?” Long Can asked.

When he saw Su Zimo shake his head, Long Can explained, “Sister Xi was initially engaged to Brother Yan before she was born. However, after she grew up, her temper was too explosive and the two of them no longer fancied one another. At that time, they caused a huge ruckus and ended on bad terms. As such, the matter was left unsettled,”

Long Yan naturally referred to the child of the red-headed ghost.

Long Can continued, “Brother Mo, the reason why you came to our Illumination Dragon lineage is to replace Brother Yan. As such, the few elders went over to the Hornless Dragon lineage and proposed the marriage.”

“Given Sister Xi’s pride, she naturally wouldn’t agree to it. That’s why she charged over to teach you a lesson. To think that… hehe!”

At that point, Long Can winked at Su Zimo and smiled. “Brother Mo, if you can subdue Sister Xi, the Illumination Dragon lineage will definitely acknowledge you as their young master!”

“Sister Xi might have a bad temper, but she’s not a bad person,”

Long Can even put in a good word for Long Xi.

When he heard that, Su Zimo realized the reason behind things. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “Those old fogeys!”

Initially, this trouble had nothing to do with him – it was the elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage who provoked the Tyrant Dragon by proposing marriage!

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