Chapter 1092: Revenge

With the departure of the Blue Dragon elder and Long Yang, the dragons gradually dispersed as well.

Before Long Xi left, she even turned to look at Su Zimo with a complicated expression.

Of course, there were still many dragons surrounding Su Zimo in the Dragon Blood Battlefield that refused to leave – most of them were Illumination Dragons.

This battle boosted the morale of the Illumination Dragon lineage!

Long Yang’s defeat meant that Su Zimo would become the new number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

This was the first time in history that an Illumination Dragon had ascended to the top of the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

Some of the Illumination Dragons who did not acknowledge Su Zimo initially had no objections now, afraid that he would not join the Illumination Dragon lineage.

“You guys can leave first,”

Right then, the four dragon elders descended from midair and said to the surrounding dragons.

“Long Mo, stay here.”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four smiled at Su Zimo with a gentle expression.

The dragons left.

Su Zimo and the four dragon elders were the only ones left in the Dragon Blood Battlefield.

“Long Mo, that Dharmic art you released earlier on… the one with the gray mist. What is it called?” The Horned Dragon elder asked.


Su Zimo did not choose to hide the truth.

“Release it again and we’ll take a look.”

The Winged Dragon elder was curious.

Or rather, he could not believe that the power of a Void Reversion dragon’s Dharmic art could affect an existence of their level!

Su Zimo flipped his palm and a gray fog appeared.

At this distance, the four dragon elders could feel it even more clearly!

The Winged Dragon elder extended a finger and tapped the gray fog gently.

The moment his finger touched the gray fog, it retracted.


He gasped and nodded at the other three dragon elders.

True enough!

The power of that Dharmic art could even affect them!

Earlier on, the Winged Dragon elder merely took a single touch and retracted it. At most, it was a tenth of a breath’s time and he lost dozens of years of his lifespan!

Furthermore, it was irreversible and irrecoverable!

His lifespan of dozens of years was completely gone!

“Hurry and put it away.”

The Winged Dragon elder urged.

For some reason, he felt his heart skip a beat as he looked at the gray fog.

“Where did you learn this Dharmic art?”

The Horned Dragon elder asked.

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “A friend taught me.”

“Can you impart this Dharmic art?”

The eyes of the Horned Dragon elder shone as he could not help but ask.

Even though they had already become elders of the Dragon race and were of n.o.ble status with torrential combat strength that could even fight against Mahayana Patriarchs, they were still tempted when they saw such Dharmic arts!

“Sorry, I can’t.”

Su Zimo shook his head without hesitation.

Die Yue had once told him that he could not impart the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness to outsiders!

Su Zimo had never forgotten Die Yue’s words.

A look of regret appeared on the faces of the Horned and Winged Dragon elders.

Only Illumination Dragon Elder Four had a calm expression as he nodded towards Su Zimo, as though he understood the latter’s intentions.

The Horned Dragon elder retracted a momentary flash of heat in his eyes and said with a sullen expression, “Long Mo, as someone of the Dragon race, you cultivate our cultivation techniques and enjoyed the use of the primordial divine spring. You should hand this Dharmic art over!”

Su Zimo frowned.

He felt disgusted – this was clearly trying to blackmail him through goodwill.

The primordial divine spring had indeed saved his life and revived his true body of the Dragon race.

However, he had also joined the Dragon race!

If they were to request anything from him because of this, he would only feel disgusted!

Given Su Zimo’s character, he would rather not have the true body of the Dragon race than submit!

There were some things that triggered his bottom line which he could not compromise!

“No way!”

This time round, Su Zimo rejected even more thoroughly and his tone turned colder.


The Horned Dragon elder narrowed his eyes.

A Void Reversion junior of the Dragon race dared to reject him and speak to him in that tone?

Furthermore, this junior was an outsider with an impure bloodline and an unknown ident.i.ty!

“Junior, say that again.”

The Horned Dragon elder said with a dark gaze.

“Long Zhong, what are you doing?!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four pulled Su Zimo behind him. The gentleness on his face disappeared as he glared at the Horned Dragon elder with a sharp gaze.

“This Dharmic art is extremely powerful. If he were to hand it over to us, the strength of our Dragon race would increase. That’s not overboard.”

The Horned Dragon elder called Long Zhong said indifferently.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four harrumphed coldly. “If that child is willing, that’s naturally for the best. However, if he’s unwilling, no one can force him. Not you, me or any other dragon!”

Su Zimo was touched when he heard that.

No matter what, the elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage did not treat him as an outsider and were always protecting him.

“Why are you so protective of him?”

Long Zhong frowned slightly and asked in a deep voice.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four sneered, “This has nothing to do with being protective. Long Zhong, don’t you feel shameless forcing a junior to hand over his cultivation technique given your age?!”

“You… ”

Long Zhong was speechless and his expression darkened completely.

The Hornless Dragon elder was a middle-aged beauty. At that moment, she shook her head as well. “Long Zhong, you’ve truly gone overboard in this matter. Although I want to cultivate this Dharmic art as well, I won’t force this child.”

“Alright, everyone, stop arguing,”

The Winged Dragon elder stood out and tried to smooth things over. “Long Zhong might have sounded tough because he was anxious. He has no ill intentions.”

“It better be,”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four said, “The Illumination Dragon lineage has already decided that Long Mo will be the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage and will be given the t.i.tle of ‘Illumination’. Some old fogeys should not have any designs on him!”


Long Zhong could not hold it in any longer. He flicked his sleeves and left, disappearing quickly.

“It’s fine, ignore him,”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four turned around and patted Su Zimo on the shoulder. “That fellow must be old and muddle-headed!”

“Thank you, Elder Four,”

Su Zimo bowed in thanks.

This time round, it was all thanks to Illumination Dragon Elder Four who helped him out.

Otherwise, given his personality, there was a high chance that he would end up in a tragic state if he were to get into an argument with the Horned Dragon elder and his true body of the Dragon race would be crippled once more!

“Right, that Essence Spirit secret skill of yours was also given to you by your friend?”

The Hornless Dragon elder asked curiously.


Su Zimo nodded.

“What’s the name of the Essence Spirit secret skill?” The Hornless Dragon elder asked again.

“Reverse Scale,”

When they heard that word, the three elders were slightly stunned before realization flashed through their eyes.

“Reverse Scale, Reverse Scale… anyone who touches it will die!”

The Winged Dragon elder murmured and nodded. “No wonder it’s so domineering!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four pondered for a moment before reminding, “Long Mo, that Barren Dharmic art and Reverse Scale secret skill are way too… hmm, a little strong.”

“Try not to use them if you fight with other dragons in the Dragon Bone Valley in the future…”

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