Chapter 1084: Number One of the Hidden Dragon Ranking

This matter was probably not over yet.

Su Zimo did not intend to think about it anymore. As long as he returned to his dragon lair, Long Xi wouldn’t be able to barge in even if she came knocking again.

He asked in a low voice, “By the way, where are the cultivation techniques of the Illumination Dragon lineage? I intend to take a look.”

“Follow me!”

Long Can led Su Zimo forward and arrived before a grand hall.

After pa.s.sing through the check by the two guards at the entrance of the hall, the two of them entered.

The hall was not big and there were not many cultivation techniques and secret manuals inside – there weren’t even as many as Ethereal Peak.

For a race like the Dragon race, even if they did not cultivate any cultivation techniques, their strength would only increase with age!

Cultivation techniques were only supplementary to the Dragon race.

Su Zimo was not interested in the cultivation techniques of the Dragon race either.

Even the top cultivation techniques of the Dragon race could not compare to the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

His only motive for coming here was to crack the mysteries of the Barren Dharmic Art in the Yang Spirit section and the Essence Spirit secret skill!

Su Zimo casually flipped through a few ancient books and his eyes lit up.


It was just as he had guessed.

The ancient and strange symbols in the Barren Dharmic art and Essence Spirit secret skill were actually words of the Dragon race!

Since Su Zimo did not understand the Dragon race language, he naturally could not understand the secret behind them.

After confirming that, he copied some of the most basic ancient books in the hall and tried to learn the Dragon race language as soon as possible to cultivate Barren and the Essence Spirit secret skill!

Su Zimo left the main hall and bid farewell to Long Can before returning to his dragon lair to cultivate in seclusion.

At the same time.

The two battles at the Illumination Dragon habitat spread through the entire Dragon Bone Valley at the fastest speed!

Long Ye was ranked fifth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Normally, his defeat should have been the focus.

However, in the following period of time, the dragons discussed the battle between Su Zimo and Long Xi. Almost no one cared if Long Ye was ranked fifth or sixth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

The Blue Dragon habitat.


A Blue Dragon frowned slightly and said coldly with rage surging in his eyes, “Someone dared to bully Long Xi?”

“Brother Long Yang, I heard that it’s the new Long Mo. Not only did he bully Sister Xi, he even spanked her!” Another Blue Dragon whispered.

The Blue Dragon named Long Yang had a slender figure and long green hair. He had a gentle face and exquisite features. Although he was a man, he was even more beautiful than women!

If Long Yang were to change into female clothes, he might even draw attention away from Long Xi!

“He truly doesn’t know his limits!”

Long Yang stood up slowly and walked outside. A gentle look flashed through his eyes as he said in a low voice, “I have to go comfort Sister Long Xi. She’s impatient by nature and might explode from anger.”

Before long, Long Yang arrived at the Hornless Dragon lineage’s area.

The moment he arrived outside Long Xi’s residence, he heard a series of low growls.

Before long, a few Hornless Dragons walked out with wretched expressions. They were scolded badly by the enraged Long Xi.

“Sister Long Xi, it’s me,”

Long Yang stood outside the cave and said gently, “I heard that someone bullied you. I’m here to see you.”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A series of heavy footsteps sounded.

Before long, Long Xi’s figure appeared in the cave.

A bright, bedazzling smile appeared on Long Yang’s face.

Long Xi glared at Long Yang with bloodshot eyes and gritted her teeth. “Get lost, you sissy!”

The smile on Long Yang’s face froze.

There were many Hornless Dragons roaming around nearby.

When they heard that, the Hornless Dragons grinned and were secretly alarmed.

Although Long Yang was a man, he was even more feminine and beautiful than women. Coupled with his gentle voice, many people had bullied him since he was young and called him a sissy.

However, later on, no one dared to say those words in front of Long Yang anymore.

As Long Yang grew up and endured the humiliation, he cultivated continuously and fought with others. Although he was getting more beautiful, his strength was also getting stronger!

Right now, he was already number one on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

In the Dragon Bone Valley, apart from Long Xi, almost all Void Reversion dragons were taught a lesson by him!

This was how Long Xi was like.

If it was any other dragon, they would definitely be skinned alive if they dared to say those words!

Long Yang was silent for a moment before smiling suddenly. “Sister Long Xi, I know that you’re angry. However, don’t worry, I’ll teach that Long Mo a lesson for you!”

“I don’t need you!”

Long Xi harrumphed coldly. “This is my own matter. I’ll deal with it myself! Long Yang, you’re even prettier than me. Why are you always pestering me? Don’t bother me anymore!”

Long Xi cursed angrily and turned to enter the cave.

Long Yang was not annoyed. He lowered his head slightly and smiled gently, murmuring in a soft voice, “Sister Long Xi, don’t be angry. I’ll bring Long Mo’s head to see you and let you vent your anger…”

Although Long Yang was smiling, there was a sinister killing intent in his eyes!

“An outsider with an impure bloodline. Hmm… even if he’s killed, it’s nothing much…”

He sneered coldly and shook his head before turning to leave.

Naturally, Su Zimo, who was cultivating in his own dragon lair, did not know that he had inexplicably made a mortal enemy after just a month in the Dragon race!

Furthermore, he had yet to meet this person!

Or rather, even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

At that moment, Su Zimo was completely immersed in the Yang Spirit section!

When he truly learned the words of the Dragon race and looked at the Barren Dharmic art and Essence Spirit secret skill again, he truly understood the profoundness of that Dharmic art!

He had just truly experienced the terror of the Yang Spirit section!

Initially, when Su Zimo released the Barren Dharmic art, it was a huge area with him as the center like a swamp.

Be it friend or foe, all living beings in the swamp would be corroded by the Barren Dharmic art!

But now, a ball of gray mist appeared in Su Zimo’s palm, rolling and changing with a strange aura.

The mist seemed to contain the secrets of Heaven and Earth and the supreme truths of the Great Dao!

This was the true Barren – it was unbounded and could be changed at will!

In the past, even at the center of Barren, the reduction in lifespan was only a hundred years a breath.

At the edge of Barren, the lifespan reduction was even slower and almost negligible.

But now, any living being that came into contact with the mist in Su Zimo’s palm would have their lifespans reduced at the rate of 500 years per breath!

After comprehending the secret of Barren, it became five times stronger than before!

This was a qualitative leap!

A Void Reversion had a lifespan of 5,000 years.

500 years in a single breath meant that even Void Reversions with 5,000 years of lifespan would not be able to last more than 10 breaths under the envelopment of Barren!

Su Zimo waved his hand and the fog dissipated.

After comprehending the Dragon race’s language, the power of Barren increased tremendously and that was secondary.

The true gain was still the essence of the Yang Spirit section – the Essence Spirit secret skill!

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