Chapter 1087: Absolutely Refres.h.i.+ng

Long Xi opened her mouth slightly with disbelief in her eyes.

She had experienced Su Zimo’s strength before.

However, she had not expected that Su Zimo would be able to fight against Long Yang!

Long Yang was a Blue Dragon with a powerful bloodline and was ranked first on the Hidden Dragon Ranking – his combat strength was more than double hers!

How could this outsider with an impure bloodline suppress Long Yang?

Could it be that this outsider’s bloodline was even more powerful and n.o.ble than the bloodline of the Blue Dragon?

That was impossible!

Long Xi quickly rejected that thought.

The Primordial Nine Races dominated the ancient world.

Within the nine races, the Dragon race’s bloodline was superior to all!

But how did this person do it?

He had only just entered the Void Reversion realm – what would things be like if he was at greater mastery of the Void Reversion realm and at his peak?

Long Xi was all too familiar with the dragons in the Dragon Bone Valley and there was nothing new about them.

However, she knew nothing about Su Zimo.

Suddenly, she felt an intense curiosity towards Su Zimo.

“Seems like he has to undergo dragonification.”

“Yes, if this continues, Long Yang will probably be suppressed to death by Long Mo!”

“Transforming into a half dragon is enough to reverse the situation!”

The dragons discussed softly.

Although Su Zimo had the upper hand on the battlefield, this fight was nothing much in a battle between dragons. It was far from the point of victory, let alone life and death!


Under the suffocating pressure of Su Zimo, Long Yang finally could not take it anymore and let out a dragon roar. A series of crackling sounds came from his body and his figure expanded, bursting through his clothes!

Green scales appeared on Long Yang’s body with a cold glint.

His body rose to a height of ten feet!

His entire body was covered by green scales and was airtight without any openings. His thighs were strong and his feet grew sharp claws that dug deep into the stone platform!

Those dragon claws could release even more terrifying power.

Long Yang’s movement speed had increased significantly!


After transforming into his half dragon form, Long Yang finally defended against Su Zimo’s punch without retreating at all!

“Long Mo, this battle has just begun!”

Long Yang sneered and exerted strength with his feet, turning into a green beam of light that charged towards Su Zimo!

“Good timing!”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he did not take a single step back. With a boom, he activated the Plow Heaven Stride and closed in on the incoming Long Yang!


The two figures collided with a loud bang!

The entire void shuddered!

Both of them fell out.

It was an even split!


This time round, the dragons’ expressions changed slightly.

After Long Yang transformed into a half dragon, his strength, speed, stamina, burst power and even his defense had an obvious increase!

Even so, Long Yang did not gain the upper hand!

At that moment, Su Zimo had already pushed his blood qi to its limits.

Apart from the fact that he did not use his bloodline phenomenon, he had already released his full strength!

His bloodline surged within his body like a tsunami with a terrifying might.

Standing on the spot, Su Zimo’s scarlet hair danced wildly like a burning flame. With a scorching gaze, he roared with laughter. “Awesome! Again!”


In a flash, Su Zimo disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Long Yang.


The fists collided and the two of them exchanged another blow!

This time round, neither of them retreated!

The two of them were extremely close as they glared at each other. Relying on their strong physiques, they endured the power that surged into their bodies!

There was a momentary pause.

All of a sudden!

The two of them attacked at the same time, exchanging blows with speed as afterimages of their fists danced!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the short span of ten breaths, the two of them exchanged at least a hundred blows. The clash of momentum caused flesh and blood to splatter everywhere – it was a shocking sight!

Melee combat was the most dangerous.

Those ten breaths were a perfect example of that!

No one could guarantee that they would be safe at this distance!

Both of them were injured.

The only thing they could do was to avoid any fatal damage as much as possible!

Although the exchange between the two of them seemed short, in reality, it was a compet.i.tion of strength, speed and even stamina!

In Long Yang’s opinion, he would definitely be able to last till the end with his endless stamina and strong defense after transforming into a half dragon.

However, after ten breaths, Su Zimo’s eyes shone brightly and he fought even more bravely!

Long Yang could clearly see the wounds on Su Zimo’s body. Although they had not healed, they had already stopped bleeding.

What terrifying regeneration powers!

Long Yang vaguely realized that if this continued, victory would be unpredictable!


After another clash, Long Yang retreated and panted slightly as he widened the distance between them.

The two figures stood still once more.

A commotion broke out among the dragons.

Both of them were already injured.

Su Zimo’s scarlet robes were almost torn and there were many wounds on his body. However, they were not fatal and the wounds were not deep either.

Long Yang looked extremely wretched as well.

Dozens of dragon scales on his body were struck off and a few wounds were mangled!

“Long Mo,”

Long Yang took a deep breath of air and said sternly, “You’re very strong and you’ve already far surpa.s.sed my expectations! I’ve decided to not hold back and give you enough respect. I’ll use my strongest methods to kill you here!”

Su Zimo smiled fearlessly.

He was truly satisfied with this battle.

Back in the Dao Inheritance Ground, this body and bloodline could not be used.

After that, his body was crippled by the Di Clan’s Half-Martial Ancestor!

Ever since he arrived at the Dao Inheritance Ground, Su Zimo had been suppressing a ball of frustration. Now that it was finally released, he felt extremely refreshed and satisfied!

No matter how Long Yang threatened him, Su Zimo did not take it to heart.

Although he was slightly injured as well, the situation was still under his control!

“Come, let me see what other tricks you have up your sleeves.”

Su Zimo smiled gently and his blood qi burst forth. He charged forward once more, leaving a series of afterimages behind him. Carrying an apocalyptic aura, he arrived before Long Yang instantly.


He threw out a punch!

This was a punch released when one’s blood qi was pushed and acc.u.mulated to its limits, as though it could reduce all obstacles in front of it to dust!

This was also the most terrifying punch that Su Zimo had released since the start of the battle!

At the same time, his right eye shone with a bedazzling light that contained an extremely sharp edge like a blazing sun!

Visual technique!


A blinding beam of light shot out, as though it could penetrate, burn and tear everything apart!

This was the Illumination Eye that was even more terrifying than the Illumination Dragon Eye!

The combination of two ultimate powers was perfect and flawless. In fact, Long Yang could smell the aura of death and his expression changed!

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