Chapter 1097: Someone’s Bullying You

“Something isn’t right!”

Dao Being Ming Ze’s expression was terrible.

Although Dao Being Flying Wolf was strong, he could not be that strong.

Furthermore, if Dao Being Flying Wolf had such combat strength, why would he listen to the orders of the Great Xia Dynasty?

Ever since the destruction of the Great Qian Empire 10,000 years ago, the current four dynasties of the North Region no longer had their former glory and strength.

Back then, there were two Buddhist monasteries presiding over the Great Qian Empire.

The strength of an empire was comparable to a super sect!

But now, let alone super sects, even the four dynasties could not compare to the Ten Upper Sects and aristocratic families of the North Region.

Given Dao Being Flying Wolf’s combat strength, he was more than qualified to join the Upper Sects – why would he join the Great Xia Dynasty?

Dao Being Ming Ze vaguely realized that the enemies Great Zhou was facing this time round might be much more terrifying than the three dynasties!

How confident did the three emperors have to be to pay a personal visit to the Great Zhou Dynasty?

The Emperor of Great Xia smiled leisurely. “Empress of Great Zhou, why are the Void Reversions of your Great Zhou so weak and vulnerable?”

The Emperor of Great You said coldly, “Ji Yaoxue, more than a hundred years ago, your lover, Su Zimo, killed a million people from the allied army of our three dynasties in Cang Lang Mountain Range! It’s time to settle this debt.”

Ji Yaoxue knew that she was definitely going to die today and that the Great Zhou Dynasty was about to be destroyed. There was no longer any fear in her heart as she sneered, “The army of the three dynasties invaded the Great Zhou Dynasty and slaughtered more than a million citizens wherever they pa.s.sed!”

“Those lowlifes were akin to mantises trying to stop a chariot by going against our three dynasties. They were the ones who had death wishes!”

A ferocious glint flashed through the eyes of the Emperor of Great Shang as he laughed sinisterly. “Ji Yaoxue, Su Zimo is already a cripple. We don’t even know if he’s dead or alive. As such, that blood debt is now relegated to you!”

Ji Yaoxue’s eyes dimmed when she heard that name.

She had also heard about the battle 10 years ago.

Even if Su Zimo could return once again, after his body was destroyed and the loss of his Divine Phoenix Bone as well as Creation Green Lotus, he would not be the invincible monster incarnate he was in the past.

Such a blow was enough to destroy anyone!

Ji Yaoxue looked into the distance and sighed internally. “Zimo, I wonder if you’re alright. We… are not fated to meet again in this lifetime.”

At that moment, a strong sense of longing surged in her heart.

Like a dying lantern, scenes of the two of them interacting appeared before her eyes.

She was immersed in it and smiled gently, her eyes turning moist.

Those scenes eventually condensed into a figure that appeared in her blurry vision.

He wore green robes and had a slender figure. His black hair swayed and his eyes were clear. He was smiling at her with a gentle gaze as he walked over slowly.

Was she hallucinating?

Ji Yaoxue sniffed and laughed self-deprecatingly. Lowering her head slightly, she took out a short sword and prepared to commit suicide.

Suddenly, she realized that all the cultivators present were looking in that direction with eyes widened in shock!


Dao Being Ming Ze pointed into the distance and uttered words in disbelief, but he could not continue.

Ji Yaoxue seemed to have realized something and looked up suddenly.

Not far away, a green-robed cultivator truly appeared in her line of sight and arrived before her in the blink of an eye!

Was she not hallucinating?

“Who is that person?”

The Emperor of Great Xia frowned and asked.

The green-robed cultivator was merely at the Void Reversion realm – why did some of the cultivators look as though they had seen a ghost when they saw him?!

“It’s him!”

Dao Being Red Tiger of Dragon Tiger Sect narrowed his gaze and said in a deep voice, “Dao Being Desolate Martial, Su Zimo!”

