Chapter 1093: Returning to the North Region

Dragon Bone Valley.

Less than a month after the battle between Su Zimo and Long Yang, the elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage stepped in and conferred Su Zimo the t.i.tle of the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage as well as the name Long Zhu!

After another half a year, Su Zimo had completely integrated into Dragon Bone Valley.

Firstly, the battle half a year ago made him famous among the Dragon race and gained the recognition of many of them, especially the Illumination Dragon lineage.

Secondly, the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage had a n.o.ble status far above the other dragons.

Thirdly, Su Zimo had already become the number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

Furthermore, Long Yang, who was already ranked second on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, did not become hostile towards Su Zimo after his defeat. Instead, he became extremely close to the latter.

Whenever someone wanted to challenge Su Zimo, Long Yang would take the initiative to stop them.

For the past half a year, all the dragons that fought Long Yang were defeated.

If they could not even defeat the second on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, there was no way they could challenge the top of the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

Long Yang was not the only one. Long Xi of the Hornless Dragon race often ran towards the Illumination Dragon lineage as well.

Furthermore, she had changed from her violent temper to become much gentler, causing the dragons to click their tongues in envy.

However, Su Zimo still could not take it.

Even if this body was the true body of the Dragon race, he had no intention of becoming the Dao companion of a dragon.

He was also unwilling to agree to the marriage alliance that the Illumination Dragon elders urged him to. He was so frustrated that he decided to enter seclusion.

In the blink of an eye, ten years had pa.s.sed.

Bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Early in the morning, the sun rose and shone on a black-haired cultivator in the ancient temple.

Su Zimo opened his eyes slowly and exhaled deeply.

Ten years ago, he had just entered the Void Reversion realm and reconstructed his body.

Ten years later, he was already at the peak of the Void Reversion realm!

That cultivation speed could be said to be rather terrifying.

The higher one’s cultivation realm was, the more difficult it was to raise it.

Back in the Nascent Soul realm, Su Zimo spent a full hundred years to cultivate from early-stage to peak mid-stage Nascent Soul realm!

However, at the Void Reversion realm, this process only took 10 years!

At the Nascent Soul realm, apart from his cultivation, Su Zimo had to nurture the Creation Green Lotus continuously.

But now, the Creation Green Lotus had already vanished and there was only a bare lotus platform and 54 green lotus seeds left. There was no longer a need for an Essence Spirit to nurture them.

Because of that, Su Zimo’s cultivation speed increased tremendously!

Secondly, when he was at the Nascent Soul realm, he cultivated the top cultivation techniques of the immortal and Buddhist sects.

At the Void Reversion realm, he cultivated the top cultivation techniques of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

The cultivation technique of the fiend sects even came from a half-Martial Ancestor of the fiend sects.

There was no need for Su Zimo to comprehend the insights and understanding of the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra personally.

After devouring the memories of the half-Martial Ancestor of the fiend sects, it was as though he was enlightened – he could comprehend the essence and profoundness of this fiend technique right away!

With that, he had already cultivated to the peak of the mid-stage Void Reversion realm after ten years!

He had been in this realm for a month now.

Su Zimo could vaguely sense a bottleneck.

If he continued to cultivate in seclusion at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he might not be able to break through this bottleneck even if he spent another ten years or dozens of years.

Furthermore, he was in deep thought and now that he had returned to the North Region, it was a good time to visit some of his old friends.

After bidding farewell to Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost, Su Zimo left Dragon Burial Valley and headed towards the capital of Great Zhou.

This time round, he no longer had to hide after returning to the North Region.

The impact of the battle at the Dao Inheritance Ground was immense.

Later on, the Di Clan Half-Martial Ancestor was severely injured and a Mighty Figure of Chaos Essence Sect died. The fact that a few Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of a few super sects were defeated in the Dragon Burial Valley had an even greater impact on the cultivation world!

At the very least, none of the sects dared to target him under the guise of killing someone from an alien race.

There was no Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord or Conjoint Body Mighty Figure that would dare to attack him recklessly given their difference in major cultivation realms!

This was excluding fights between peers of the same cultivation realm.

Of course, in the eyes of many cultivators, Su Zimo had already fallen from grace.

Without the Divine Phoenix Bone, his body and the Creation Green Lotus, Su Zimo was not even a paragon in the eyes of the cultivators!

Even if he could return alive, he would fade into the and become insignificant.

At that moment, no one realized that the monster incarnate that once caused countless paragons to tremble in fear had already been reborn!

After entering the territory of Great Zhou, Su Zimo was in no hurry. He continued forward and surveyed the mountains and rivers.

All these years, under Ji Yaoxue’s governance, Great Zhou was even more prosperous than before. The country was strong and the citizens lived in peace.

More than a hundred years ago, the allied army of Great Shang, Great Xia and Great You invaded Great Zhou and was buried by Su Zimo in Cang Lang Mountain Range.

After that battle, the fate of Great Zhou flourished!

Su Zimo was happy for Ji Yaoxue as well.

Although they were fated, they were not on the same path.

As the Empress of Great Zhou, Ji Yaoxue naturally wanted to establish a strong dynasty and welcome a peaceful era.

However, Su Zimo had to continue cultivating and pursue that illusory Great Dao to catch up to Die Yue!

Even so, Ji Yaoxue held an extremely important position in Su Zimo’s heart.

He could not forget how Ji Yaoxue looked at him without any contempt before he condensed his qi.

He could not forget the Sky Treasure Badge given to him by Ji Yaoxue.

More than that, he could not forget that a hundred years ago, there was a woman who braved danger every year to come to Dragon Burial Valley to vent her emotions.

If not for Ji Yaoxue, he would not even be able to see Su Hong for the last time!

Su Hong was his older brother.

Back then, Gla.s.s Palace chased after him.

n.o.body dared to get involved with him or take in Su Hong.

Only Ji Yaoxue risked her life to bring Su Hong out and hid him in the capital of Great Zhou for 20 years.

Su Zimo remembered all of that friends.h.i.+p.

He might not end up with Ji Yaoxue in this lifetime.

However, as long as he was alive, he would ensure her safety for the rest of her life!

Before long, Su Zimo suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Not far away, there was a layer of dark clouds in the skies – it was formed from extremely heavy grievances that lingered without dissipating!

Su Zimo moved and rushed over.

Before long, he arrived.

It was a medium-sized village with about 40 families.

At that moment, corpses were strewn everywhere in the village!

Every single corpse was rotten and filled with poisonous boils. There was a huge hole in their abdomen and the blood that flowed had long dried up.

All the corpses had widened eyes and died with grievances. Their deaths were tragic and shocking!

All of the blood was black!

Frowning slightly, Su Zimo released his spirit consciousness and enveloped the entire village.

There were more than a hundred people in the village. Be it men, women, old or young, all of them were dead without a single survivor!

All of them died in similar states. Poison boils grew on their bodies and their blood turned black. There was a huge hole in their abdomens as though they were ripped apart by something!

It did not seem like it was done by any demon beast.

However, Su Zimo could not sense any aura left behind by cultivators from these mortals.

These mortals died in a strange manner!

Su Zimo’s expression was dark.

This was something that happened in the mortal world and had nothing to do with him.

However, when he saw these unarmed mortals encounter such a calamity, he could not help but recall the calamity that the citizens of the Country of Yan had suffered.

This scene strengthened his determination to establish his Dao!

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