Chapter 1098: Strange Power

“It’s a visual technique!”

As someone from one of the Upper Sects, Dao Being Red Tiger was the first to react and said in the crowd.

Right then, Dao Being Flying Wolf’s body shuddered and a sudden movement came from his body.

Strange silver threads appeared on his cheeks.

Thereafter, silver light shone from his eyes!


Su Zimo’s expression changed and a look of surprise flashed through his eyes.

There was clearly an extremely strange power in Dao Being Flying Wolf’s body. With the burst of that power, he managed to break free from the control of the Heavenly Fiend Eye!

Su Zimo did not think too much about it. He flicked his finger and Dharmic powers formed a sword qi that shot out.


The Dharmic power sword qi entered Dao Being Flying Wolf’s glabella instantly.

Su Zimo did not need to use any Dharmic arts against ordinary Void Reversions.

Even the simplest transformation of Dharmic powers into a single sword qi could create immense lethality!

Although he was at the mid-stage Void Reversion realm, his Essence Spirit had become incomparably pure after being tempered by the top cultivation techniques of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

The range of his spirit consciousness was more than 500 kilometers and was comparable to Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

His Dharmic powers were even more terrifying!

This was the purest form of suppression through brute force!

Under countless gazes, Dao Being Flying Wolf had just broken free from the control of the Heavenly Fiend Eye and was about to regain consciousness when Su Zimo’s Dharmic power sword qi penetrated his glabella.

Dao Being Flying Wolf’s Essence Spirit was destroyed and he died on the spot!

Although Dao Being Flying Wolf was dead, Su Zimo was puzzled by the sudden surge of power that appeared in the latter’s body.

Clearly, if not for that power, Dao Being Flying Wolf’s combat strength would not have reached that level either.

It was impossible for him to kill eight Void Reversions of Great Zhou singlehandedly!

“Go, kill him!”

The Emperor of Great Xia said fiercely, “Kill Desolate Martial and you’ll be famous throughout the world!”

“That’s right, he’s alone. All of you, attack together!”

The Emperor of Great You shouted as well.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoos.h.!.+

Immediately, eight Void Reversions stood out from behind the three emperors with strange silver lines appearing on their faces.

Finally, silver light flashed through the eyes of the Void Reversions as they attacked at the same time!

Instantly, more than ten flying swords tore through the air.

In midair, a few Void Reversions even conjured Dharmic arts and arrived!

“That technique again?”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The Dharmic weapons and Dharmic arts of these Void Reversions were not worth mentioning.

However, the silver threads that appeared on their bodies caused their strength to double and their combat strength to soar!

Su Zimo had never seen such methods before.

Of course, even if the combat strength of the Void Reversions were doubled, there was nothing to fear.

Su Zimo extended his finger and tapped forward.


Suddenly, a dark cloud condensed above the heads of the cultivators. It was pitch black as ink and streaks of blinding lightning descended from the skies.

It connected the heavens and the earth!

Electric arcs intertwined endlessly, forming a gigantic thunderstorm!

The green-robed cultivator was shocked and retreated immediately.

The cultivators of the three dynasties reacted and retreated!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying thunderstorm exuded a tremendous might as though it could destroy everything and instantly engulfed the eight Void Reversions that attacked.

Their flying swords, spirit weapons and Dharmic arts were all enveloped by the Purple Thunderstorm!

A moment later, the storm dissipated.

There were only eight charred corpses on the ground that were beyond recognition. Green smoke billowed from their bodies and they were already dead!

The Dharmic arts of the Void Reversions were also devoured by the thunderstorm and vanished without a trace.

There were many flying swords and spirit weapons scattered on the ground – none of them were intact!

That Dharmic art was so terrifying that even Dharmic weapons could not withstand it and were smashed into pieces!

After the Purple Thunder Manual was fused with the Green Thunder Manual, it formed the complete cultivation technique, the Great Void Spirit Refinement section. The original Purple Thunderstorm had also turned into the current thunderstorm.

Its power was even more shocking!

On the side of the three dynasties, the emperors of the three dynasties, Void Reversions and many Nascent Souls were shocked and trembling with deep fear in their eyes.

The cultivators gulped.

Wasn’t Dao Being Desolate Martial’s body crippled and his combat strength greatly reduced after losing the Creation Green Lotus and Divine Phoenix Bone?

Didn’t they say that Dao Being Desolate Martial was already a cripple?

What was going on?

In the face of that Dharmic art, they felt as insignificant as ants!

This was not an illusion.

Given Su Zimo’s current Dharmic powers, the thunderstorm was not much weaker than the power of a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord if it was released at full power!

“It seems like there’s been some commotion.”

Su Zimo shrugged with a relaxed expression.

The reason why he released that Dharmic art was not to deal with the Void Reversions – he merely wanted to see how powerful the Dharmic art was.

After all, he had not fought anyone since he entered seclusion at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

The green-robed young man frowned deeply – the contempt and mockery in his eyes had long vanished!

Su Zimo’s combat strength seemed to be different from the rumors.

Given his strength, he did not have absolute confidence in killing Su Zimo even if he attacked!

Of course, he could still maintain his composure.

Even if Void Reversions like them could not suppress Su Zimo, there was still a Dharma Characteristic of the Dragon Tiger Sect in the capital of Great Zhou!

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord must have sensed the commotion.

“All of you, attack together!”

Right then, Dao Being Red Tiger hollered, “Desolate Martial’s body was destroyed and his reconstructed body is extremely weak. If you guys fight him in close combat, you’ll definitely be able to severely injure him!”

His words jolted everyone into realization.

Ten years ago, Su Zimo lost his body but his Essence Spirit was not injured.

Right now, they were definitely not a match for Su Zimo in terms of Dharmic techniques!

In the cultivation world, all cultivators knew some common knowledge.

If Void Reversions lost their bodies, it would be difficult for them to recover their former combat strength whether it was through a.s.similation or purchasing a Void Reversion physical body.

In the past, Su Zimo had a terrifying physique and was invincible in melee combat.

But now, his body was his greatest weakness!

At that thought, six cultivators suddenly appeared from the crowd. Their eyes flashed with silver light as they burst forth with their full speed towards Su Zimo!

“Fellow Daoist, be careful!”

When Dao Being Ming Ze saw that Su Zimo was motionless, he reminded hurriedly, “If they want to engage in melee combat, you have to keep your distance!”

“There’s no need,”

Smiling gently, Su Zimo channeled his spirit consciousness and channeled his Dharmic powers to his fingertips.

He flicked his finger gently.

s.h.i.+ng! s.h.i.+ng! s.h.i.+ng!

Beams of Dharmic power sword qi shot out at an extremely fast speed towards the six Void Reversions charging over.


A Void Reversion could not dodge in time and his head was pierced by the Dharmic power sword qi, causing his Essence Spirit to dissipate.

The other five Void Reversions slowed down hurriedly.

One of them turned sideways slightly to avoid the sharpness of the Dharmic power sword qi. Before he could catch his breath, he caught sight of something from the corner of his eye and was scared out of his wits!

The Dharmic power sword qi had already swept past him when it suddenly paused. As though it had a mind of its own, it spun its blade and stabbed towards the back of his head!


Blood flashed.

The Void Reversion fell to the ground dead!

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