Chapter 1089: Alarming the Elders

“W-What is that?!”

“Bloodline phenomenon?”

“Long Mo has actually cultivated a bloodline phenomenon!”

The dragons were shocked!

In the Dragon Bone Valley, there were at least 20 dragons that had cultivated to the tsunami blood realm.

However, there was only one person who could cultivate a bloodline phenomenon!

It was the only five-clawed divine dragon of the Blue Dragon lineage and the current number one of the Heavenly Dragon Ranking, the young master of the Blue Dragon lineage, Long Cang.

One could imagine how shocked the dragons were now that they saw the bloodline phenomenon on another dragon!

“Although Long Mo cultivated a bloodline phenomenon, his phenomenon doesn’t seem as strong as Long Cang’s.”

“The difference is way too great and can’t be compared at all. Long Cang’s bloodline phenomenon is enough to suppress a divine dragon like Long Mo!”

The dragons were right and wrong.

That divine dragon phantom was indeed Su Zimo’s bloodline phenomenon.

However, it was only one of the eight demon kings!

Su Zimo did not reveal the full phenomenon.

Firstly, Long Yang had not forced him to that point.

Secondly, the appearance of eight demon kings was way too shocking.

Furthermore, a blood-colored b.u.t.terfly would appear after the eight demon kings!

A dragon said in a deep voice, “That may be the case, but even the weakest bloodline phenomenon is extremely powerful and cannot be underestimated.”

“Long Mo has already taken on his half dragon form. If he were to take on his full dragon form, Long Yang would most likely be doomed.”


Another dragon shook his head. “Long Mo’s bloodline is impure. Transforming into a half dragon is his limit!”

The dragon was right.

Right now, Su Zimo could only take on a half dragon form at most and he could not even take on a complete dragon form for some unknown reason.

However, even in his half dragon form, it was enough for him to sweep through everything!

The power of the Blue Dragon’s roar was completely released!

Standing on the spot, Su Zimo suddenly opened his mouth with a burning gaze.

The divine dragon behind him opened its mouth at the same time as well. The actions of the man and dragon were synchronized without any difference. Suddenly, a roar that shook the world exploded!

Heaven and earth shook and the weather changed!


It clashed head-on with a dragon roar!

The power released by the two dragon roars collided in midair.

The entire world seemed to have gone silent.

Instantly, complete silence ensued!

That loud bang had extinguished all sound!

However, every single dragon felt their hearts tremble!


Long Yang’s body shuddered and he suddenly grunted with a pale expression.

The dragons were moved!

Everyone knew that the Blue Dragon’s roar was the strongest sound domain power of the five dragon lineages.

However, Long Yang was the one disadvantaged after the collision of the two dragon roars!

What did that mean?

Could it be that Long Mo’s bloodline was even stronger than the bloodline of the Blue Dragon?

Disbelief appeared on the dragons’ faces.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo rose from the ground and took advantage of the moment when Long Yang’s body shuddered. Leaping up, he pushed aside the clouds and rode on Long Yang’s neck!

Long Yang was enraged!

Being ridden on the neck was an immense humiliation for the Dragon race!

No one could ride above him!

The dignity of the Dragon race could not be trampled!

Su Zimo did not care. His legs were strong and he gripped Long Yang’s neck tightly. Raising his fist, he smashed down on Long Yang’s head!


There was a deafening sound.

Long Yang lamented.

Su Zimo’s punch was enough to turn divine weapons into dust. However, it did not manage to knock Long Yang’s head open – it was clear how strong the Blue Dragon’s physique was!

However, Long Yang’s head was also mangled by the punch.


Long Yang roared furiously with bloodshot eyes. His entire body rumbled continuously and burst forth with a twisted power!

Even though Su Zimo’s legs were clamped tightly around Long Yang’s neck, he was almost flung into the air.

Su Zimo reached out hurriedly and gripped Long Yang’s dragon horns tightly to steady himself!

However, Long Yang’s body did not show any signs of stopping as he rolled, shuttled, circled and spun in midair!

As for Su Zimo, he exerted strength in both his hands and legs and could only stabilize himself. However, he could not free himself to continue attacking.

Both parties were in a strange stalemate!

Of course, if nothing went wrong, such a stalemate would consume a lot of Long Yang’s stamina. If this continued, his defeat was inevitable!

“Hmph, Long Mo made a huge mistake!”

“That’s right. The horn of a Blue Dragon contains many offensive Dharmic formulation techniques and the essence of one’s strength. Long Mo must have a death wish for grabbing a Blue Dragon’s horn.”

The dragons watched coldly from the sidelines and naturally saw everything more clearly.

While they were discussing, Long Yang’s dragon horn suddenly turned red like a burning iron rod and the temperature rose continuously!


Su Zimo focused his gaze.

This should have been a Dharmic formulation of the Illumination Dragon lineage but Long Yang was able to control it with ease!

Normally, if anyone else were to continue holding the horns of the Blue Dragon, their palms would be burned to ashes.

If they let go, they would naturally be flung down.

However, the one riding on Long Yang’s neck was Su Zimo – this counterattack was of no threat to him at all!

Firstly, his right hand was the Divine Phoenix Bone!

Even if his flesh was burned to ashes, the bones of his right hand would not be damaged.

Secondly, Su Zimo would not hold on to the dragon horns foolishly.

He had a trump card as well!

“Alright, I’ll let you try the power of Barren!”

Sneering coldly, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he conjured hand seals secretly. Suddenly, two b.a.l.l.s of gray mist appeared in his palms!

The two gray mists wrapped around the scarlet dragon horns and isolated the high temperature.

Su Zimo was still gripping the horn of the Blue Dragon tightly with his palm intact!

“Eh? This Long Mo actually has a way to deal with it as well.”

“There is truly always someone stronger. I’m afraid it’s hard to say who will win between the two of them.”

“What sort of Dharmic art is that gray mist? It doesn’t seem to have much power no matter how I look at it.”

Many dragons frowned slightly with confusion in their eyes.

On the surface, the power of Barren was merely to isolate the heat of the Blue Dragon horns.

However, in reality, Barren had already taken effect on Long Yang!

Long Yang’s lifespan was decreasing at a rate of 500 years with a single breath!

In the blink of an eye, Long Yang’s lifespan had been reduced by more than 5,000 years after ten breaths!

Normally speaking, Void Reversions only had a lifespan of 5,000 years.

As for the Dragon race, they were one of the Primordial Nine Races and once ruled over the primordial era. Their bloodline was strong and they were different from humans.

Although the reproduction rate of the Dragon race was extremely low, they had a long lifespan. Even without cultivating, they had a lifespan of tens of thousands or even 100,000 years!

As for human cultivators, they could only live for 100,000 years after reaching the Mahayana realm.

That was the difference between them.

Therefore, Long Yang, who possessed longevity, did not notice anything unusual after the descent of Barren.

The first to realize that something was amiss was not Long Yang, but the many elders of the Dragon race who were watching from the shadows!

On the surface, this was a life and death battle between two dragons. However, it had already alarmed the elders of the five lineages!

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