Chapter 1096: Dao Being Flying Wolf

Although the cultivation realms of the kings present were not high, they were all people of high status and authority. They quickly realized something!

The emperors of three dynasties had arrived personally with so many cultivators to pay their respects – it was clear that they had ill intentions!

If the empress could not withstand this calamity, the Great Zhou Dynasty would most likely be divided today!

Ji Yaoxue was uneasy and her palms were filled with cold sweat. However, she maintained her composure despite the circ.u.mstances and looked fearless!

She must not panic!

If she lost her cool, everyone would be doomed!

The only thing she had to do was to delay as much as possible.

Three gigantic spirit vessels stopped above the crowd of cultivators.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem to welcome us, empress?”

The Emperor of Great Xia smiled and asked loudly.

“If the three of you are here to pay your respects sincerely, I will naturally welcome you. However, if you have any ulterior motives…”

Ji Yaoxue did not continue but there was a hint of murderous intent in her tone!

Even against the armies of the three dynasties, she did not show any fear!


The three emperors exchanged glances and smiled mockingly.

Prior to this, they might have been scared off by Ji Yaoxue’s composure.

But now, victory was within their grasp!

Given the power and influence behind them, they could even flatten the aristocratic families of the North Region, let alone the Great Zhou Dynasty!

The spirit vessel dispersed and the armies of the three dynasties descended slowly.

Even though they had long received the news, there was still a commotion among the cultivators on the Great Zhou side.

Not everyone could remain calm in the face of such a terrifying formation like Ji Yaoxue!

Among the crowd behind the three emperors, a green-robed cultivator stood between them. His gaze landed on Ji Yaoxue’s face with a playful look.

Arriving at the tomb of the Great Zhou’s patriarch, the Emperor of Great Xia shook his head gently and sighed. “What a pity. What a pity that you died early and can’t see the Great Zhou destroyed.”

The expressions of the Great Zhou cultivators changed!

This was an undisguised provocation!

The three emperors bowed before the tomb of the Great Zhou’s patriarch before retreating to the front and looking at Ji Yaoxue with a fake smile.

“Empress of Great Zhou, are you so calm because you’re waiting for reinforcements from Ethereal Peak?”

The Emperor of Great Xia suddenly laughed and asked.

Ji Yaoxue remained silent.

The Emperor of Great Shang reared his head in laughter. “To tell you the truth, you won’t be able to wait any longer! From this day forth, not only will Great Zhou be removed, Ethereal Peak will be destroyed as well!”

At that point, the cultivators of Great Zhou could no longer maintain their composure.

Ji Yaoxue’s expression was cold as she said sternly, “The three of you, I have nine Void Reversions and more than 30 Nascent Souls behind me. If we fight to the death, your three dynasties will suffer great losses as well!”


The Emperor of Great Xia smiled leisurely. “Empress of Great Xia, do you really think that you can fight against us?”

“Flying Wolf, go!”

The moment he said that, a Void Reversion stood out from behind the Emperor of Great Xia. There was a hint of ferocity in his eyes and he was filled with killing intent!

“Dao Being Flying Wolf!”

Dao Being Ming Ze frowned.

Dao Being Flying Wolf was originally an itinerant cultivator of the North Region. He was ruthless and extremely ferocious. He had been famous for many years – to think that he had actually submitted to the Great Xia Dynasty!

Dao Being Flying Wolf twisted his neck twice and the sound of bones cracking could be heard from his body.

For some unknown reason, under Dao Being Ming Ze’s gaze, Dao Being Flying Wolf’s cheeks s.h.i.+mmered with silver light!

It was as though there were earthworms crawling within and they disappeared quickly!

Dao Being Flying Wolf lunged towards Ji Yaoxue in huge strides.

“You must have a death wis.h.!.+”

Immediately, a Void Reversion stood out from behind Ji Yaoxue. Leaping into the air, he waved his sleeves and a flying sword sped forward, turning into a cold beam that shot towards Dao Being Flying Wolf!

The sword was extremely fast.

However, Dao Being Flying Wolf was even faster. In a flash, he disappeared from everyone’s sight!

Immediately after, everyone felt their cheeks heat up.

In midair, Dao Being Flying Wolf appeared and tore the Void Reversion into two, swallowing his Essence Spirit and chewing it!

It was only when the blood splattered on everyone’s faces that it felt warm.

By that time, one of Great Zhou’s nine Void Reversions was already dead!


The crowd gasped.

Dao Being Ming Ze was shocked as well.

Dao Being Flying Wolf’s combat strength was many times stronger than what he knew!


Dao Being Flying Wolf’s arms trembled and a pair of cold claws with four Dharmic patterns appeared on his wrist.

It was a supreme-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

This was not common in the cultivation world of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Even Dao Being Ming Ze only had a superior-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon.


A strange silver light flashed through Dao Being Flying Wolf’s eyes as he charged into the crowd.

Dao Being Ming Ze hurriedly retreated with Ji Yaoxue.

Three Void Reversions attacked at the same time and released Dharmic arts and Dharmic weapons, forming a gigantic barrier that wanted to trap Dao Being Flying Wolf within.

However, Dao Being Flying Wolf was way too fast and his movement technique was strange. In a flash, he pa.s.sed through layers of barriers and arrived before the three Void Reversions!

Broken limbs flew and blood mist spewed everywhere!

In the blink of an eye, three Void Reversions were dead!

There were only five Void Reversions left beside Ji Yaoxue!


Two Void Reversions stood out and released a spirit consciousness attack without hesitation.

n.o.body in the Great Zhou Dynasty knew about Essence Spirit secret skills.

Dao Being Flying Wolf was not afraid at all and condensed his spirit consciousness as well, colliding with the spirit consciousnesses of the two Void Reversions with a loud bang!

Immediately after, the two Void Reversions grunted.

A look of pain flashed through Dao Being Flying Wolf’s eyes as well.

Their spirit consciousnesses clashed and the three of them were injured at the same time.

On the side of Great Zhou, another Void Reversion took the opportunity to attack. With a cold flash, he slashed Dao Being Flying Wolf’s neck!


The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng echoed as the sword slashed forward and sparks flew everywhere!


Dao Being Ming Ze’s eyes widened.

When did Dao Being Flying Wolf’s body become so strong?

Even if the flying sword was an ordinary mid-grade Dao Being Dharmic weapon, there was no way it could not pierce through Dao Being Flying Wolf’s body!

Another Dharmic art descended and struck Dao Being Flying Wolf squarely on the chest.

However, it merely sent him tumbling.

Dao Being Flying Wolf stood up once more and his eyes shone with silver light. He grinned sinisterly and charged towards the few Void Reversions that attacked!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Flashes of blood appeared!

In less than ten rounds, another four Void Reversions were killed by Dao Being Flying Wolf!

Ming Ze was the only Void Reversion left beside Ji Yaoxue!

Many Nascent Souls of Great Zhou retreated repeatedly and n.o.body dared to advance!

Even Void Reversions had fallen one after another – there was nothing they could do even if they went up.

Dao Being Ming Ze felt chills run down his spine.

It was only at this moment that he realized what sort of terrifying cultivators they were facing!

Ji Yaoxue was devastated.

Great Zhou was on the brink of destruction!

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