Chapter 1088: Divine Dragon Phantom

Long Yang did not have time to think as his blood qi surged and his bones underwent a transformation. His initially ten feet tall body expanded rapidly and elongated!

A slender body soared into the skies and spiraled upwards!

A complete dragon form!

His body was dozens of feet long and was covered in green scales. With four claws under its abdomen and horns on his head, his malevolent dragon head swayed and he rose into the air, shuttling through the clouds!

It was almost a perfect dragon body!

The moment Long Yang transformed into his dragon form, the light of the Illumination Eye descended and landed on the dragon’s body.


The dragon body soared into the skies and the light beam left a ma.s.sive wound on it, causing blood to flow!

More than ten dragon scales fell and were already charred, filled with sword scars!

The dragons were in an uproar when they saw that!

Although the threat of a visual technique was not great, it had the advantage of being instantaneous and unexpected.

The power of the visual technique itself was far inferior to many Dharmic arts.

Even a powerful visual technique like the Illumination Dragon Eye could not penetrate the defense of a Blue Dragon’s scales and hurt the latter’s body.

But now, Su Zimo’s visual technique almost penetrated Long Yang’s dragon body!

It was easy to imagine that if Long Yang had not conjured his complete dragon form in time, he would have been half dead.


The Blue Dragon swiped its tail and collided against Su Zimo’s fist!

Su Zimo’s body shuddered and he was sent flying.

Long Yang’s strength was terrifyingly strong in his Blue Dragon complete form – Su Zimo could not endure it with just his true body of the Dragon race and bloodline!

The fight between the two of them seemed back and forth.

However, in reality, it was Long Yang who suffered a huge loss!

He did not make a single sound but his dragon eyes revealed intense pain!

The wounds caused by the Illumination Eye on his body had a huge impact on him and they had yet to recover!

The Blue Dragon lineage possessed the most terrifying regeneration capabilities!

The searing power of the Illumination Dragon Eye alone could not stop his body from regenerating.

However, there was a sharp edge mixed with the wounds that was tearing his flesh apart continuously – it was on par with his regeneration ability!

Long Yang shuttled through the clouds while dragon blood dripped from his body continuously. Every single movement caused intense pain to shoot through his wounds!

The skies were filled with a shuddering pressure after he transformed into a Blue Dragon.

This was a pressure unique to the Dragon race.

Any race with inferior bloodlines would be affected by the pressure!

The lesser the bloodline, the greater the impact!

Su Zimo raised his head and looked at it. His eyes shone brightly, but it was as though he could not sense it at all.


Within the clouds, a malevolent and frightening dragon head suddenly extended and opened its mouth, spitting out a gigantic torrent towards Su Zimo!

The torrent descended and formed a bottomless ocean on the battlefield!

As a wyrm, Solitary Cloud knew similar Dharmic arts.

However, wyrms could only reign freely in lakes and swamps at most.

As for the Dragon race, they were the true dominators who could overturn rivers and oceans!

Against that power, Su Zimo was as insignificant as an ant and was engulfed by the tsunami almost instantly!

This Dharmic art was no different from the real ocean!

In the face of the power of Heaven and Earth, any power would be vulnerable.

Long Yang circled in midair and released his ma.s.sive spirit consciousness. His eyes shone brightly as he stared at the surface of the sea, as though he was searching for something.

A moment later, he heaved a sigh of relief when there was no movement on the surface of the sea.


Long Yang exclaimed excitedly.

“Is it over?”

The same thought flashed through the minds of the dragons as they gazed at the battlefield.

To be fair, none of the Void Reversion dragons in the Dragon Bone Valley could defend against Long Yang’s Dharmic art.

However, Long Mo was different!

Even when they saw Long Mo being drowned, the dragons still felt uneasy.

It seemed like Long Mo would not die so easily!

All of a sudden!

The initially calm surface of the sea seemed to be stirred by a pair of invisible hands as it began to spin!

It was getting faster and faster!

A moment later, a gigantic vortex formed in the middle of the ocean!

In the center of the vortex, a ma.s.sive purgatory filled with blood qi floated up slowly with a series of ghastly wails!


Su Zimo’s voice sounded in the purgatory!

The purgatory shattered!

A towering corpse mountain appeared and dyed the entire ocean red. Standing on the corpse mountain, Su Zimo was like a G.o.d of death in h.e.l.l that could not be ignored!

The combination of the Asura Saber and Sea Calming Manual allowed Su Zimo to escape!


Long Yang was enraged and panted heavily, looking down at Su Zimo.

All of a sudden!

He swooped down and opened his mouth, letting out a terrifying roar from the depths of his throat that shook the world!

The roar of a Blue Dragon!

The dragons of the five lineages were born able to release this sound domain technique innately.

Most human cultivators won’t be able to endure the roars of Flood and Rain Dragons, let alone dragons of the five lineages!

The power of the dragon roar of the five lineages was even more terrifying!

Even pure-blooded ferocious beasts with weaker strength could be killed instantly!

Among the five lineages, the Blue Dragon’s roar was the strongest!

That was because the strength of the dragon roar was closely related to one’s bloodline.

Since the Blue Dragon possessed the strongest bloodline, the power of their dragon roar was naturally the strongest!

Su Zimo’s expression changed!

The moment the dragon roar sounded, he felt a sharp pain in his ears!

How strong was his body?

He cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and most of the sound domain secret skills did not affect him much.

However, before the roar of the Blue Dragon could fully erupt, his ears already felt pain!

Su Zimo immediately realized that he could not defend against the roar of the Blue Dragon if he remained in this state.

If he took it head-on, his eardrums would be pierced!

Even his Essence Spirit could be shaken!


Suddenly, the sound of Su Zimo’s bones moving echoed from his body.


His clothes were torn and his body expanded. Scarlet scales grew on his body like red-hot iron plates, emitting a scorching aura!


Half dragon form!

In the eyes of the dragons, Long Yang could not suppress Su Zimo right away even after transforming into his complete dragon form – that was not right.

However, what the dragons did not know was that up till this point of Su Zimo’s cultivation, the only living being that could force him to this point was the G.o.d race leader of the past!

Even against Di Yin, Su Zimo did not have to undergo dragonification.

After transforming into his half dragon form, Su Zimo’s strength, speed and defense increased as well. The piercing pain in his ears had already dissipated by a lot.

However, that was not enough!

The roar of the Blue Dragon had already erupted completely!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and his blood qi surged. A lifelike phantom of a divine dragon appeared behind him and spiraled upwards!

The man and dragon glared at Long Yang who was charging over, emitting a shuddering aura and a domineering might!

For some reason, Long Yang felt a sense of fear when he was glared at by the man and dragon and instinctively stopped in his tracks!

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