In the crowd, a cold glint flashed through the green-robed young man’s eyes as he murmured, “Interesting. We were merely dealing with small fries. To think that a big fish would be lured out.”


The Emperor of Great You sneered, “This person would still have some deterrence if this was ten years ago. But now, he’s merely a cripple!”

Ji Yaoxue looked at the intruder in a daze and called out softly in disbelief.


Her voice trembled as she extended her palm slowly, wanting to touch Su Zimo’s cheek. However, she did not dare and her palm froze in midair.

She was afraid that the illusion would disappear if she touched it!

Su Zimo arrived beside Ji Yaoxue and reached out to gently wipe away the tears at the corner of her eyes.

Ji Yaoxue no longer had any doubts as she felt the warmth in his palm.

This was not a hallucination!

The person before her was Su Zimo!

Su Zimo sighed gently. “Someone’s bullying you.”

For some unknown reason, the moment that sigh sounded, a chill ran down the cultivators’ spines and their hairs stood on end!

It felt as though they were in great danger and were targeted by a pure-blooded ferocious beast!

Even the green-robed young man frowned and felt his scalp tingle.

He shook his head to get rid of that feeling.


Ji Yaoxue did not say anything more and her dignified aura of an empress vanished instantly. As though she had been wronged, she merely nodded and acknowledged.

At that moment, no one realized that her single ‘yes’ reply had already determined their death sentence!

“Stop pretending! What’s with that drama?”

Suddenly, Dao Being Flying Wolf sneered, “Dao Being Desolate Martial, your past glory is all in the past! Number one of the Phenomenon Ranking? Number one Perfected Lord? Number one Dao Being? None of that has anything to do with you anymore!”


Su Zimo could not help but laugh.

This time round, he had merely been in seclusion for ten years and even a n.o.body in the cultivation world like Dao Being Flying Wolf dared to jump out.

Dao Being Flying Wolf might have some reputation in the cultivation world of the North Region, but he was far from being a true paragon!

He had not even entered the Dao Inheritance Ground before.

In other words, he was not even fit to carry Su Zimo’s shoes!

Of course, the reason why Dao Being Flying Wolf was so arrogant was because a Half-Martial Ancestor expert attacked Su Zimo ten years ago.

Logically speaking, after losing the Divine Phoenix Bone, the Creation Green Lotus and his body being destroyed, Su Zimo would definitely be reduced to an ordinary Void Reversion.

However, no one knew that although Su Zimo’s body and bloodline were slightly weaker after reconstructing his Green Lotus True Body, his combat strength was no weaker than ten years ago!

“Su Zimo, you came at the right time!”

The Emperor of Great Xia’s gaze was cold as he said in a deep voice, “A hundred years ago, an army of a million cultivators from the three dynasties were killed. We’ll repay that blood debt with your life!”


Dao Being Flying Wolf growled and his figure flashed. Suddenly, he lunged towards Su Zimo with a pair of sharp, b.l.o.o.d.y claws extending from his wrist!

Su Zimo looked at Dao Being Flying Wolf and his eyes suddenly shone with a strange black light.

Heavenly Fiend Eye!

It was a visual technique of the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra. Cultivators with weak wills and Dao hearts would be easily controlled and lose consciousness.

Suddenly, Dao Being Flying Wolf stopped in his tracks and stood rooted to the spot in a daze as though he had lost his soul.

Although the Heavenly Fiend Eye did not have much lethality, it was still a fiend technique from the ancient era and Dao Being Flying Wolf could not defend against it!


Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

Everyone witnessed how ferocious Dao Being Flying Wolf was earlier on.

Eight Void Reversions of the Great Zhou Dynasty were killed by him alone!

But now, Dao Being Flying Wolf was no match for Su Zimo’s gaze and had given up on resisting after a single glance!

He stood motionlessly on the spot at the moment.

Any Nascent Soul would be able to kill him with ease, let alone Su Zimo!

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