Chapter 1100: Slaying Red Tiger!

All the cultivators were dumbfounded and speechless!

Dao Being Red Tiger’s expression froze instantly as disbelief filled his eyes.

Su Zimo’s question rumbled in his mind.

What are you trying to do?

Dao Being Red Tiger’s mind was in chaos.

That’s right, what was he trying to do?

The reason why he released all his strength and methods and even endured the injury of Su Zimo’s Dharmic power sword qi was so that he could rush over, close the distance and engage in melee combat!

But now, the two of them were merely inches apart.

However, his thick saber was gripped firmly by a fair and tender palm and could not move at all!

This was a perfect Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

Slicing through a single strand of hair and cutting iron like mud… even those could not describe the sharpness of this thick saber!

However, such a divine weapon was grabbed by the cultivator before him with his bare hands!

He was not even gripping the handle, but the blade that was s.h.i.+mmering with a cold sharpness!

What was he trying to do?

What could he do?

His plans, a.n.a.lysis and the many trump cards that he was prepared to unleash next seemed extremely laughable at this moment.

Dao Being Red Tiger did not understand.

It was absolutely true that the Di Clan’s Half-Martial Ancestor had crippled this person’s body. Many cultivators in the Dao Inheritance Ground witnessed it.

How was this person still able to withstand the sharpness of a perfect Dao Being Dharmic weapon with his body?

The most frightening thing was that his thick saber could not even scratch the person’s skin!

There was no way Dao Being Red Tiger could have understood. It was true that Su Zimo’s Green Lotus True Body was inferior to the Dragon True Body in terms of bloodline and strength.

However, the toughness of this Green Lotus True Body was not any weaker!

Before the Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus shattered, it was comparable to a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon.

Su Zimo’s skin was made of lotus leaves. Even connate Dao Being Dharmic weapons could not hurt him, let alone perfect Dao Being Dharmic weapons!

Initially, Dao Being Red Tiger thought that the monster incarnate of the past had already fallen from grace and he wanted to take advantage of the situation to trample on him.

However, it was only at this moment that he realized that the monster incarnate of the past was still at the peak. The latter was so high up that he could not even touch the hem of the other party’s clothes!

“You think you can hurt me with that piece of sc.r.a.p metal?”

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified and he exerted strength in his fingers.

There was a cracking sound that pierced through the skies!

Su Zimo broke the blade with his bare hands.

The five blazing lights on the thick saber dimmed instantly.

A perfect Dao Being Dharmic weapon was destroyed by Su Zimo barehanded in front of everyone!

The sound of breaking echoed and all the cultivators present shuddered. Their hearts skipped a beat and they forgot to breathe for a moment.

Cultivators of the three dynasties looked at Su Zimo with endless fear!

This person had completely surpa.s.sed their understanding!

This scene once again awakened their long-lost memories.

They finally realized who they were facing!

This was the terrifying existence that killed eight t.i.tular disciples in the Dao Inheritance Ground singlehandedly!

There were countless paragons and monster incarnates that died in his hands.

Compared to those paragons and monster incarnates, they were insignificant!

Dao Being Red Tiger gulped and retreated with a horrified expression.

In front of Su Zimo, he did not even dare to make large motions and merely moved backwards slowly step by step!

It took him less than three breaths to reach Su Zimo.

However, it felt as though a century had pa.s.sed just by taking three steps back!

He was scared out of his wits!

Su Zimo looked at the s.h.i.+vering Dao Being Red Tiger and shook his head, smiling gently. “It’s too late to leave now…”


A bolt of lightning flashed.

Su Zimo had already vanished from the spot.

Dao Being Red Tiger’s pupils constricted and he exerted strength in his legs, wanting to retreat. However, he only felt a cold glint flash before his eyes.

Gripping the broken blade of the thick saber, Su Zimo slashed Dao Being Red Tiger’s throat viciously!


A blood mist spewed out!

Su Zimo’s figure disappeared once more and he had already dodged.

Dao Being Red Tiger widened his eyes and staggered backwards, clutching his throat. However, scarlet blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from the gaps between his fingers!

Although the power of the Golden Silkworm in his body was strong, it was still difficult for him to recover from a fatal injury to his throat.

The lifeforce of his body was draining rapidly and his blood qi was declining.

Dao Being Red Tiger realized that his body was already crippled!


With a flash of light, his Essence Spirit escaped from the top of his head.

His Essence Spirit left his body!

As though he had expected it, Su Zimo tossed his hand casually.

The broken blade that was still in his palm vanished and turned into a cold beam of light that slashed at Dao Being Red Tiger’s Essence Spirit instantly!

Dao Being Red Tiger died on the spot without saying anything!

After killing Dao Being Red Tiger, Su Zimo glanced at a distant corner indifferently, as though he had just crushed an ant casually.

There was a cultivator hidden in that corner.

Dressed in the robes of the Dragon Tiger Sect, his beard was grayish-white – he was Elder Sun of the Dragon Tiger Sect who had arrived at the capital of Great Zhou long ago and was hiding nearby!

Even after the disciples of the sect died, he did not appear.

He was still holding back.

However, at that moment, Dao Being Desolate Martial’s gaze drifted towards him, causing Elder Sun’s heart to skip a beat!

‘Could that lad have discovered my tracks?’

Elder Sun frowned slightly with a bewildered expression.

While he was feeling puzzled, Dao Being Desolate Martial had already retracted his gaze, as though that glance was merely a coincidence.

Elder Sun heaved a sigh of relief and lamented internally, ‘I was overthinking. This lad is only at the mid-stage Void Reversion realm. How could he have detected me?’

On the other side.

Su Zimo retracted his gaze.

The moment he arrived, he had already sensed that there was a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord hidden in that corner!

His spirit consciousness was comparable to Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and with the help of his spirit perception, there was no way Elder Sun’s tracks could escape his senses!

He was not bothered by this Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord.

If that person chose not to appear, Su Zimo would not take the initiative to provoke him either.

His gaze landed on the three emperors once more.

The three emperors felt their hearts turn cold!


There was only a single thought in the three emperors’ minds.

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect did not appear and they only had one option – escape!

“n.o.body is allowed to leave without my permission!”

Although Su Zimo’s voice was neither loud nor soft, it was heard by every Void Reversion with an unquestionable authority!

However, the cultivators of the three dynasties were scared out of their wits and did not dare to stay.

In everyone’s opinion, they would definitely die if they remained in the capital!

Including Nascent Souls, there were more than two hundred cultivators left in the three dynasties.

However, Su Zimo was alone. As long as everyone dispersed and fled in all directions, there was no way Su Zimo could keep all of them!

The green-robed young man was also hidden in the crowd and fled out of the city amidst the chaos.

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold as he rose slowly and hovered in midair, saying coldly, “Anyone who makes a move rashly shall die!”

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