Chapter 1095: Three Dynasties Paying Respects

Su Zimo was silent as he looked at those who were still struggling and screaming.

Although his combat strength was strong and he was once the most terrifying monster incarnate in Tianhuang Mainland, he was helpless against this scene.

These people could no longer be saved.

The only thing he could do was to end their suffering!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Su Zimo flicked his finger gently and released Dharmic powers, killing the mortals who were in so much pain that they wanted to die. Thereafter, he released the immortal Dao fire and burned the entire city to ashes!

Su Zimo moved and continued forward.

Before long, his gaze s.h.i.+fted and he saw a group of cultivators speeding ahead, seemingly discussing something.

“Have you heard? The Patriarch of Great Zhou has pa.s.sed away from old age!”

“Ah! The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord that established the Great Zhou Dynasty?”

“That’s him.”

“To think that he would live for so long before dying.”

“I heard that if not for the patriarch presiding over the capital of Great Zhou, Great Zhou would have been annexed by the other three dynasties!”

Su Zimo’s ears quivered and he heard everything that the cultivators were discussing.

He frowned slightly with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

He had heard of the patriarch of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Back then, Nian Qi and Little Crane Qing Qing were able to enter the intermediate ancient battlefield because the old immortal crane and the Patriarch of Great Zhou worked together to open up the spatial node.

This old ancestor was already in his twilight years and had yet to break through. It was only logical that his lifespan was exhausted.

Su Zimo was puzzled. This should have been an extremely secretive matter – how did everyone know about it?

If the three dynasties were to hear of this, it would be disadvantageous for Great Zhou.

Su Zimo did not think further. A pair of Dharmic power wings appeared on his back and lightning coiled around his body. He turned into a bolt of purple lightning and overtook the cultivators instantly, disappearing into the void.

The capital of Great Zhou.

The palace was cold and empty.

A woman in a pale yellow robe with long black hair that cascaded down like a waterfall had an extremely beautiful face. Although she was not wearing any makeup or pearls, she had a dignified aura!

The woman rubbed her forehead gently and leaned against the back of the chair. Her eyes were closed and there was a deep fatigue between her brows as though she was taking a nap.

A middle-aged man walked in from outside the hall and sighed gently as he looked at the sleeping woman.

During this period of time, the patriarch had pa.s.sed away and the pillar of the dynasty had collapsed. All the burden was on this woman.

That was because she was the current empress of Great Zhou, Ji Yaoxue!

Even a seven foot tall man like him could not withstand the pressure, let alone a weak woman.

For some reason, news of the patriarch’s death had spread over the past few days, causing the entire Great Zhou to be in turmoil.

After hesitating for a long time, the middle-aged man said softly, “Empress, the kings have arrived at the capital to pay their respects.”


Ji Yaoxue jolted awake from her dream and let out a long breath before nodding. “Uncle Ming Ze, it’s been hard on you.”

“It’s nothing,”

That middle-aged man was Perfected Lord Ming Ze, who had once followed the emperor.

Right now, he had already cultivated to the Void Reversion realm!

Ji Yaoxue walked out.

She was the one who wanted the kings to pay their respects!

Since the news of the patriarch’s death had already been leaked, she might as well take advantage of the situation and gather the kings of the Great Zhou va.s.sal states here to teach them a lesson.

The two of them headed towards the depths of the palace where the Patriarch of Great Zhou was buried.

The kings had arrived as well!

Right then, a beautiful figure sped over with an extremely fast and anxious expression. It was the former commander of the White Hawk guards and one of the current commanders of the Imperial Army, Bai Yuhan!

After more than a hundred years, Bai Yuhan had also cultivated to the Nascent Soul realm.

“Yuhan, what’s wrong?”

Something major must have happened for Bai Yuhan to be in such a hurry. However, Ji Yaoxue remained composed and asked in a deep voice.

“Empress, something bad has happened!”

Bai Yuhan panted slightly. “The spirit vessels of the three dynasties are already approaching the capital! The emperors of the three dynasties are gathered and there are dozens of Void Reversions and 200 Nascent Souls. They claim that they’re here to pay their respects!”

Ji Yaoxue’s expression changed.


Dao Being Ming Ze exclaimed in shock.

For the three emperors to enter the Great Zhou Dynasty at such a time and lead such powerful cultivators, they definitely had ill intentions and could not be here purely to pay their respects!

Initially, the emperors of the three dynasties did not dare to venture deep into the capital of Great Zhou with a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord guarding it.

But now that the patriarch was dead, the three emperors had arrived on their imperial mounts!

“Empress, let’s leave first or it’ll be too late!”

Bai Yuhan persuaded with a worried expression.

Dao Being Ming Ze pondered for a moment before nodding as well. “There are less than ten Void Reversions in our capital. I’m afraid we won’t be able to defeat them. Commander Bai is right. We should avoid them for now!”


Ji Yaoxue laughed self-deprecatingly and asked, “Where can we hide?”

“To Ethereal Peak!”

Dao Being Ming Ze said in a deep voice, “Ethereal Peak has the old immortal crane guarding it. As long as we obtain the old immortal crane’s support, you can lead the cultivation army to make a comeback and reclaim the capital!”

Ji Yaoxue shook her head. “The foundation of Great Zhou is here. The capital of Great Zhou is here and the citizens of Great Zhou are here. Anyone can retreat except me.”

“I’m the Empress of Great Zhou!”

The kings were in the palace and if Ji Yaoxue retreated, the Great Zhou Dynasty would be destroyed as well.

“Send a message to Ethereal Peak to ask senior crane for reinforcements!”

Ji Yaoxue took a deep breath and a resolute expression appeared on her face. “Gather all the Void Reversions and Nascent Souls in the capital and get them to arrive as soon as possible!”

“Our opponents are merely Void Reversions and Nascent Souls as well. As long as we can hold on, all the cultivators of the three dynasties will be buried here when senior crane of Ethereal Peak arrives!”


Bai Yuhan replied in a deep voice and retrieved a spirit crane from her storage bag. She wrote a few words and released it.

At the same time, Dao Being Ming Ze released spirit cranes to gather the Void Reversions in the capital!

In the depths of the palace.

In front of a tomb, the kings stood side by side with solemn expressions.

Before long, Ji Yaoxue arrived with many cultivators.

Nine Void Reversions and 37 Nascent Souls followed behind her in a terrifying manner!

“What’s going on?”

The kings were shocked.

They knew that the empress had called them over to give them a warning.

However, they had not expected the empress to create such a huge commotion!

“Kings, if you’re done paying your respects, please return.”

Upon arriving, Ji Yaoxue did not bother to exchange pleasantries with the kings and said straightforwardly.

The kings were stunned.

However, immediately, a king reacted and cupped his hands in farewell.

The remaining kings left one after another.

Right then, a black cloud shrouded over from the skies not far away. The clouds rumbled and enveloped the entire capital of Great Zhou!

“Upon hearing that the Patriarch of Great Zhou has pa.s.sed away, I, the Emperor of Great Xia, have come to pay my respects!”

“I, the Emperor of Great Shang, have come to pay my respects!”

“I, the Emperor of Great You, have come to pay my respects!”

All the kings were shocked and looked over.

In the skies, three gigantic spirit vessels tore through the black clouds and figures stood on them, exuding a tremendous might as they cruised over slowly!

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