Chapter 1091: Recognition

The Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the Essence Spirit secret skill of the Yang Spirit section.

It was also the essence of the Yang Spirit section!

The Reverse Scale was a scale in the shape of a crescent beneath the neck of a dragon. Once touched, it would definitely incur the wrath of the Dragon race!

That was the reason why there was a saying throughout history.

Anyone who touched the Reverse Scale of a dragon would die!

That statement was also the obscurity of the Essence Spirit secret skill!

The scarlet Reverse Scale in midair did not have to enter Long Yang’s consciousness to kill him if it came into contact with his Essence Spirit.

As long as Long Yang’s Blue Dragon’s Fury collided against the Reverse Scale, his Essence Spirit would be destroyed even if it was dozens of feet away!

That was the terror of Reverse Scales!

He could not touch that Reverse Scale at all.

A single touch meant death!

Throughout history, there had never been an Essence Spirit secret skill that possessed such domineering power!

Although the dragons could not sense the descent of the Reverse Scale, Long Yang felt his scalp tingle and a chill run down his spine!

A feeling surfaced in his heart.

It was as though he would die the next moment!

At the same time, the elders of the five lineages watching from afar were shocked as well!

Given their cultivation realms, they could naturally sense the terrifying aura emanating from the Reverse Scale!

The green divine dragon in midair looked majestic and powerful with a torrential aura. However, it was way too inferior compared to the Reverse Scale!

The two Essence Spirit secret skills exploded and collided instantly. Even if the elders of the five lineages were to step in, it would be too late!

‘Long Yang is finished!’

The same thought flashed through the minds of the elders of the five lineages.

The Blue Dragon elder’s eyes were filled with regret.

He should have stepped in when Long Mo showed mercy earlier on.

If he had stood out in time, this terrifying killing move would not have descended and Long Yang would not die either.

Long Mo could not be blamed for this.

In a life and death battle, it was only right for Long Mo to kill Long Yang.

Furthermore, Long Mo had already stopped before this.

Perhaps that’s just Long Yang’s fate,

The Blue Dragon elder sighed internally.

Although the fight between Essence Spirits sounded slow, it happened in an instant!

In midair, the malevolent green divine dragon collided against the Reverse Scale and its entire body froze in midair!

Right after, in front of everyone, cracks appeared on the green dragon’s body!

The Reverse Scale was intact!

Not far away, Long Yang’s expression froze on his face. His gaze was dazed and gradually dimmed.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

If he persisted, although his Essence Spirit would be shaken, Long Yang would definitely die!

However, there was really no need for that.

With a single thought, Su Zimo dispersed his Reverse Scale.

In midair, the green divine dragon did not last long before it turned into specks of light that dissipated into the world.

Long Yang closed his eyes and his ma.s.sive body fell from midair. With a loud bang, he crashed onto the battlefield, causing dust to fly everywhere.

Su Zimo sighed softly.

Long Yang was not dead.

However, his Essence Spirit was already filled with cracks!

Thankfully, Su Zimo retracted his attack in time. If the Reverse Scale had existed for a moment longer, Long Yang might have been destroyed in both spirit and body!

The elders of the five lineages heaved a sigh of relief when they sensed the changes.

The Blue Dragon elder was delighted!

On the battlefield, Long Yang’s lifeforce was almost negligible and could barely be sensed.

The dragons did not know about Long Yang’s situation and thought that he was dead.

The dragons were in an uproar!

Some were furious, some were shocked, some were sorrowful and some were stunned on the spot.

In the eyes of the dragons, Long Yang was already at the perfected Void Reversion realm. Even though a fight between Essence Spirits was dangerous, there was no way he would die.

But now, he was lying motionlessly on the ground without any signs of life!

Long Yang had died in battle!

Many dragons charged into the battlefield.

Some of the Blue Dragons had bloodshot eyes and sorrowful expressions!

A Blue Dragon turned around and glared at Su Zimo, shouting, “Long Mo, I’m challenging you to a life and death battle right here in the Dragon Blood Battlefield!”

“Let me! Long Mo, I challenge you!”

Another Blue Dragon stood out.

“What are you guys doing?!”

Long Can of the Illumination Dragon lineage stood beside Su Zimo hurriedly and shouted, “This was a life and death battle between the two of them. You can’t blame Brother Mo!”

“Fine, let’s fight then! Do you think that the Illumination Dragon lineage is afraid of you guys?!”

Another Illumination Dragon shouted.

“Everyone, quiet down!”

Long Xi roared.

However, her voice was quickly drowned in the noisy battlefield.

Emotions were rife and a huge fight between the dragons was about to break out in the Dragon Blood Battlefield in the blink of an eye!

“What are you guys doing?!”

Right then, an authoritative voice suddenly sounded in midair and entered the ears of every dragon, containing a powerful might!

The dragons were shocked and looked over.

Five figures stood in midair, emitting powerful auras with immense pressure.

Under the suppression of this pressure, the hot blood of the dragons gradually calmed down.

The elders of the five lineages descended!

“What’s the ruckus? Are there no rules now?!”

The Blue Dragon elder looked around with a sharp gaze – none of the dragons dared to meet his eyes!

“Elder, that outsider killed Brother Yang!”

Finally, a Blue Dragon could not help but lament with reddened eyes.

“Everything in the Dragon Blood Battlefield is a life and death battle to begin with! If you’re afraid of death, don’t come here!” The Blue Dragon elder said coldly.


The Blue Dragon was still indignant.

He was of the same lineage as Long Yang to begin with and was naturally extremely close to the latter.

In his eyes, Su Zimo, someone of the Illumination Dragon lineage with an impure bloodline and had just arrived in the Dragon Bone Valley for less than a year was just an outsider!

“No buts,”

The Blue Dragon elder shook his head. “This is a rule of the Dragon race. It’s unquestionable!”

After a brief pause, the Blue Dragon elder looked deeply at Su Zimo and said slowly, “Furthermore, Long Yang isn’t dead yet.”

Everyone was stunned the moment his sentence was finished!

Long Yang was not dead?

Under normal circ.u.mstances, even if his Essence Spirit did not die immediately after receiving such injuries, he would not be able to salvage it.

However, the Dragon Bone Valley possessed the primordial divine spring that could revive the dead as well as regenerate flesh and bones!

The Blue Dragon elder waved his sleeves and released a burst of Dharmic powers.

Long Yang’s gigantic body transformed into a human.

The gaze of the Blue Dragon elder landed on Su Zimo and paused for a moment. He nodded to the latter before leaving with Long Yang.

Although the Blue Dragon elder said nothing, the fact that he nodded his head was already rare.

He was expressing grat.i.tude to Su Zimo.

The Essence Spirit fight earlier happened in an instant. Although the dragons did not know what happened exactly, the elders of the five lineages of the Dragon race could sense it.

If Su Zimo had not held back, Long Yang would have died by now!

This battle not only established Su Zimo’s status among the younger generation of the Dragon race, he had also truly obtained the recognition of many dragon elders!

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