Chapter 1101: Reunion


Su Zimo released his ma.s.sive spirit consciousness and descended, enveloping the two hundred odd cultivators from the three dynasties that were escaping!

His spirit consciousness was comparable to Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

Nascent Souls could not defend against the pressure of that spirit consciousness at all.

Figures fell from midair one after another!

Many Nascent Souls were suppressed by the ma.s.sive spirit consciousness and could not move at all!

As for the remaining dozens of Void Reversions, although they could still withstand the pressure of Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness and escape, their speed was much slower.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent as a green glow burst forth from his glabella.

54 green lotus seeds appeared and tore through the air!

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Every single green lotus seed was an Essence Spirit Dharmic weapon.

The green lotus seeds carried sharp auras.

Under the suppression of Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness, the speed of the Void Reversions decreased significantly – they could not avoid the attacks of the green lotus seeds at all!


A green light flashed and a green lotus seed penetrated a Void Reversion.

A bloodied hole appeared on the forehead of the Void Reversion and his Essence Spirit was destroyed. He tilted his head and his corpse fell from midair.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

In the blink of an eye, three more Void Reversions had their heads pierced by green lights!

Even if cultivators used Dharmic weapons to defend against the green lotus seeds, they would not be able to defend against the killing power of the lotus seeds against Essence Spirits!

The 54 green lotus seeds surrounded the remaining dozens of Void Reversions!

In the blink of an eye, ten Void Reversions were dead!

Furthermore, this was Su Zimo holding back.

If he wanted to kill them all, he could erase all the Void Reversions with a single thought!

He had another motive for leaving these people behind.

There were still more than 20 Void Reversions left in midair. They looked at the green lotus seeds surrounding them with frightened expressions and did not dare to move anymore!

They had never seen such methods before.

The lives of Void Reversions were easily reaped by the lotus seeds!

At Su Zimo’s signal, the remaining 20 Void Reversions descended once more.

“Master, what should we do?”

The Emperor of Great Xia turned pale and could not help but send a voice transmission.

“Do as I say later. I guarantee that you guys won’t die!”

The green-robed young man was expressionless as he squeezed into the crowd and sent a voice transmission to the three emperors.

He was cautious by nature.

The more it was like this, the more he would not reveal himself and hide!

“Su Zimo, let’s make a deal.”

Suddenly, the Emperor of Great Xia said,

Su Zimo shook his head and said indifferently, “You guys are only prisoners now. You don’t have the right to make a deal or negotiate terms with me.”

“Not necessarily,”

The Emperor of Great Xia took a deep breath and said slowly, “It’s easy for you to kill us, but the tens of millions of citizens in the capital of Great Zhou will have to die with us!”

Suppressing the fear in his heart, the Emperor of Great Xia maintained his composure and continued, “When we descended here, we planted a poison in the capital! Without the antidote, the citizens of the capital won’t be able to survive till tomorrow!”


Su Zimo was expressionless and unmoved.

He had experienced too much and naturally wouldn’t be intimidated by the words of the Emperor of Great Xia.

When the Emperor of Great Xia saw that Su Zimo did not believe him, he smiled gently. “Over the past few days, some people have already died from the poison in the Great Zhou Dynasty’s territory! I believe that the Empress of Great Zhou should have received some news.”

Both Su Zimo and Ji Yaoxue’s expressions changed when they heard that!

The first thing that came to Su Zimo’s mind was the tragic deaths of the commoners and mortals.

At the same time, Ji Yaoxue recalled the news that she had received over the past few days. Indeed, some of the livestock and villagers in the cities and villages had all died!

The Emperor of Great Xia said, “Those who are poisoned will be filled with poison boils and their blood will turn black. Eventually, their abdomen will swell and explode, leading to their deaths!”

Su Zimo no longer had any doubts.

“Did you poison those people?”

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold and his heart surged with killing intent as he glared at the Emperor of Great Xia.

Under that gaze, the Emperor of Great Xia felt his legs go weak and he nearly slumped to the ground!

He said hurriedly, “It’s useless even if you kill me. The antidote is not with me. However, I can guarantee that as long as you let us go, the millions of citizens in the capital of Great Zhou will be able to survive!”

“I swear on my honor!”

Afraid that Su Zimo would not believe him, the Emperor of Great Xia added hurriedly.

“Given your despicable nature of indiscriminate killing, what honor is there to speak of?”

The killing intent in Su Zimo’s eyes did not dissipate at all. Instead, it intensified!


Ji Yaoxue tugged at Su Zimo’s arm and called out softly.

She had no choice but to use the lives of millions of citizens of Great Zhou as a bargaining chip!

She was afraid that Su Zimo would kill the Void Reversions on impulse and the millions of citizens of Great Zhou would die as a result.

Su Zimo closed his eyes.

If it was any other situation, it would have been fine. However, he had no clue about that strange poison and was helpless!

Given the current situation, he could only compromise.

Compared to the lives of millions of citizens of Great Zhou, the lives of the Emperor of Great Xia and the others were insignificant!

“Alright, I agree to let you guys go.”

Su Zimo took a deep breath and said slowly.

The Emperor of Great Xia rolled his eyes and mustered his courage. “That won’t do. You have to swear an oath. Without any evidence, who knows if you won’t go back on your words?”

Killing intent surged in Su Zimo’s heart.

His original plan was to release this group of people.

Once he saved the lives of the citizens of Great Zhou, even if he had to chase them to the ends of the world, he would find the Emperor of Great Xia once more and grind his bones into ashes!

However, the Emperor of Great Xia was extremely scheming and cunning. He could vaguely guess something hence his intention to make Su Zimo swear the Dao oath.

If he made a Dao oath, Su Zimo would not be able to attack the Emperor of Great Xia!

But now, he had no other choice.


After a long silence, Su Zimo said slowly, “I promise you that from this day forth…”

“Brother, don’t agree to him!”

Right then, a pleasant voice sounded from afar, interrupting Su Zimo’s vow.

When he heard that voice, Su Zimo shuddered and his eyes were filled with surprise. He spun around and looked in the direction of the voice!

Not far away, two cultivators were speeding over.

It was a man and a woman.

The man had black hair and clothes. Young with a cold expression, his face was sharp and his eyes were deep like the sea.

The black-robed man was neither tall nor burly. However, he was extremely well-proportioned, giving off a sense of agility and strength.

It was Night Spirit!

Night Spirit did not change much after more than a hundred years.

Even the dangerous aura around him had been retracted. If not for Su Zimo’s strong spirit perception, he might not have been able to sense it.

Su Zimo’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to the woman beside Night Spirit.

The woman was beautiful and had a gentle aura. She bore a resemblance to Su Zimo.

She looked at Su Zimo with reddened eyes.

Su Zimo’s initially sharp gaze turned gentle and he could not help but laugh.

It was Su Xiaoning!

After so many years, the siblings were reunited!

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